How to prevent and treat skin problems

Skin problems are severe nowadays; every second person is being caught up with major skin problems like acne, pigmentation, pimples, and much more! But by God’s grace, our technology has advanced the science of medicines, and thereby it’s now much more comfortable to cure skin problems. Now you don’t have to wear sunglasses to hide dark circles under your eyes, or you don’t need to wear full sleeves clothes so that your dark patches don’t get spotted.

We are here with the top common skin problems and methods to cure them

1. Acne

acne-women-faceMost mid-age women witness acne on their face. They are irritating and can make you lose your confidence because at times they will occur in the mid of your face and you can’t do anything but wait.

How they occur?

Acne causes when bacteria get mixed with excessive oil in your skin. Blackheads, whiteheads acne most commonly spotted in summer due to pollution and hot temperature.

How to cure?

However, they can prevent if you wash your face twice a day with clean water and face wash. Remember, you don’t have to wash your face only with water, if you do so all the dust on your face will stick your pores once you get your look. Secondly, you can also use clarifying products such as clay masks which helps to remove dead skin every alternative day.

2. Dry skin

attractive-beautiful-beautyThough some does not see dry skin as a problem, many of us accept that this is a “type” of a surface that we have naturally but to bring you this fact that dry skin is a significant concern and it can be a sign of unhealthy skin.

How they occur?

Dry skin is mostly treated in winters saying that weather makes skin dry but apart from that dry skin can be due to exposure of air conditioning or chlorinated pools. Dry skin is an example that your skin is losing the right amount of oil or moisture that it needs.

How to cure?

To treat dry skin, one should use a moisturizer, and if you are going out in summers, then sunscreen is a must for you with adequate SPF level. A good moisturizer will replenish your skin and keeps healthy.

3. Skin Rashes

backside-of-white-woman-back-pain-and-acheSummer is the time of rashes; it could be heated rashes or allergic rashes. If your skin is sensitive, then you may witness rashes n your skin, i.e., a burning sensation and it will give you severe redness.

How do they occur?

They can be caused by excessive heat or by poisonous plants. You need to keep a check on your environment or if you are allergic to something, avoid going there.

How to cure?

Wash that area regularly not with soap, not with face wash only with water, clean water. The soap contains acid; it will not help in skin-soothing. You must also apply to repair creams with HCL, SPF, vitamins that will help in regenerating your skin cells. If you still feel that this is a severe problem and cannot cure by any repairing cream, then you can see skin specialist in Chandigarh.

4. Brown spots

doctor-examining-a-brown-spot-on-a-patientsThose brown spots don’t feel beautiful on the skin. They can be irritating and can become a spot in your beauty.

How do they occur?

They usually generated by dead skin; if you don’t wash your face regularly, then you may witness brown spots on your skin. The excess of sun rays can also cause brown spots as they burn a particular area of your skin

How to cure?

Stay covered and tries not to heat up in summer season, you can use creams that provide you with even skin tone and ends up giving proteins to your skin, these creams will promote skin radiance.

5. Eczema

hand-of-newborn-baby-with-measles-rash-on-whiteEczema is that skin condition that causes it to be inflamed or irritated. If it happens to infants that there is an 80% chance that inflammation will continue for the rest of their life. It is not essential that it occurs only on the face, it can give you red rashes, itchiness on hands, legs anywhere on your body.

How do they occur?

They occur naturally if your family is prone to allergies, then there is a chance that you may suffer from eczema. Secondly, if you are in contact with chemicals too much like soaps, detergents then also there is a chance that you can get inflammation.

How to cure?

There is no cure for this disease, but it can manage, and that’s good news! You reduce your symptoms you can add baking soda or oatmeal oil to the water while taking a bath. Avoid using harsh soaps and moisturizer, which contains fragrance.

6. Lip Sores

young-man-suffering-from-herpes-on-his-mouthLip sores, often known as cold sores, are very general. They are fluid-filled red blisters and are transferrable. They can transform from person to person by sharing food, kissing, and sharing makeup or by oral sex. They can be very painful.

How do they occur?

They get affected by the virus if you are sharing food or doing the above things. They are clubbed together and can remain for weeks.

How to cure?

If you feel the burning sensation on your lips, then you should treat them immediately. There are ointments which are available in the market to treat the same.

7. Warts

closeup-of-freckled-skinWarts are growing skin commonly seen on fingers, nails, or hands. There are three types of warts. First planter warts they are found on soles of the feet. Second, flat wars- appears on the face, legs of children and last genital warts they discovered in genitals look like a reddish-pinkish cauliflower head

How do they occur?

They caused through direct contact with HPV contagious. You can visit the skin specialist in Chandigarh to cure the same.

How to cure?

Warts are generally harmless! The most common way to treat them is by taking cryotherapy with over-freezing products.

As you have seen that skin problems can be very frustrating but if you cure the right issue on right time with the right equipment then you may not feel difficulty and can take your life back to normal! Have a happy skin.