Ideal Protein Diet : Cost: Faster & Safer Way for Quick Fix Diet Plan

Overview of Ideal Protein Diet Cost

Dr. Tran Tien Chanh firstly created Ideal Protein diet Weight Loss two decades back to help trimming body fat without losing muscle mass. It is actually high-protein, low-carbs diet. However, nothing like other low-carb diet methods, it is not only eating high protein, but also the ideal one. This diet plan extremely confines sugar intake until reaching your diet goal. It instructs people to read labels precisely, make healthy choices, and indicates how to keep up your desired weight. Those are what make this diet very special and fruitful.

Ideal Protein Diet Method is a medically planned and clinically checked procedure to burn your body fat. Most people fail to recognize that the typical limited calorie balanced diet may lead to muscle mass loss. However, we need that one important thing to keep up a healthy body and weight. The science behind this method considers a specific method for meal plan that empowers our body to burn fat. By taking this method properly, you will feel stimulated and very stuffed, and it will likewise minimize muscle loss.

This proves that we must not go through costly diets to lose weight in healthy way. You can simply discuss with your diet experts to help with picking the best food choices on this diet. They will also help explaining ideal protein diet cost.


Counting Ideal protein diet cost

While exploring about ideal protein weight loss, we might think it implies that we must pay for great deal cash. However, that is not due to various foods choices to consume very day. Ideal protein diet cost should be $13 per day. Ideal Protein costs $3 to $4 per meal! Some meals might even cost as low as $4 to $5. Once you assure this diet will be helpful to your weight loss plan, this will cost nothing.

Ideal protein diet usually takes around three phases to complete it. Phases 4 will take lifetime as maintenance level by adjusting your daily meal plan to keep up your ideal weight.

Phases of Ideal Protein Diet Cost will vary. First starting out on Phase I, you will have to consume Ideal Protein Food products and take various required supplements. The cost for the Ideal Protein is as little as $12 per day.

In first phase, it will typically cost you around $350 – $400 to kick off this program. The startup involves paying for vital lab work, operations, consultations, complete body analysis and measurements, required foods, and nutritional supplements. Afterwards it will cost you around $85 for another week.

There are also required supplements start from $80 for six-week supply and administrative fee from $155 – $255. It will cover all of your weekly visits, online video support, and week after week observing of weight, lean mass, hydration, and body fat ratio. Throughout first phase, you will have three protein packets per day as meal replacements and eat one regular meal.

PHASE TWO (2 weeks)

It will cost you even lower for maximum of $70 per week during phase 2. You will have two packets of ideal protein foods and eat two regular meals per day for two weeks period.

PHASE THREE (lasts 2 weeks)

It typically costs you about $40 per week. This phase will reintroduce you to healthy fats and carbs, only in the morning. During this phase, you will reduce the number of ideal protein packets to only one per day two week periods. You will have two meals and one snack per day as meal replacement plus dinner meal consisting of regular lean protein and veggies.


Meal Plan Sample of Ideal Protein Diet

We must love this diet program as simple as it can be. According to ideal protein diet and Albany ideal protein diet website, you will be eating 4 times per day. Ideal Protein Diet Method is meal replacement for breakfast, lunch, evening snack, and dinner meal. Many high quality protein foods available on the market, will serve as the focus of your meals.

Here is how ideal protein diet works in four phases:


Breakfast: Ideal Protein Food

Lunch: Ideal Protein Food, two cups of selected veggies

Dinner: You can have your own cooked food with lean protein and two cups of veggies.

You can pick lean protein (fish, seafood, beef, poultry, pork, veal, eggs, or tofu) and selected veggies (bell peppers, broccoli, cucumbers, asparagus, or spinach). Include an Ideal Protein Snack and vitamin supplements in between.

PHASE TWO (2 weeks)

Breakfast: Ideal Protein Food

Lunch: grab your own cooked lunch with small portion of protein and two cups of selected veggies

Dinner: have the same menu as lunch.

Include an Ideal Protein Snack and vitamin supplements in between.

PHASE THREE (last 2 weeks)

Breakfast: Eat breakfast with moderate amount of fruit, grains, and dairy for making 400- to 500-calorie breakfast

Lunch: grab your own cooked lunch with small portion of lean protein and two cups of selected veggies

Dinner: have the same menu as lunch.

This phase gradually rises up your calorie intake to maintenance level. Include an Ideal Protein Snack and vitamin supplements in between.

PHASE FOUR (lifetime): This phase shows you how to adjust carbs with lean proteins and fats in your each day meal plan to ensure you will not get back your prior weight.

*Restricted veggies will be artichoke, avocado, beets, carrots, chickpeas, corn, olives, parsnips, peas, potatoes, pumpkin, sweet corn, squash, and yams.

Once you achieve your desired weight, Phases II – IV include putting together more of your own food into your daily choices. Read others diet article on keephealthyliving 🙂