How To Improve Your Health Through Breath

Did you know that your breathing and mouth can play a major overall role in your health? That’s right! It might be hard to believe, but something as simple as taking a few deep, controlled breaths could totally transform your state of mind and body. And, this is backed with scientific proof. When you breathe in deep it can send a message to your brain that gives off a calming effect. Not only can this kind of controlled breathing lower your heart rate, but also it has the ability to decrease your blood pressure and reduce muscles tension. And, this is not to even mention the mental and physical effects bad breath and teeth can have on an individual. This is why it is important to learn to control your breathing and properly care for your teeth.

Fighting Stress With Proper Breathing

breathe-fresh-air-in-natureStress is something that everyone deals with on a daily basis. Some probably feel it more abundantly than others, but everyone will experience it. Whether you are in the middle of a huge project at work or you are just trying to get the kids to settle down, your body will become stressed. You might not even notice it, but your breathing will turn to quick and shallow faints. This type of breathing only adds to the overall stress levels. The best way to combat this type of issue is to learn to recognize it and slow down your breathing patterns. You can do this by taking five breaths a minute. Try to breathe gently and naturally without forcing air in and out of your lungs.

Fighting Pain With The Right Breathing Techniques

tired-woman-taking-breathIt doesn’t matter if you just stubbed your toe or you are fighting some kind of chronic pain issue, breathing really has the power to bring relief. In fact, one study that was recently published in the Pain Medicine journal showed that deep breathing exercises provided volunteers with a higher pain threshold when their skin was exposed to hot and cold environments. One great breathing exercise to utilize in a painful situation is the foursquare breathing exercise. What you want to do is breathe deeply in and out, so that your abdomen expands and contracts like a balloon being blown up and then deflated. When you inhale hold the count for four seconds and exhale. Repeat this for about ten cycles and the pain should dissipate.

Dealing With Bad Breath

Men closing nose bad smellMany people dealing with bad breath can experience many negatives in their life. These negatives can play a major role in the psyche and psychical state of the body. Individuals will become so stressed out and anxious about their bad breath that they won’t be able to have conversations with people. Sure, you can easily correct this condition with mouthwash and mints, but what most people don’t realize is that these products can cause an imbalance of bacteria in the mouth. An imbalance of bacteria in the mouth is one of the most common reasons for bad breath in the first place. If you are looking how to get rid of halitosis permanently, you should consider making some major lifestyle changes.

Something as simple as including more Zinc in your diet could help stop the build-up of volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath. Zinc supplements not only help your breath, but they can improve the overall health and function of your immune system. You also have the warm salt-water rinse available that can prevent the build-up of infectious bacteria in the mouth and throat.

Breathing Might Improve Your Sex Life

smiling-young-couple-catching-their-breath-whileHave you ever heard of performance anxiety? This is a real condition that can lead to a lot of anxiety when you are in the bedroom with your partner. Whether you are afraid that you won’t be able to perform or orgasm, controlled mindful breathing can help you combat this condition. This type of breathing technique will make you more aware of the sensations in your body, making the experience more vibrant and relaxing. Performing a controlled mindful breathing technique it easy. All you have to do is breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Hold your inhaled breaths in for one or two seconds and let them out gently.

Learn To Concentrate on Breathing

senior-people-doing-breathing-exercisesThere are times when concentration can be extremely difficult. This especially true when you are rushing to finish a big project or you find yourself in an emergency situation. Maybe you are trying to cram last minute for a test. Whatever situation you are facing, with the right breathing techniques you can enhance your concentration by taking a few short, forceful breaths. Simply just breathe in sharply and breathe out forcefully. You want to try to perform these repetitions for twenty breaths per minute. However, you should never do this exercise for more than five minutes and if you have high blood pressure, you might want to avoid this exercise altogether.

Stop Panic Attacks

mature-male-runner-pausing-for-breath-duringBreathing techniques have also proven to be effective for stopping panic attacks. Of course, it will take a bit of practice to receive the maximum results. However, if you can remain calm and breathe in through your nose and out your mouth, you could possibly control your panic attacks. If you have difficulty managing your breathing as required, you can utilize a paper bag.

Calm Your Anger

elderly-man-and-troubled-wifeMillions of people struggle controlling their anger. While some will attend anger management classes and counseling, it is possible to find relief with deep breathing. When you find yourself getting angry, just go to a secluded area of your home or workplace and practice deep breathing. While you may not see results at first, you will notice a remarkable improvement over time.

Lowers Blood Pressure

blood-pressure-monitorIt is a fact that stress can increase blood pressure levels to the point that it can cause a heart attack. While people with heart disease must rely on antihypertensives to control their blood pressure, others utilize breathing exercises and other natural techniques, such as yoga and meditation. Combining all of these practices together can definitely help you manage your high blood pressure more effectively.

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  1. Allowing yourself to breathe properly with your body relax helps release tensions and calms our body. Breathing properly is a cleansing exercise too for our body.

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