5 Reasons Why Chicken Is Healthy For You

Chicken, or poultry meat in general, is one of the most consumed foods in all households. It is a white meat, low in fat and rich in protein that is very convenient for everyone, especially for those looking to reduce weight or for those who are taking care of themselves as athletes.

Both the farmed chicken and the poultry farmer are healthy but there are many reasons to prefer poultry because it usually has less fat, more flavor and be healthier, since these animals do much more exercise and live in a diet of semi-freedom inside the corral, being fed with corn, or with other cereals, so they even have a much longer life than the farm chickens.

Today we will try to explain the health benefits that the chicken has, both for cooking on the grill and for roasting in the oven or preparing it in traditional stews, indicating some recipes for each of these techniques.

In addition, we will talk about the different kinds of chicken, and the different presentations in which they can be found, recommending AmaTop10 the best cuts for each type of recipe.

To cook on the grill, the most convenient thing is to use filleted chicken breasts, or whether chicken. With them, you can prepare a recipe as suggestive as chicken with grilled dried tomato sauce.

You can also use the breast fillets to make other simple recipes such as Mexican-style chicken, which you can also make with veal. To cook chicken in stews, is the most convenient way, in this method the best thing is to buy whole chicken sliced for stews, or buy the whole chicken and ask for the cutting into prey (wings, breasts, drumsticks, and drumsticks).

You can also choose to buy only thighs or only thighs, according to your own preferences. All chicken stew usually starts with an onion and carrot base, and after browning the chicken in olive oil, add a little chicken broth and cook until the chicken is tender, which takes no more than 30 minutes. A healthy and delicious way to enjoy chicken. This same presentation of chopped chicken for stews is also very practical to make rice recipes or paellas.

Roasted chicken is one of the simplest dishes to prepare and with a higher rate of success. With a good whole chicken, clean and ready to roast, you can make baked chicken recipes of all kinds. Whether its beer, covered with spices and aromatic herbs or stuffing its interior with apples, minced meat and other fillings, roasted chicken is always a dish that looks good.

If you want a slightly more elaborate recipe to make a very juicy roast chicken, you can see this chicken recipe in two firings, in which it is first cooked and then finished roasting it in the oven. By cooking the chicken in this ways the benefits of chicken for health become innumerable. It is a bird with low in fat and calories and high levels of protein, which makes it ideal for weight maintenance.

Not to mention that the chicken is full of nutrients and essential vitamins. Also, with so many ways to prepare chicken, it’s hard to tire of it. Without a doubt an exquisite and nutritious way to enjoy food. We have mention 5 of the benefits of chicken:


Banana Pieces cutChicken meat contains a high percentage of proteins, while it contains very little fat, especially the breast. This makes it an ideal food for people who want to lose weight, as well as for athletes who submit their muscles daily to intense physical training.

It is low fat lean protein that contributes to muscle growth, Chicken protein is excellent for muscle growth and development which allows us to maintain a healthy body weight, so it is recommended in diets to lose weight.


Ingredients in glass bottleThe meat of some birds, such as chicken, contains an essential amino acid called tryptophan. This amino acid is attributed to antidepressant properties since it is scientifically proven that it is capable of promoting the production of serotonin in the body.

It makes the body feel a comforting sensation after ingesting, for example, a bowl of hot chicken soup. Eating chicken, in addition, helps raise serotonin levels, improves mood, eliminates stress and calms the nervous system.

Heart Healthy

Young women exerciseChicken meat is very effective in combating the levels of the amino acid homocysteine, which sometimes accumulates in the blood.

This amino acid is the cause of various diseases of cardiovascular type and the detriment of the good state of health of the heart.


Women running morningThe high vitamin B6 content of chicken meat makes it an essential food for the proper development of the metabolism. That is, for the combustion of all the calories ingested during the day to be produced in the best way.

Moreover, Chicken liver contains vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin. This vitamin helps maintain a healthy and properly hydrated skin

Improves Eyesight

Women showing eyeglassChicken has a high amount of retinol, alpha and beta-carotene, lycopene and all the derivatives of vitamin A, which are essential to allow us to have an adequate visual health.