Latest Fitness Trends That Have Sent the World Into Frenzy

2018 was the year of healthy living and self-love. Needless to say, we saw a lot of body transformations which were a result of hard work and dedication. The cult following of the fitness industry keeps growing at rapid rate, as more people are becoming health conscious. However, working out can get a little monotonous which is why you need to know the fitness techniques which everyone has been raving about.

These trends have defined the fitness industry as people are not only working out but are also having fun at the same time. There are so many different ways people are using to stat fit and look like their best, from non-surgical fat reduction to simple weight training. Now we have immense power to transform our bodies. Here is a list of the latest fitness trends you need to keep up with:

1. High-Intensity Interval Training

high-intensity-interval-training-workoutA HIIT training session is challenging and quite effective. It has taken the number one spot in changing the outlook of people towards fitness. HIIT training consists of movements at a varying pace. It involves burst of exercises requiring maximum effort and super hard work, followed by a period of low-intensity recovery. HIIT has been the talk of the town recently mainly because of its efficiency and effectiveness.

The intervals typically are about 20 to 90 seconds with minimum resting period. The objective of the resting period is to recover enough to get back to business all over again. The timings may vary based on your stamina, so if you are a beginner you might have longer rest intervals or work intervals that are challenging to a lower degree.

With such sessions, you can incorporate high intensity workouts that are short but work like magic. They are perfect for our hustle and bustle lifestyles with jam packed schedules. Even though high intensity workouts are quite effective, it is not recommended to indulge in HIIT workouts everyday as this can lead to over training and an increased risk of injury.

2. Group Training

group-of-people-training-in-gymFrom Social Media Influencers to Supermodels, everyone is indulging in torturous workouts alongside their pals. Group training (or group fitness classes) are defined as a workout for five or more people, led by an instructor. These training sessions are designed to be motivational and effective for people of different fitness levels.

Group fitness classes come with various benefits. One such benefit is that they are a great way to mix up your routine which might be demotivating and monotonous after a certain time period. With that, it also provides you with the chance to share your misery and sweat with your friends or in fact even meet new people, altogether. Not just that, in a group setting one tends to be much more motivated and committed, which translates into more effort put in and more calories burned.

3. Wearable Technology

woman-using-activity-tracker-at-gymTechnology is taking over our lives. It was difficult to fathom, even back in the 90s that cellphones would be such significant part of lives and now look at us. The fitness world has been upgraded quite a bit over the years in terms of technology as well.

Activity trackers, smart watches, and heart rate monitors are a big deal these days. They help put down workout in numbers and provide feedback about how you should be moving. These gadgets help with estimating your steps, sleep, standing time, calories burned and even the time spent working out. These products are pretty accurate and needless to say very helpful.

Heart rate monitors specifically provide you with objective information about how hard you are actually working during a sweat session, which can be helpful if you are training to be in a specific heart rate zone. It will also give you other objective information such as the room temperature simply to help you yield maximum results from the efforts you put in.

It does not end here, wearable technology has gone far beyond the Fitbits and Apple Watches. As people now wear fitness products on their rings, with devices like Motiv Ring in the market. With that, smart fabric and textiles are also on the rise, alongside Nadi X yoga pants and smart glasses. Additionally waist trainers have become more popular than ever as now ladies are getting the most out of their fitness routines.

4. Body weight Training

group-performing-trx-suspension-training-in-gymBody weight training has been around for a long time but with recently developments it has greatly been re-popularized around the world. Body weight training provides optimum convenience. There is no equipment and minimal is space required, so body weight exercises are great for you to do in the confines of your home. Most body weight exercises are accessible for any fitness level and they are often easy to modify. Moreover, your own body is a great tool for resistance training on its own. Body weight exercises include:

  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Planks

5. Strength Training

strong-woman-using-a-resistance-band-in-herStrength training has made a major comeback in everyone’s fitness routines. It is mainly because of the positive affects it has on our bodies. It not only helps one get lean but also helps with preventing the age-related decline of muscle mass, alongside making your bones healthy.

Furthermore, strength training is perfect in preventing pain or injuries and maintaining a healthy metabolism. Strength training has sent everyone in a serious frenzy this year, with the amazing results it yields. The shackles of “lifting-makes-you-bulky” were broken and females were seen to be having fun with those extra weights.

6. Yoga

beautiful-sports-girlYoga has been in the game for a long time but it gained more momentum this year. This was due to the fact that it was refreshed and reinvented this year with the help of social media influencers. Now there’s no shortage of styles to choose from, including Iyengar yoga, power yoga, Bikram yoga and many more.

Devoted practitioners credit yoga with mental clarity and stress management and it is also a great workout for improving flexibility and balance (which are important in an overall fitness routine). Depending on the style, it can also help build muscle strength, endurance and help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

7. Personal Training

woman-working-out-with-personal-trainer-jumpingPersonal training refers to getting one-on-one time with a fitness professional which helps you reach your goals in a safe yet effective way using a customized diet and work out regime. Although it sounds like the ideal situation, it must not be forgotten that it can be pretty expensive making it unrealistic for many out there.

Part of this trend is also in making sure personal trainers are educated, recent legislation has been introduced in several states to establish licensing of personal trainers (although none of it has been adopted yet).

8. Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is basically the incorporation of specific movements into our daily routines like for instance, taking a squat to grab the phone you dropped. It helps with improving balance, coordination, force, power, endurance and enhancing someone’s ability to perform activities of daily living.

Think of functional training as training for life, this means from moving heavy objects around the house, or picking up groceries back to your house. It means to feel strong outside the gym. Even cleaning your house is a part of fitness!

These trends have sent the world in frenzy which does not mean that you will instantly enjoy or see results with them as well. It is important not be too hard on yourself if you don’t see results instantly. Make sure you fully enjoy it and the results will come hand in hand!