5 Confidence Booster Tips to the Physical Changes That Menopause Brings

Got that night sweat and constant mood swings that make you think if you’re bipolar or something? Maybe you’re approaching a certain biological process called menopause.

Menopause is a time of transition unique only to women. And like any significant changes in your life (puberty, getting married, being a parent), it can be accompanied by feelings of insecurity and increased vulnerability.

Women entering menopause are confronted with numerous issues that can significantly affect the way they see and feel about themselves. The most common body changes during menopause are:

  1. WEIGHT GAIN: There are 90% of women who experience noticeable weight gain during the menopausal stage. This is because the ovaries begin to produce less and less estrogen during the transition causing the body to look for it from other sources that are the fat cells produce by estrogen To restore balance, the body will try to convert calories into fat. Moreover, the metabolism of the women body also allows down with age, intensifying weight gain.
  2. VAGINAL DRYNESS: The vaginal tissues become drier, thinner and less elastic during menopause because of the sudden drop of estrogen levels. This causes irritation, itching, and a painful sex.
  3. HAIR LOSS: On average, the head shed a hundred hairs every day. The body normally replaces these fallen hairs. However, as we age, the process becomes less effective. A low level of estrogen plus stress, are the main cause of hair loss during menopause.
  4. BRITTLE NAILS: In general, brittle nails are associated with dehydration or nutrient deficiency. However, during menopause, brittle nails are mostly brought on by the hormonal imbalance.
  5. BODY ODOR: During the menopausal stage, sweating can be worsened because of the response to hormonally-induced symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes.
  6. UNEXPECTED BRUISES: Menopause can cause most women to become a bit clumsy— and such minor bumps can instantly turn into big bruises. This is due to the fluctuating hormones which make your skin a lot thinner, thus, the bruise is easier to get.
  7. DRY EYES: Excessive tearing is a symptom that your eyes are in desperate need to make up for a lack of moisture. During menopause, such symptom can be experienced thanks to your plummeting hormones.

So, in case your self-assurance become shaken with the onset of menopause, here are 5 confidence booster to make you feel yourself again:

1. Ditch the “Out of Order” Sign on your Private Parts

oldcouple-romanceIt is easy to just let the gravity of aging bring you down. But, do not let your sexual vitality also go down the drain. In case you are feeling less feminine due to menopause, then you can overcome that by being intimate with your partner.

Intimacy can actually help you overcome the meh feelings that you may have been having about sex— a known symptom of menopause. Also, it can keep your reproductive area healthy and flourishing.

Menopausal women are not designed to have sex and might experience discomfort due to vaginal dryness which happens because estrogen levels go down. But, there’s always a solution. You can try estrogen supplements to help increase moisture and sex drive. Make menopause sexier in a whole new way.

2. Move Your Body

aged-women-exerciseMenopause should not be a time to be stagnant. Whether you regularly exercise or not, movement in any form is crucial. Doing yoga, dancing, walking or stretching will make a difference rather than sitting around the corner and let insecurities fog your mind.

Moreover, aside from improving your physical health, the regular physical activity can help in relieving some of the stress that menopause brings. Exercise also helps offset the slight weight gain that comes with menopause.

3. Pamper Yourself

elderly-retired-couple-reading-their-social-mediaWith your accumulated age, when was the last time you gave yourself some pampering? Since you have pushed yourself to work and work during your younger years, maybe it is time for you to break your usual routine and treat yourself to something luxurious or something you have never done before.

And since your body is changing, then it is the best time for you to change your outer appearance in small ways possible— get a trendy haircut, have your nails done, buy those earrings you like, or let a shopper pick some clothes that you would not have chosen for yourself. There is nothing more exciting and confidence boosting than doing or trying something totally different.

4. Get Out and Socialize

happy-senior-couple-having-picnic-at-summer-parkStop lounging on the sofa and get out while you still can. Socialize with different people and participate in local activities to not only meet new people but also to help others in need. Join clubs and groups with the same interest as yours and you will instantly feel young again with a purpose in life.

However, because of the aging body with brittle bones and aching joints, some older women have difficulties moving around— so socializing outside might be hard to achieve. So, what do you do? Sulk in your bed?

Feel young and be in! Create social media accounts and socialize with people on the internet. Join clubs and forums around the internet to help ease your boredom and keep your cognitive function going.

5. Get Help or Support Yourself with Supplements If Needed

supplments-bottleMost women sail through menopause without major problems. However, there are some who experience depressions with accompanying symptoms of sadness, loss of energy, sleep disruptions and a constant feeling of tension and worrying.

If you think you can’t do it by yourself, you can always consult professionals who can help bring back yourself. Also, there are various hormonal treatments and supplements to help you manage the process and bring back your vitality and confidence.

The start of menopause should not have to be a blow to your self-esteem and confidence. Although there are plenty of things to moan about during the menopausal stage, there’s also a lot to celebrate at this time of your life. So, take charge of your emotions and be confident about your own!