8 Tips How to Protect My Teeth While Smoking

Smoking is one of the greatest evils that you can take as a habit and it can affect the entire body in an adverse manner. Smoking tobacco can exacerbate gum ailment to a great extent. Smokers, are, in fact, 3-6 times more prone to suffer from an advanced form of gum ailment.

Although most people are well aware of the ill-effects of the smoking on the entire body, they do not pay heed to the way it impacts the mouth. Studies show that the risk of mouth infection is double in smokers as compared with the non-smokers.

The teeth act in similar ways like that of the skin. This tar and nicotine in tobacco easily get absorbed in the pores present in the teeth and lead to the brownish or yellowish discolouration of the teeth. Even though nicotine is easily absorbed when you combine it with oxygen it does turn yellow.

It is for this reason that the nicotine infused ejuice can stain the teeth equally. Usually the smokers (because of the way they inhale) have certain teeth that get darker than the others.

Again, for those who chew tobacco, the saliva and the brown tobacco mixed together can give rise to the abysmal stains. Moreover, as the liquids rest on the surface of the teeth it can stain the teeth when it comes in contact with it.

But if you are a regular smoker you must take extra care to retain your smile and your pearly whites in the best way possible. Just take a look about how you can go about it.


  • Maintain a Great Oral Hygiene – Maintaining a great oral hygiene is essential not only for the maintenance of the oral health but also to reduce the accretion of stains and food particles that can lead to the problem of tooth decay. So it is a must that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss regularly and also use whitening mouth rinses for preventing the staining. You can also use a whitening toothpaste if the need arises for maintaining your pearly whites. Also try to brush after smoking so that the smoke and tartar do not get a chance to sit.
  • Eat Smart – Just like smoking, some foods can lead to the staining of the teeth and also cause erosion of he teeth. The soda, coffee and the acidic foods can be detrimental to teeth and must be avoided. The foods that are enriched with the calcium, vitamins, fibre and protein have proven to be the best for the teeth. The best foods include the leafy greens, cheese, apples, celery, carrots and almonds.
  • Use the Mouthwashes that are Anti-Tar – There are specifically designed mouthwashes that can abate the amount of chemicals and tar in the mouth once you smoke. You should use them after smoking as they are made to be used post smoking. If you cannot get an anti-tar mouthwash, you should start using a therapeutic mouthwash that combats gingivitis and freshens up the breath all at the same time. You can see the difference without delay as the therapeutic mouthwashes include the antimicrobial agents and the fluoride.
  • Clean between the Teeth – It is crucial that you brush the teeth everyday (as said earlier) apart from flossing for maintaining stain-free and whitened teeth. It is essential to maintain the whitened teeth prior to going off for sleep or for work. This is essential as the germs in the mouth grow twice as fast while taking a nap and the bacterial growth can lead to staining of the teeth.
  • Chew Gums – Although it is essential for brushing the teeth after every meal and post smoking, it cannot be followed always. You should keep the sugar-free gums in stock that can freshen up the mouth and the breath and they can help to get rid of the smoking accretions on the teeth when you are not brushing. The production of saliva is enhanced by the chewing of gums. The natural antibacterial properties will assist in preventing the bacteria from feeding off he tartar remnants that can result in dental decay and plaque build-up.
  • Opt for Citrus Fruits Intake – The citrus fruits like the pineapples, apples and oranges can contribute in the generation of the added saliva that assists in washing the teeth and whitening them. The lemons are extremely advantageous for the teeth whitening and they are capable of brightening up the teeth and are recommended to be used with drinking water. If you overdo it, that can be destructive and can wreak havoc on the teeth enamel.
  • Use Homemade Products for Teeth Whitening – There are a plethora of natural products that have to whiten the teeth. These include the strawberries, banana peels and apple cider vinegars. You can also swish the mouth with coconut oil. You can start by mashing the strawberries up and mixing it with baking soda. You can also use a toothpaste. This is effective because of the malic acid present in the strawberries. You can also use the inside portion of the banana peels for whitening the teeth. There are a variety of minerals which can assist the teeth health. Another technique is to mix three parts of water with one part of baking soda and your toothpaste which can assist to improve the health of the teeth. This way the stain-fighting power of the toothpaste can be enhanced. Last but not the least, oil pulling can also aid in promoting the production of saliva and eliminating the mouth bacteria.
  • Consult with the Dentist Regularly – You should always try to get a professional teeth whitening treatment done along with a thorough tooth check-up at the office of the most reputed dentist in Forest Ave Queens so that you can keep the oral stains at bay which come naturally when you smoke. Not only that, this way you can also keep your breath fresh and detect the sign of any other oral problem that is lurking in your mouth.

The above are some of ways you can protect your teeth and reduce the adverse effects of smoking on your pearly whites. Although these tips can assist in controlling the impact for sometime it is always advisable that you quit smoking as soon as possible so that you can restore both your oral and overall health.

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