A Health Guide for Women in the 30s And Beyond

women-communication-together-happyTime is timelessness for you;
Calendars for the human;
What’s a year, or thirty, to
Loveliness madewoman?
A Lady Who Thinks She Is Thirty – Poem by Ogden Nash

But do women really feel lovely about themselves beyond the boundaries of age or rather, does social pressure let them?

thinking-serious-woman-writer-sitting-indoorsThere will always be a number – an age, a weighing scale, the calories eaten or burnt, the amount of money spent to look good and eat well, the hours spent reading about it and the years spent worrying over all the above and then some more.

The discussion around women’s health gains significance, especially in their 30s due to the changes in their body and the never-ending demands from their ever increasing responsibilities, whether personal or professional. The ever-growing stress in today’s screen-loving, rat race-induced, cutthroat world spares no one and invariably results in health risks or the imminent threat of the same.

So what is the secret to a physically and emotionally healthy 30+, 40+, 50+ or 60+ you?

Before we proceed with our quest for the answer to the above question, let us first deal with the elephants in the room – the most common health concerns that plague women regarding their physical health.


patient-with-nutritional-problemMost of the women are troubled about being overweight which could be due to innumerable reasons:

  • Low metabolism with growing age, or
  • Hormonal changes due to reasons ranging from complications around or post pregnancies, miscarriages, increased thyroid levels to menopause, or
  • Overeating due to any reason such as stress and depression

All or any of the above reasons make the efforts put in to reduce weight a lost cause.

Some women are troubled about being underweight too but we hardly read or hear about them, believing at times that these are rare cases since being underweight is not at war with the commercial concept of beauty. It is believed that a person becomes underweight largely due to the following reasons:

  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Bulimia or Anorexia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Other medical reasons

Emotional and physical well-beingare intertwined in such a manner that one can hardly be achieved without the other.

Body Image
beautiful-redhead-plus-size-model-with-bookNo matter how confident a woman you are or how comfortable you are in your own skin, the surrounding people will never let you detach yourself completely from the social construct around a woman’s body. Likewise, the advertisements on screens, visual and print media and the ingrained stereotypes around a woman’s body and the way it is portrayed will always set the wrong image on how a woman “should” look like.

The common solutions around the discourse of health and all-around well-being are:

  • happy-woman-cooking-salad-bio-food-preparingFood – Food is the most vital part and contributor to our health, not just through quantity but quality as well. The debate around food and the importance of a well-balanced diet has taken an entire course of its own. Various myths around food products have been disproved by scientists and studies by nutritionists over the years. The latest trend seems to suggest that one ought to eat like one’s grandparents once did.Despite the myths and the proven medical advice, a diet suited for an individual could create havoc for another. Therefore, choose wisely and observe what works for you best because all bodies are different and no two nutritionists would ever recommend the same type of diet to two different people.
  • group-of-women-jogging-in-natureExercise – The significance of regular exercise along with a balanced diet suited to your lifestyle and schedule cannot be emphasized enough. Workout routines at the gym, yoga classes, and outdoor activities are being molded and promoted for different body types and specific body parts to cater to a larger number of women.
  • woman-drinking-water-outdoorsWater – Being well-hydrated works wonders for the internal organs of the body as well as one’s skin. Doctors and nutritionists swear by water not just for maintaining a healthy body weight but also for its benefits to one’s skin.

Emotional Health


Happiness with in You – Think Positive

back-view-of-woman-in-black-hat-with-air-balloonsDespite all the advice around external factors for a healthy lifestyle like food, exercise, etc., the accessibility of the same proves futile if there is no motivation from within. Motivation is an individual driving force which not many are fortunate to cultivate within themselves. However, positive thinking and acceptance of the fact that for some, fruits of their efforts will take their own gala time, helps in keeping motivation alive! So find your motivation today – whether it is to fit into a particular dress or to hike Mount Everest! The sky is the limit!

Happiness Around You – Have An Active Social Life!
group-of-women-shoppingStudies and some social experiments say that the secret to having a long and healthy life lies in an active social life. Woman (not quite unlike man) is a social animal after all!

Sharing personal experiences with others, whether emotional or small triumphs in health-related endeavors, helps in keeping the motivation alive. So why hesitate?

Support Systems – Keep Your Friends Close!

group-of-people-dining-conceptSome scientists have discovered that being close to friends makes human beings feel a few degrees warmer.

Now, whether those friends are humans or not is a thought one might not mind finding answers to themselves!

Sex and Masturbation
shy-love-couple-lies-on-big-white-bedThe importance of sex in the physical and emotional well-being of humans has been studied and established through decades of medical studies and social experiments. Even if one does not have a partner or the ones who do, a highly advisable and affordable option to good health is regular masturbation.

What is the secret to good health after all? As you can see, it is a plethora of different ingredients. So, don’t just sit there and read this! Get up and start finding your own recipe for good health!

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