Simple Male Birth Control Methods To Prevent Pregnancy

Male birth control methods are very simple yet I am still amazed to see that a lot of men still do not understand them.

Basically, there are only three male birth control methods and they are vasectomy, withdrawal and condoms. In addition, there are also new inventions through the development of male contraceptive pills. However, to keep things simple, I want to talk about the basic three male birth control methods before I go into the more fancy stuffs with pills.


Male birth control via vasectomy

Most males hesitate when it comes to vasectomy because they think the procedure cannot be reversed. Well, here is a good news for you: the procedure can be reversed. Nevertheless, this male birth control method requires the guy to go under the knife for a surgery and this kind of idea is not very appealing for most people. So, I understand why most males hate this procedure. Nobody wants to go under the knife for whatever reason, right?

Male birth control via withdrawal

The second male birth control method is withdrawal. This method is very easy but it also has the highest risk of getting your partner pregnant. To improve the effectiveness of this contraception method, you and your partner must also combine it with the calendar method, which is the tracking of the woman’s menstrual cycle. Once you and your partner are able to track the menstrual cycle, both of you can only have sexual intercourse during the first eight days of the cycle.

Male birth control via condoms

Condoms is the definitely the best  method if you want to combine comfort and effectiveness. Condoms are proven to have 97 percent effectiveness to prevent pregnancy. It is not 100 percent because your condom might break during sex but a 97 percent rate is not bad.

However, even with the available simple option of using condoms as a  method, men often still find it difficult in preventing pregnancy. This brings us to the new invention that I mentioned above and that is the birth control pills.

New Male Birth Control Methods

Although I am still not familiar with pills, the development of this product should be welcomed with open arms. Scientists have spent years researching on how to develop pills that target the hormones inside a man’s body. Hormonal contraceptions such as these are usually administered through injections and implants. The research are still in the preliminary stage and I still think more tests need to be conducted to see if male birth control pills can actually work.

Male birth control pills will try to affect hormones by acting as a catalyst to limit the production of sperm. Now, the puzzling aspect of this method is on how to bring back the sperm level back to normal when a man suddenly feels he no longer needs to do birth control and wants to have babies.

Another male birth control method that is being developed is the planting of Intra Vas Device (IVD) to block the sperm, heat applications to the testical to reduce fertility and the use of ultrasound waves to limit the sperm production. Again, scientists who develop these methods are still puzzled on how to bring the sperm count back to normal when birth control is no longer needed.

Well, despite of the intensive research of new male birth control methods, as I said before, the proven methods are actually simple enough and you really only need to pick one of the top three.