Endurance Building Activities In and Outside The Gym

Getting into top physical shape should include extensive training which provides for building endurance. Endurance building should consist of a wide range of activities which can be done both, in and outside of the gym. Some of the most effective types of exercise are those that get the heart rate up, including swimming, running, cycling, HIIT in the gym and walking on the Stairmaster. If you are new to endurance building, it is advisable to start with a more relaxed activity and take things slowly. If you have not been active in the past, you certainly do not want to injure yourself. As you build up endurance and start feeling stronger, you can add more activities and lengthen the amount of time that you spend working out. It is always advisable to see your doctor first before you begin any physical activity to ensure that you are in good enough health to do any workouts.

1. Swimming

man-doing-swimmingSwimming is an activity that anyone can do at any fitness level. It is a low impact exercise that will not strain the joints and can build up endurance because it uses the whole body. Workouts can start with a few simple laps and then work up to a combination of different strokes and lap lengths. Swimming requires your body to be horizontal in the water, and this helps to ensure better blood flow throughout the body. If you have had any injuries, swimming is an excellent way to improve endurance without being too hard on the body. Swimming also helps to build strength and stamina because a certain amount of force is required to move the body through the resistance of the water. Swimming is a low-cost activity that people enjoy in local area pools and local water bodies.

2. Running

young-woman-running-at-the-parkHumans were designed to run through evolution. It started as a need for survival and now has transformed into a way to keep the body in shape by improving cardiovascular health. Training your body to run can be a long and challenging (we want to use positive language in our articles) process, mainly if you have not done it in the past. Running is good for the body and the brain because it can help to transform the body while improving mood through the release of natural endorphins. Running is a process. Therefore it is important to begin slowly and build up endurance as your body gets used to the movements. As the body starts to adjust to running, it will start to feel more natural. Running is preferred by many people because it doesn’t cost too much to get started and you can perform a run in any location, inside or outdoors. Recent studies show that resistance training and running have many benefits for bone health. Activities involving endurance and high impact have been shown to increase the density of the bone mineral, and this is a perfect reason to run regularly.

3. Cycling

Cycling treckRiding a bike is a skill that most people have learned as a child. As an adult, cycling can help to push your endurance to new heights. Cycling can start on level ground and move to more difficult levels by adding in hills and going on longer rides. This combination helps to build endurance, mainly because the quadricep muscles are the most massive in the body and are the ones used the most for bike riding. Mountain biking has become a prevalent past time for people who love the outdoors because of the challenges of uphill and downhill riding and the excellent cardiovascular benefits of these intense workouts.

4. HIIT In The Gym

HIIT women gymHIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and involves intervals of extremely intense work followed by short periods of rest and recovery to allow the heart rate to come down to normal. Every gym offers classes to their members which can include spin biking, step workouts, and Tabata. Many HIIT workouts use compound movements that take advantage of body weight and do not require any special equipment. Not only do these types of exercises cause participants to sweat profusely and quickly, but they are also an effective way to build endurance and improve body strength, shape, and composition. HIIT is a fun and exciting way to build endurance because it offers results that can be quickly noticed in body composition over a short period. Studies show that HIIT training can improve the symptoms of diabetes by increasing glucose metabolism in muscles. It can also increase insulin sensitivity in those who have type 2 diabetes.

5. Walking On The Stairmaster In The Gym

mom-and-son-at-the-gymOne low impact way of building endurance is through walking. Not everyone has the time to get out in the day to go for a nice long walk, so the alternative is to walk on the stair master in the gym. The Stairmaster quickly builds endurance because it includes a series of movements where the most massive muscles in the body are involved. The benefits of using a stairmaster are numerous, including increasing cardiovascular strength, building the core, strengthening quadriceps, hamstring, glute, and calf strength and improving bone strength and health. Sessions on the Stairmaster can start with a few minutes and increase in length of time until the workout is intense.

The best way to increase endurance is to perform a combination of workouts so that the body does not become accustomed to any one type of exercise. Workouts can be scheduled weekly with a different kind of workout on each day of the week. It is equally important to plan a day of rest in the schedule of exercises to ensure that the body has an opportunity to recover. As you work through a weekly program of workouts, you will soon discover increased endurance and better cardiovascular health. As endurance increases, the activities can become more intensive and continue to increase your endurance. The build-up of endurance is a process, so if you do not see results quickly, it is essential to stay with a wide range of activities and continue working towards your goals.

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