How To Lose Weight – 5 Quick And Easy Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight does not necessarily mean starving and cutting on your diet. A religiously followed diet plan can help you lose a lot of weight. Early morning yoga, enriched healthy diet, proper exercising routine are some of the easy ways to lose weight.


Our weight loss tips listed below are tried and tested ensuring a quick and easy weight loss.

Begin your day with Yoga – Try the Boat Pose.

full-boat-yoga-poseStart your day with the boat pose yoga and give your body a relaxing start. The Boat pose yoga provides an essential increase in metabolism and helps in relieving stress.
These are some the easy steps to perform the Boat pose yoga early in the morning :

Step 1 :

Lie down on the yoga mat, keeping your feet together and arms on your sides.

Step 2:
Now, keep your arms completely straight and palms outstretched pointing towards the toes.

Step 3:
Start inhaling slowly and while you exhale lift up your chest and feet and stretch your arms towards the feet. Ensure that your body is aligned and balanced.

Step 4:
While you are in this position, you can feel the abdominal muscles contract. Now rest your entire body weight on the buttocks. Hold your breath and maintain your balance for 30 seconds.

Step 5:
Exhale slowly and bring your body down to the normal position and relax. Perform this for 4-5 times daily.

Precautions: Do not overdo the steps in a single day as it can result in hamstrings and body stretches. Perform the steps on an evenly spread yoga mat to sustain a good balance during the process.

Benefits of Boat pose yoga :

The Boat pose yoga offers numerous health benefits, the list below provides some of the essential yoga benefits :

  • Strengthens your abdominal muscles.
  • Improves balance and digestion.
  • Strengthens your spine
  • Stimulates the body parts resulting in proper metabolism
  • Builds up Confidence
  • Helps in stress relief

Drink water before a meal

fitness-woman-drinking-water-at-gym-on-whiteA glass of water will surely enhance the glow on your face. A theory states that having a glass of water 30 minutes before your lunch will make you feel satisfied and eventually you will eat less. The logic behind having a glass of water does not only strive to eat less but also leads to the elimination of toxic elements from the body.

A 2009 theory states that an increased intake of water reduces the meal energy among the youths and older adults.

Reduce the intake of sugar in your diet

sugarWhat better than having a delicious doughnut? Cravings are the dieter’s worst enemy. Well, a reduced intake of sugar will surely help you cut a lot of that fat.Having healthy snacks with honey and caramel can help you keep on the track, make sure your diet has a balanced intake of both sugar and salt.

An increased intake of sucrose highlights the level of dopamine in the body and therefore affects the brain making you feel anxious and jittery.

Add protein and green vegetable to your diet.

ingredients-for-protein-dietA high protein intake tends to boost your body metabolism. It is believed to increase the number of calories burned by 100-120 per day. When taking a high protein diet, the high thermic effect escalates the body heat resulting in the burning of fat.

Green vegetables are a must when switching to a healthy lifestyle. It has all the necessary vitamins like – Vitamin K in spinach, vitamin C in Broccoli and many more. The cabbage family is yet another an excellent source of green vegetables and vitamins.


young-woman-exercising-in-the-rainExercising is one of the easiest and essential daily routine to incorporate into your daily life. Every morning weightlifting- walking up and down the stairs or even skipping a rope, are some of the quick and easy ways to downfire fat.

When you are more focused on decreasing your calorie intake, the body experiences a sudden deficit in the energy levels. An increase downtrend in the sugar level results in fainting and swollen eyes. When you enter the starving mode, your muscles and body do not further corporate and hence your body metabolism breaks down. Exercising should be done not only to reduce fat but also to remain healthy. A Healthy lifestyle will eventually lead to a weight loss, making your body fit and your face glowing.

Use sauna baths after exercising.

woman-in-sauna-with-a-broom-in-handsExercising results in the release of a large amount of sweat from the body, using saunas will help cleanse your body and reduce stress. Sahara Valley saunas are ideal saunas to be installed at your house. Sauna bath helps in the soothing of muscles and joints and also enables you to get rid of the toxins inside the body.

Saunas are a must after exercising as it makes you feel refreshed and recharged making your body feel at ease.The recreational value is enhanced and the body metabolism balanced after a soothing sauna bath.

Benefits of using Saunas :

  • Complete Stress Relief
  • Open Skin Pores
  • Facilitates skin breathing
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Release of Toxins from the Body
  • Refreshed and Energetic Body
  • Soothing Muscles and Joints

Try our weight loss tips and burn off that fat which has been worrying you for long. We suggest keeping a balance between a proper diet and exercising. An adequately enriched diet with high intake of protein and green vegetables will result in a fit body and a glowing face. Try to choose wholegrain starchy foods, such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta and brown bread as they usually contain more fibre, vitamins and minerals than white ones.

Also Nucific Bone growth is a perfect formula during your weight loss journey, which will help you to start your day off feeling full and satisfied.