How to lose weight after pregnancy in 10 Simple Steps

If you read this article you can learn about this weight lose after pregnancy. When you give birth, you begin a new routine and get used to a new life, a life in which you have to stay up late to pay particular care to the baby. When you’ve gotten used to the new routine, it’s time to get back in shape again. To carry out this work slowly progressive form, you need to give your body time to recover before you start a new full exercise routine.

lose-weight-after-pregnancyThere are complications if an envelope weight after pregnancy remains?
It is recommended that women lose weight in 12 months after delivery. If they do not, they can develop what is called a cardio metabolic profile (high blood pressure, insulin resistance, low cholesterol, and triglycerides). Which improve the risk of a woman developing diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and memory problems.
The steps to lose weight after pregnancy are listed below:

  1. You do not have to wait six weeks
    Opinions about the recovery period of six weeks before any strenuous exercise are divided, but what is clear is that you should not overdo the exercise in the first six weeks because your muscles need time to recover. The best advice is to listen to your body and do gentle exercises to start. Women who use during the first six weeks after birth the baby feel much better about themselves and are better suited to her new role as a mother also.
  2. Begins to move and go for a walk
    Another good tip to lose weight after pregnancy is to start running. If you had a cesarean section is recommended des Cesar for a couple of weeks, but if you gave a vaginal delivery, you can go for a walk with your baby a few days. Take a walk at a reasonable pace will get you back into shape and will get distracted.
  3. Abdominal exercises
    Abdominal exercises can also help you lose weight after pregnancy. During pregnancy can cause a gap in the abdominal muscles, which is called diastasis recti and this may take a month or two to heal. Make sure your stomach is strong enough before attempting any strenuous exercise abdomen, and check with your doctor first. A mild exercise you can do in the meantime is a form of abdominal modified. Lying on your back with knees bent, slowly extend one leg on the floor and then bring her back to the position of the bent knee. Then repeat the process with the other leg.
  4. Breastfeeding
    An important factor that can help also comes to losing weight after pregnancy is breastfeeding. When you breastfeed, what you do is burn about 700 calories a day, which helps you lose weight.
  5. Pushups
    The push-ups are a good recommendation in these early stages as they are easy to make. Start slowly, as well as allow your strength, and these will strengthen and tone up your upper body, which left her list to load the baby without problems when it is a little heavier.
  6. Kegel exercises
    Kegel exercises, useful in preparing the pelvic floor when you go to give birth are also helpful and will help your muscles recover after birth. As soon as you feel ready, we practice these exercises.
  7. Be careful with sugar
    Be careful with sugar. You will need extra calories when you’re breastfeeding; this does not mean you stop eating what you like. Only be careful not to consume too much sugar such as sugary treats that not only will not help you lose weight but also delay the healing process of the abdominal muscles.
  8. Plenty of protein
    Increase protein intake can help you lose weight after pregnancy. Eating protein-rich foods improve the quality of your breast milk and grow your muscles. Eat enough eggs, lean meat, fish and dairy products with full fat to increase your protein intake.
  9. Swimming classes
    Many local pools offer swimming sessions for mother and baby. They help to mild exercise smoothly and slowly; it is an excellent opportunity to have fun with your new baby. It also allows you to meet other mothers and make new friends, take advantage of it.
  10. Less is more
    Post pregnancy exercises are certainly the case not so common where less is more. If you exercise a lot in a short time, you will be mentally and physically worn out and thus be in the form it will take even longer. You need to give your body time to recover and, more importantly, you need some time to enjoy your new family member.

Exercises that can be done while you are pregnant.

Exercising during pregnancy can be a good way to keep fit and not get to be overweight, but there are certain things to bear in mind to stay safe. Before starting any exercise program, be sure to consult your doctor.

  1. Warm up your body
    Whether you’re pregnancy or not, be sure to warm your body with stretching and exercises. If you skip this part, you run the risk of damaging muscles or ligaments .This is will also allow you to improve your heart rate gradually.
  2. Stay hydrated
    It is always important to stay hydrated while exercising, even more, if you are pregnant. Be sure to drink water before you start using, then every twenty minutes, drink another drink more to keep the baby and fully hydrated you.
  3. Do not overdo it
    If you feel you’re tired or out of breath, slow down and take a break. If you feel very heated, be sure to stop and cool down, sit down and drink some water.
  4. little Impact
    Avoid exercises or high-impact sports. Stay away from any activity that puts you at risk of falling, such as bicycling or skating. Yoga and swimming are the safest workouts.



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