Top Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy

When we are taking care of children we always go above and beyond to make sure they are living the best life they possibly can. This can be through giving them the best possible education or the best home and environment to grow up in, but one of the most important things to take care of is their health and well-being. In the modern age there are constantly new studies and tests that take place that try to give guidance for how best to do this, but these following tips are things to do that will always be important when it comes to your child’s health.

Make a Sleeping Schedule
Sleep is one of the most vital aspects of any person’s health, and when it comes to children who are still learning and developing, it is even more important. Getting a good amount of sleep allows the body to recover from illness and protect the body from any other illnesses that may be developing. Additionally, it boosts metabolism and keeps emotions and the mind-set in correct order. For a child it is important that they get around 10-13 of hours a sleep a night dependent on their age. So you should try and set a clear bed time for your child to follow each night, and if this breaks on any occasion you should allow them to sleep in the next morning.

Promote Germ Avoidance
Keeping your child away from germs is something which is imperative to keep your child in fit and healthy condition. It is very easy for germs to spread and especially when your child is playing with toys. You should therefore take action and encourage them to wash their hands frequently and keep their hands away from their mouth. One trick to use when they’re washing their hands can be to get them to sing the ‘humpty dumpty’ nursey rhyme whilst they are washing their hands as this is the amount of time their hands need to be cleaned for to make sure that all the gyms are fully removed. Also, it is important that the temperature of the water is warm and that hand wash is used as cold water with no soap can have little effect when it comes to killing germs.

Healthy Foods
This is one of the more obvious points, but to keep your child in a good condition – it is important that they are eating the right foods. It is important their diet is well balanced and that they are getting the correct nutrients they need. This means that they are getting the vitamins required for development as well as taking the correct actions to stay away from foods with excess fats and carbohydrates. This includes snacks such as chocolates, biscuits and sweets. Of course, children are naturally more interested in eating these types of foods so it can be a good idea to try and make healthy foods seem more appealing. This can be done fairly easily by something as simple as positioning their carrots into a smiley face on their plate.

Encourage Exercise
To make sure that your child’s physical health is taken care of, it is very important that they partake in some form of sport. There are a host of sports which are fun and enjoyable for children and they can make sure that the child receives the recommended daily amount of 1 hour a day. These can be sports such as swimming, dancing, soccer or even just a simple game of ‘throw & catch’. When it comes to sports you should be prepared for a few moments of trial and error as it is unlikely they will find a sport that they enjoy straight away. So the challenge is making sure they don’t lose interest in sports all together – so as the parent you should keep encouraging them until they find something they do like. As well as physical health, there can actually be a number of ways sports can take care of a child’s mental health too. For example, martial arts teaches people about focus and staying in control of their actions.

Protect Them from In-Home Hazards
One way to make sure that your child is safe is to make sure they can’t be harmed by anything in your home. This can be by making sure all chemicals and cleaners in the home are not within reach of the child. So a good idea to prevent this can be to place them in a cupboard which is out of reach from the child – or you can make sure that there is a stopper placed on the cupboard that the child will be unable to open. You should also take care to make sure there is no loose wires or cords that they can trip over, and additionally you should make sure that there is nothing that the can drop on the child such as furniture or ornaments.

Regular Trips to the Doctor and Dentist
You shouldn’t only take your child to the doctor when they are ill, but instead you should aim to take them every 4-8 months so that the doctor can give them a regular check to make sure that they are in a healthy condition and possibly identify any illnesses they may have that aren’t apparent to yourself. Also your child’s oral health is extremely important and as they will be losing teeth and getting new ones, they will need regular trips to the dentist to make sure their teeth are coming through properly. In regards to both of these, it is important that if there is any issue that comes up it is dealt with quickly before anything potentially harmful can disrupt your child’s health.

To Sum Up
These are just some of the ways to make sure your child is kept in healthy and good condition. But the importance of this topic shouldn’t be underestimated, there is now certain regulation that has been brought in to make sure that children are kept healthy. This can be extra important for parents who adopt or foster a child as they will be legally bound to make sure the child is fully healthy.