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Effective Tips on How to Lose Weight After Surgery

You’ve been preparing for your gastric bypass surgery for years. After many consults and visits with your surgeon, procedure day has come and gone. But yet, the number on the scale isn’t going down.

What gives?

Weight loss after surgery isn’t a given. You’ll have to work hard to achieve your goals. But with our tips below, you’ll be getting off on the right foot.

Keep reading to find out how to lose weight after surgery.

Watch What and How You’re Eating

home-dinner-with-happy-family-eating-homemadeTo encourage weight loss after surgery, you need to choose healthy foods. If you were to turn to a diet of fast food and potato chips, you’d end up back where you started. Your surgeon should provide you with nutritional education pre- and post-surgery.

You’re going to need to pay closer attention to how much you’re chewing your food now, too. You’ll feel nauseous after meals if you haven’t taken the time to chew your food thoroughly.

Food that hasn’t been chewed enough may have issues getting through your digestive tract. You’ll be in pain if any food gets lodged in there.

We recommend also keeping a food journal so you can stay accountable for what you’re eating. Smartphone apps like MyFitnessPal are great if you prefer to journal on your device.

If you need outside accountability, enlist the help of your friends or family. If everyone in your household is on board, the process will be much easier.