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Healthier Snacking: Tips and Recipes for Food that Fuels

With the global wellness economy now worth an incredible $4.2 trillion and the evolution of trackable fitness activity and smartphone integration, healthy eating is taking up more of our conscious lifestyle choices. Accessibility to wellness puts the spotlight on health more than ever before, with mindful eating and dietary choices at the forefront of our awareness.

You don’t have to skip the snacks to have a healthy diet. In fact, snacks play an important role in keeping us energise and focused in between meals – as long as they’re the right ones. Even if you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t have to go hungry.

Choosing the ‘right’ snacks

fresh-guacamole-and-corn-chips-for-cinco-de-mayHaving the right types of food available throughout the day can make a real difference to mindset, mood and productivity. As we get busier and busier in our jobs with more emails, meetings and deadlines eating on the go becomes more of a necessity, and it often means grabbing a chocolate bar or a couple of biscuits to ‘keep us going’, but choosing healthier snacks can help to avoid that afternoon slump, whatever your day has in store.

Whilst you may think that you’ve filled a hole with a packet of crisps or a cereal bar, these types of snacks don’t provide real nutrients or sustenance to give your body what it need and you’ll soon find yourself hungry again – not to mention the sugar crash.