7 Stunning Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Health and Sleep

In general, every individual spends most of the time sleeping, which is very important to maintain good health. Your sleeping time will have a major impact on your daytime, and most of the time mattresses will decide your good night sleep. That is why having a good mattress can help you get quality sleep so that you can start your day with a bright note. Especially for children, they need comfortable mattresses to ensure good sleep and you will not lose sleep yourself.

The best quality mattress offers several benefits. It will reduce your stress levels and help you focus more, and it improves blood pressure, enhances your memory and increases productivity. The quality of sleep offers various benefits and it is somewhat same as meditation from which you can get several health benefits. The top quality mattress can provide perfect configuration to the spine along with the rest of the body. The mattress should make you feel comfortable when you lie down and it should ease the pressure points of your body so that you can sleep well and wake up happy.

The high-quality mattress can help you sleep peacefully and allows you to sleep long and hold in your in place. If you observe that your mattress is making noise, that means it is time to buy a new mattress, no matter how much you turn and toss, your mattress should not make any noise, if it doesn’t that means you can still use it for some more time. Also, if you are using the good quality mattress, then it will gradually reduce your turns and toss on the bed and allows you to sleep peacefully and calmly.

Here you can find seven stunning ways that your mattress can affect your health and sleep:

  • Even after sleeping the entire night, if you wake up feeling tired and fatigued, that means you need to change your mattress immediately. Also, if you are not able to sleep peacefully and because of the broken springs and lumpy toppers, then obviously, you will feel drowsy when you wake up. So don’t wait any longer it is the right time to buy Ortho mattress to get a good night sleep.
  • Generally, the lifetime of a quality mattress is about eight to ten years maximum. After its lifetime, your mattress will not provide the same support and comfort as before, which means you will not get quality sleep. If you are using your old mattress for more than ten years, then buy a new one if you are looking for a quality sleep.
  • If you are using a low-quality mattress, then you cannot expect to get a proper support to your back. Buying an expensive mattress is not the ideal solution, even if you buy a costly mattress, after a certain period of usage; it will lose its firmness. Buying high-quality mattress can help you use it for a longer period, but after its lifetime, even it will not give same support. That is why it is important to change your mattress frequently.
  • If you wake up with a runny nose that means your mattress is dirty and dusty. Most of the time the dust allergy occurs due to your dusty mattress and it will cause various types of allergies. If your allergies are high, then time to change your mattress so that you can wake up fresh and healthy.
  • If you are using your mattress even after its lifetime, then naturally it gets gross and dirty. Your mattress becomes a breeding place for dust mites. This is because your mattress gathers all the oils and dead skin from your body. The dust mite can cause dangerous effects on your respiratory system that can lead to throat and lung irritation.
  • Bacteria and mold will form on your mattress when it gathers more dust mites. These micro-organisms can create severe health issues if you ignore the fact. That is why it is important to replace your old mattress with the high-quality mattress to avoid any major health issues.
  • Even after sleeping the whole night, if you are still feeling stiffness or joint pains, then you can think of changing the mattress. Sometimes, you may feel stiffness and pains due to the mattress, which may not be comfortable to sleep for a longer time.

Choosing a medium firm or mild-soft mattress is the best choice as too soft or too firm mattress may not give the comfort that you want. Also, they cause an extra pressure on the body and cause severe body or joint pains.


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