How To Alleviate The Shoulder Pain Effectively?

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body. It is also considered to be one of the most flexible body parts. From writing to typing and grabbing to lifting objects, and pulling, we ask a lot from our shoulders. They are actively involved in the majority of our routine tasks.

Primarily, your shoulder is made up of three bones, the upper arm bone, shoulder blade, and collarbone. Together, muscles and tendons work to help your arm bone be in the center of the socket in the shoulder blade. These tissues are known as the rotator cuff. Most of the injuries occur in this part of the shoulder and create pain.

However, there are various other causes as well. Commonly, people suffer from achy shoulders due to rheumatoid arthritis. But, injuries in the rotator cuff can also be one of the major causes for having pain.

An NCBI report says, “Shoulder pain affects 18-26% of adults at any point in time, making it one of the most common regional pain syndromes. Symptoms can be persistent and disabling in terms of an individual’s ability to carry out daily activities both at home and in the workplace. There are also substantial economic costs involved, with increased demands on health care, impaired work performance, substantial sickness absence, and early retirement or job loss.”

Let us take a look at other few possible causes of having an ache in shoulders.

  • Having inflammation in the shoulder- it becomes hot, red, and swollen. It may be due to an infection or an injury.
  • Injury to the muscles and tendons around the shoulder
  • The tension in the muscles between the neck and the shoulder. It can be due to a poor postural habit, particularly if you work on a computer.
  • Inflammation in the bursa, which is usually, a fluid that acts as a cushion for muscles and tendons to slide smoothly over the shoulder bones.
  • Damage to the bones and cartilage. It can be due to arthritis.

However, it is very much likely that the pain in your shoulders may be due to damage in the other part of the body, such as the neck.

Are you suffering from shoulder pain for a long time? Do not worry. We will offer useful tips to alleviate the pain effectively. Read on.

Physical Therapy

woman-holding-elbow-and-shoulder-in-pain-isolatedIf you are suffering from shoulder pain for a long time, then you can also seek physical therapy reducing the ache.

According to Burlingame Therapeutic Associates, “To be most effective, most physical therapy for shoulder pain will incorporate strength and flexibility in entire shoulder moves. Stretching is key for improving flexibility. Your physical therapist will likely talk you through stretching moves, as well as gently manipulate your muscles.”

Use An Ice Pack

shoulder-painWhen you feel a twinge of pain in your shoulder, you can apply an ice pack or ice therapy to reduce the swelling and inflammation. You will have instant relief from pain. Ice will reduce the pain by decreasing the blood flow to that particular area. You can use this therapy 3-4 times a day to alleviate the pain. Make sure you do not do it more than 15-20 minutes at a time.

Keep Your Elbow By Your Side

woman-holding-elbow-and-shoulder-in-pain-isolatedWhen you have shoulder pain, keeping the elbow by your side will give a break. In the case of extreme pain, you can use a sling, or armrest, however, it is not advisable to use it for a long time.

Take Care Of Your Neck

physiotherapist-working-with-patient-armOften, shoulder problems are caused by neck troubles. If you work on a computer at your office, then try to maintain a correct posture. Leaning on the desk for a long time can also cause pain in your neck and shoulders. The neck and shoulders are closely connected with each. Gentle neck stretches can help you relieve the stiffened muscles and veins.

Relieve Your Stress

stressed-woman-wearing-eyeglassesThere are various causes of shoulder pain, and one of them is also stress. Give a break to your shoulder from weight bearing and heavy exercises. Also, watch out your postural habits, sleep positions, and other physical movements.

Strengthen Your Rhomboids

shoulder-physiotherapyRhomboids are the muscles between your shoulders. They play a vital role in the smooth and flexible shoulder movements. If they are strong, they can effectively support your shoulders to do activities like supporting the weight of your arm, allow you to reach, pull, and push.


businessman-restingIf you are suffering from severe shoulder pain, then rest goes without saying. It is a much-needed thing when you have no option but to take care and do limited activities. If your doctor has advised you to rest your shoulder and do fewer movements, then follow their instructions without fail.

Heat Therapy

spa-salon-therapy-treatmentIf your pain is chronic, you can use heat therapy to alleviate the pain. Heat is much helpful to stimulate the blood flow and relax & loosen tissues. However, note that you should not heat in the case of acute injuries.

Stretch Out

athletic-couple-stretching-out-after-runningDo you work on a computer for long hours at a stretch at your office? Do you have the habit of slouching? Then, you are highly at the risk of getting pain in your shoulders and neck. It is advisable that you should take a break every 20-30 minutes away from your desk. Stand from your place and walk around for at least 2-5 minutes. Do some simple stretches for the neck and shoulders. It will relieve the stiffened muscles.

Limit Your Use of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

taking-prescription-medicine-pillsCommonly, we all have the habit of subsiding the pain with painkiller medicines. However, these drugs have adverse effects on your health, including increased risks of heart attacks. Therefore, you should limit the usage of these medicines.

Living a fit and healthy life is crucial to keep aches and injuries at bay. However, if you find that your persists in spite of doing the things we mentioned above, then you should consult a doctor.