How To Stay Healthy After Retirement

“Know how to live your dream post-retirement life in a healthy way.”

Do you know around 390,000 people retire every year in just the US. But, only a handle full of them live out the dream post-retirement life they’ve planned.

Reason being, (of course) the growing health issues among aged adults. You slowly get deprived of your senses as you grew older.

Fortunately, now you can beat your old age unfitness. Study shows, keeping both your brains and bodies active after retirement could rescue you from years of ill-health.

Some people remains vibrant and alert even in their 90 ‘s. Their case study reveals that it is a consequence of their right attention towards mind, body and soul after the relinquishment.

So, if your retirement is on the verge or beckoning you, then it is crucial to get started with some healthy habits, which includes…

Start By “DOING” anything – Just get that blood PUMPING!

grandfather-lying-in-bed-at-home-lookingInitially, start with just doing anything – whether it’s hiking at your favorite hill station, playing tennis with your friend or even chasing your grand kids in the lawn.

Just don’t spend most of your hours in front of the TV. Because the focus point of all this is “doing something physically”. Carrying out any physical activity involves you in some physical movement. Which is the foremost necessity to get that blood pumping.

Exercising daily is one of the best ways for this. It might seem to be a daunting task, but is really easier to start with. Best part is,it leaves you with stronger bones and improved immune strength.
Also, it reduces the cholesterol levels conjointly the risk of heart diseases. Above all, it makes your body stronger that lessen the risk of falling and so the threat of fatal and non-fatal injuries.
Always remember, it’s not about heavy workouts at the gym, rather it’s just about adding some physical movements to your regular day.

In other words, just start practicing some fun activities in your day-to-day life. It can even be gardening or the small household repairs.

Regularly trigger your brain with brainstorms

a-group-of-seniors-in-gym-restingApart from the physical exercises, mental exercises are also very crucial for healthy aging. You should must engage in some brainstorms activities every then and now.

Join a club or a social group of your interest. Engage in their group discussion sections. Learn something new like DIY and make special gifts for your loved ones.

Pro Tip: Combining physical and mental exercise is the biggest boost for your retirement health. Try out yourself by dancing the night away with your honey and feel yourself rejuvenated.

Another thing to try is to engage yourself in a creative hobby. Such as painting your masterpiece, learning to play guitar, organize an evening of bridge and other stuff like that.

In short, its anything that makes you feel intellectually active. Counting on these, now you know how to keep your brain active with wisely using impactful brainstorms.

Sleep, sleep and sleep till you feel re-healed!

senior-woman-sleeping-in-bed-in-morningNot getting enough sleep is one of the major unhealthy habits in aged adults. Either of work pressure or baleful eating many adults suffers from insomnia or excessive sleep disorders. Inadequate amount of liquor consumption, staying up late on weekends are also equally accusable for inappropriate sleep.

When you don’t get proper sleep, it makes your immune system weaker. Moreover, it also noxious to hormones. That’s why, getting a good sleep is prominently important for senior citizens.
A few things that can be your helping hands in this regard involves good exercising, limited liquor consumption, avoiding caffeine and not using the mobile phones prior half an hour of your sleep.
Additionally, soft mattresses and clean and maintained indoors also affect the quality of your sleep.

Not to mention, the more you sleep, more of your body and mind relaxed and re-healed.

Prioritize your health and revive your sense of purpose

happy-mature-man-and-his-wife-reading-latest-newsIn addition to amend the above stated healthy lifestyle steps, you need to make your health a priority. You must know that retiring from work doesn’t mean to step back the attention towards your health.

Ensure to have regular health checkups, strictly stay on course of any ongoing medication and never miss recommended screening exams. Implementing these in your after-retirement life, will keep your mind and body as young as you feel.

Also, revive your sense of purpose. As per research, possessing a sense of purpose in your life add more years to your life span. This is for the reason that personal satisfaction makes your happier and healthier. Eventually, this lead to improved mental and physical health.

Most Importantly – Don’t slow down

a-group-of-seniors-in-gym-resting-after-doingConsidering your are retired, doesn’t mean you have to slow down. My age is merely a number- say this everyday to yourself. Believe it or not, our words have power to influence our present as well as future. We all have read Robin Sharma, didn’t we ?

Coming back to the track, if you do this regularly, you won’t feel yourself unenergetic anymore. And then you will be doing whatever makes you feel most alive. That is exactly what inspires you for a healthy aging.

Other inspirations to a healthy post retirement life includes yoga and meditation. This is a lifestyle change that helps you to truly savour your inner potential. Just don’t go hard on yourself, start practicing this marvellous technique slowly and steadily. Look out for an expert if needed. Collab with more senior citizens and transform your yoga session to a morning get-together. This way it will be more fun and fruitful.

All of these combining helps you to gift your soul the needed attention. The same that you start lacking as you grew older.


Lastly, to get yourself going, remember, it’s never too late. A good health is your real wealth.
We all know, the older we get, the harder it becomes for us to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Hence, now is the correct time.

Best part is, there are no hard and fast rules for this. Just start giving the needed attention to your mind, body and soul.

Don’t forget, you’ve earned your retirement, so you must stay healthy to get the most of all the years to come.