How to Make your Personality Sizzle with Yoga

What is a personality? Is it that abs with puffed up chest on the body? Or having a dark and tall body? Is it about the hourglass vital stats for the lady? Or trying to be a replica of Marilyn Monroe would give you a personality?

The Perfect Body Theory:

Every individual has his own theory for a good body but a perfect body is not that which looks good outside, but it is a body which looks good from inside. A man with gentleness and a sharp brain with fast responses, with the ability to take right decisions and a great conversationalist, can be deemed as a man with personality. It is said that there are a few levels of personality which makes and reflects an individual. Yoga is one of the ways which lets you tame all the levels altogether, let us go across all shades of a personality:

1. The Level of Physicality: Attaining a perfect body means the flesh without external supplements or diseases.

  • It is not about puffed up muscles but a proportionate body with relaxed muscles in a normal state. It should be soft like a flower and flexible at the core.
  • In an instant, it must acquire hardness like a stone.
  • All organs and the systems in the body must work properly
  • The body must be pure and the body must not be hosting any ailments.

2. The Level of Mental Ability: The mind is all about imagination, creativity, knowledge, and reactions. Along the special powers given to us and that is “willpower”.

  • Ability to learn is not about cramping. No matter how vast a subject is, but learning knowledge and formulas needs to be understood at the basic level rather than cramping.
  • Imagination needs you to travel to some other world, to a place where you give birth to your thoughts in many forms. Yoga keeps the mind calm and helps you to focus on particularities.
  • When the brain is sharp with cutthroat edges, it gives you a clear vision, an ability to know more and tackle any situation with confidence to blow it apart.

3. The Level of Emotions: We usually expand and diffuse the different emotions within us which makes us reacting to things unconsciously:

  • Getting carried away or feeling low and many more hurdles we face in our life is because of emotional breakdowns.
  • Yoga develops it by controlling the nerves and gives you a better sight of judgment.
  • It ignites the mind allowing an individual to digest the probable feelings and emotions properly. This helps you to regulate rage, courage, anger, and sadness more effectively.

4. The Level of Intelligence: Getting a hold of the clear picture needs an empty cup which is ready to be filled:

  • Yoga helps you to focus and boost creativity. It helps in blood circulation to every part of the body which gives ease to your mind. This leads to leaving the mind free from all other on goings.
  • Making an image out of a theory will help in understanding the principles more efficiently than cramming them; hence writing an answer will be like extracting answers from a movie been played in your mind. Such coordination and effectiveness help in an overall personality in knowing things and implementing them when needed.
  • One needs to be a good listener than a speaker. You can’t gain knowledge if you cannot listen to people and it needs great patience. The perspective is required to be understood by the listener and vice versa.

5. The level of Spirituality: There are people who believe in gods, and there are some who believe in powers and energies. In any case, it’s all about the discipline “to follow”. You may say he is a Christian but its impact on his life depends on whether he follows what Christianity asks him to do or not. The god made our senses for the outside world, but there are so many things inside us to explore or control. When a person gets control over his rage, courage, desire, and expectations he gets to see the other side of the world which is very much in his control. He gets the power to make things diverge as per him.

There some examples where specific yoga exercises exist to enhance the most common issues in our society like:

VINYASA YOGA: For those with a short attention span
The word “VINYASA YOGA” means a step by step approach like a progressive approach. This is known as one of the best yoga styles if you are someone who always stays busy. A good practice of Vinyasa flow will allow you to train your mind on your breadth ensuring you to get the most out of it.

HOT YOGA: For those who have a short temper
Basically, the practice of yoga in an intentionally heated room with the temperature set from 85-100 degrees Fahrenheit is called Hot Yoga. Practicing hot yoga lets you release toxic energies and increases your strength and flexibility. The act of sweating out toxins co-relates to letting go of anger.

RESTORATIVE YOGA: For the Overworked and Overcommitted
There are times when you need to sit down and just relax. Let things happen around you and let your body breathe not just from the nostrils but from the skin pores. It needs only an hour of your day but would work wonders.

POWER YOGA: For the Introverted
It is usually for the guys with the shyest personalities. One might face a hell of problems at the workplace for such nature and power yoga is for them. This style is more of a fitness-based regime and it focuses on building internal heat with increasing strength and flexibility.

These are just the dust over the surface. Once you start exploring yoga, you will get to know how much specific and dedicated yoga is there to enhance your every possible problem in the world.

Being Perfect:
Getting a hold over each level requires a lot of hard-man-ship, but in return, it gives you a life with full of self-confidence and positive energies. What we actually expect from an individual? That he or she must not be a silly complainer, full of life, very motivating and understanding at the same time. We call a man successful who has done tremendous jobs at his workplace, his bosses like him and he never makes a blunder. He has the energy to take his family out for events and rejoice them and make them realize that your life is not just for offices but for the family too.

A good management skill and discipline can take you places. The brain works the best when it has space to breathe. You reflect a society, and you too have followers in your life. You represent a form of life to many others. You cannot spread knowledge or ask someone to do something if you yourself do not practice it. The personality which everyone craves has to be EARNED rather than expecting it to come to you with age. Get a grab on yoga and let your spirit glow with the personality you aim for.

Author Bio:
Hi! I’m Nancy Wile, an advanced yoga teacher and the founder of Yoga Education Institute California. I do my best to help all my students find a sense of ease and mindfulness in each posture that they can then incorporate into other aspects of their lives.