How to prevent summer skin problems

Summer is the worst time for the skin. We enjoy the sun but it damages our skin, we enjoy the wind but it brings dirt with it and we like warm days but our skin is too sensitive for different seasonal changes. So, how to prevent summer skin problems? Today we’ll discuss some important skin issues that appear in summer and will try to find possible solutions.

Dry Skin
Dry SkinOne of the biggest skin problems in summer is dryness. This unpleasant feeling makes us think of all possible solutions that can provide us with soft and healthy skin. The frequent use of a high-quality moisturizer for dry skin is a must in summer. You should use it every day especially if you have naturally dry skin. Luckily, there are many hydrating and collagen creams that provide you with soft, fresh and youthful skin.

Acne WomenWomen with oily skin often struggle against acne. This problem reaches its peak especially in hot weather when the skin starts to sweat and acne doesn’t want to leave it. So, what to do to prevent the skin from acne in summer? In fact, over washing the face is not that recommended by dermatologists but if you have acne you are recommended to wash your face twice a day. You should keep in mind that acne takes time to clear and you may hardly find any quick fixes. If the problem is more serious you’d better refer to a specialist to get healing.

SunburnThe most unpleasant thing in summer is sunburn. Well, you may use SPF every single day, but if you forget to apply it on your skin once, you may face painful sunburn. The best solution is to apply broad spectrum water-resistant sunscreen of 30 SPF. Use it after sweating or swimming every two hours a day. Also, consider wearing protective clothing, hats and sunglasses outside.

Bug Bites
first-aid-training-bite-Everyone hates bug bites as they are awful and damage the skin painfully. In order to get rid of those bites during summer you should use special creams against bugs. However, do this with the recommendation of your doctor as different bug bites can have different influence on your body.

Uneven Skin Tone
beautiful-women-chatting-on-beachUV rays usually lead to pigmentation and therefore you end up with uneven skin tone. This problem mostly appears in summer. Since the sun is the main reason of pigmentation and uneven skin tone you should wear at least minimum of SPF 30. It will minimize the quantity of age spots and sun spots over time. Lately dermatologists offer using invisible, odor and oil-free sunscreen, which are more effective.

Sun Allergy
group-of-women-in-swimwear-sunbathing-on-beachPeople with high skin sensitivity usually have sun allergy and it becomes more serious in summer. You should distinguish sunburn from sun allergy as they are totally different skin problems. Sun allergies are of different types. As a rule, common sun allergies naturally reduce within 1-2 days and take around 1 week to cure completely.The best solution, in this case, is to stay away from sun and heat. If the problem is deeper, you must consult with a doctor.

Greasy Skin
Greasy SkinLike dry skin, greasy and shiny skin is also a big problem in summer. It’s unpleasant to feel as if something melts on your skin and makes it look greasy. While some people naturally have greasy skin, others gain excess oil especially in summer. In fact, steamy and humid weather leads to excess oil on the face and body, which causes rashes and breakouts. You may use tons of products to fight this problem but there is a certain solution to consider special for summer. So, the solution is to use a mild cleanser, oil-free SPF or sunscreen and of course summer face masks for greasy skin. Many prefer using salicylic acid to take off grease but the fact is that it’s too harsh for the skin and makes it too dry. So, avoid using salicylic acid, instead use a blotting tissue to wipe off the excess oil.

Wrinkles/Fine Lines
woman-in-her-forties-applying-creamYou may think wrinkles appear only by age but the fact that UV rays can also cause fine lines and wrinkles makes us think of taking much care for our skin in summer. It’s always recommended to wear sunscreen but you shouldn’t forget about sunglasses and summer hats. They protect your skin and scalp keeping it youthful and healthy. It’s not a secret that the first wrinkles appear on the forehead and around eyes. So, if you keep up wearing protective accessories, you’ll stay on the safe side and your skin won’t become early wrinkly.

Heat Rash
woman-treating-scratch-on-her-daughter-legAnother serious skin problem is heat rash, which appears especially in summer. It looks like small zit-like bumps on the back and chest and is quite painful. It sometimes leads to acne-like breakouts in more sensitive areas. The main causes are excessive sweating in hot and humid weather. You need to anti-itch cream with a mixture of camphor and menthol or calamine lotion to treat heat rush.

Makeup Mistakes
makeup-artist-at-workSummer makeup mistakes are as follows; using primer with silicone, wrong bronzer for your skin tone, too much foundation, overdosing on finishing powder. Now, let’s speak about each mistake separately. So, primers actually help with the longevity of makeup, but it’s also known that silicone-based primers tend to dry out and suffocate the skin. Make sure you use a water-based primer instead so that you skin could stay hydrated. As for the bronzer, it’s important to use the right bronzer according to your natural skin tone. Try to bronze on the direction where it would naturally tan. The use of too much foundation is the next makeup mistake you may make in summer. It’s summer and it’s recommended to go lighter and help the skin breathe. Heavy and cakey makeups tend to infiltrate into the skin when the weather is hot and your skin is sweaty. This leads to skin damages. That’s why think twice before wearing heavy makeup. Also make sure you don’t overuse powder because it doesn’t allow the skin breathe. Instead apply a sheer foundation or a tinted moisturizer.

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