How to Maintain Good Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be pretty difficult to deal with.

Weight gain, mood swings, cravings and all the other changes that come with pregnancy may make you feel like shit.

Preganant women reading book

In such a situation, it’s quite difficult to give proper attention to your health.

Nonetheless, you must take care of your health, not only for yourself but for your baby as well.

But, believe me, when I say that all the trouble in the world is worth taking if it means a complication free birth for your kid.

If it is your first time, then chances are high that you don’t know much about how to take care of your body during pregnancy.

Well, have no concern, for I am going to walk you through the route of maintaining a sound health during the pregnancy.

Here are 9 steps that you should follow to keep yourself fit when you are expecting a baby-

1. Pick the Right Practitioner

doctor scanning preganant womenFinding a caregiver that you are comfortable and confident with is essential for the well-being of your physical and mental health.

You need to find a person that you can trust and feel comfortable with. For that, you should ask several questions to your potential practitioners, such as his experience or his preferences to see whether he is the right fit.

Don’t go with the first one you meet, pick the one whose answers manage to satisfy you completely.

If you are having a hard time looking for one, then you can ask your general practitioner or friends for suitable recommendations.

2. Get Prenatal Care Regularly

doctor scanning ultra preganant womenYou need to book an appointment with your physician the moment you get to know about the pregnancy. At first, you can continue with your regular doctor, but as pregnancy progresses, you need to get a doctor who is specialized in prenatal care. Here is a timeline you can follow to plan your prenatal appointments-

You need to see your doctor once in a month until 7 months

Form 7- 9 months you need to see your doctor every two weeks

After 9 months you need to see your doctor at least once a week (and more, if required)

2. Prenatal Supplements

pregnant-woman-holding-fresh-ripe-fruitsNutrients are important for your pregnant body and you need supplements for them.

Prenatal vitamins could help you in this regard, as it contains folic acid and iron among other vitamins.

Folic acid and iron are responsible for the growth of your unborn baby and diminishes the risk of neural tube defects such as spina bifida.

In contrast, a lack of folic acid and iron could result in premature birth and serious birth defects.
However, before you start taking vitamins, you need to consult with your doctor about which supplements to take.

4. Exercise

pregnant-woman-doing-light-exerciseIf you are skeptical about whether exercise is safe during the pregnancy, then remain assured that exercise is not only safe but extremely important to keep your body fit.

Regular exercise during pregnancy has many benefits, as it will strengthen your muscles, boost your energy level and make your labor easier. In addition, it will make easier for you to get back into shape post-pregnancy.

Low-impact exercises such as cycling can keep you both healthy and cheerful. But, be careful to pick a bicycle with a comfortable saddle, as an uncomfortable saddle may make you lose your balance and cause an accident.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t attempt high-impact exercises and or get involved in any kind of contact sports, as it might lead to an injury and cause harm to your baby.

5. Get Enough Rest

healthy-food-for-pregnantDuring the pregnancy, you will often feel exhausted and it is perfectly normal to feel tired.

When you are feeling weary, give your body a rest. Proper rest will give your body enough time to develop the fetus.

It is recommended that you sleep at least 8 hours a day and, if possible, try to get a mid-afternoon nap as well.

Moreover, you should set a time for going to bed, which will help you to regulate your sleep routine and enable you to have a sound sleep.

However, be careful not to take any sleeping pill without consulting your physician.

6. A Healthy Diet

pregnant-woman-eat-healthy-foodYou have certainly heard the phrase “eating for two” at some point in your life.

The phrase explains it well; and yes, you need to eat for your child too. Don’t worry, you are not required to eat all day long, you only need to consume extra 300 calories per fetus per day.

But, before you start ordering pizza and burgers, you need to know that those calories must come from healthy and hygienic food, not junk or fast food.

7. Avoidance of Harmful Things
smoking-future-momFirst of all, you need to cut out alcohol from your lifestyle. Alcohol increases the risk of miscarriage and may affect your baby’s brain development

And if you are a fan of caffeine, then more bad news for you! You need to cut back on the consumption of caffeine as it can have an adverse effect on your unborn child’s development.

In case, you don’t know; cigarettes and illicit drugs are a big no-no. They can prove incredibly dangerous to your baby.

There are a few other things you need to avoid-

  • Raw meat
  • Mercury-heavy fish
  • Unpasteurized cheeses
  • Hot tubs
  • Heavy lifting
  • Toxic chemicals

8. Keep a Watch on Your Weight

portrait-of-a-pregnant-womanBut aren’t women supposed to gain weight during the pregnancy?

Yes, but the extra pounds that you gain may affect your own health and that of your baby.

The amount of weight you need to gain depends on your weight and BMI (body mass index).

Determining your ideal weight is important, as not gaining sufficient weight could be harmful to your child while gaining too much weight increases the risk of complications.

9. Emotional Care

cheerful-young-couple-with-baby-shoes-sittingDepressions or mood swings are absolutely normal during the volatile period of pregnancy.
So, don’t get mad at yourself if you have a sudden mood swing.

You can go to your favorite restaurant to enjoy some quality food or may watch your favorite movie to lighten up your mood.

Share your anxiety, feeling, and problems with your loved ones. Remember, during the pregnancy, you will undergo a lot of changes both physically and emotionally, and the support of your beloved ones could be of immense help in such moments. So, never be ashamed of asking for emotional support from your friends and family members.

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