Six Tips to Live a Healthier Life

Life tips are abundant these days; you’ll find them on every other website; but tips that work? Not so much. Thanks to the lack of organic foods, comfy sofas and TV soaps that promote a sedentary lifestyle people these days are far from being healthy. Before I started my research, I didn’t realize how many people had an abnormal lifestyle, thanks to our messed up diet and food routines! But worry not, I have all the solutions just in case you need them and shortly I’ll spill them all out for you. But first, there are some serious things that are off-limits if you want to live a healthier life and I will explain those first.



  • Eating too much sugar! Sugar is causing a lot of trouble for the weight loss community because, in a world of mass food production that is not organic, it is hard to come by a project whose label does not boast a moderately high content of sugar. Try to not eat sugar at all, it is not useful and you certainly don’t need it.
  • Smoking! A wide majority of people smoke and the sad part is that all these people who smoke belong to almost all the age groups. It is hardest to suggest teens to not smoke cigarettes because they simply do not realize the importance of not smoking cigarettes.
  • Gluten. These days, it is not impossible to find products that are gluten-free. There are many recipes that you can try which do not have any gluten in them at all.
  • Alcohol. Drinking wine or red wine occasionally on dinners is okay, but making a habit out of consuming alcohol is not good. It has adverse effects on your life in the long run. Therefore, try avoiding wine at all!
  • Smoking Pot! Marijuana is so common today, you can mail order it in Canada even and get it at your doorstep, and while people claim that it is had no side-effects it can certainly impair your memory and focus.

Meanwhile, there are certain habits that you can adopt which will help you get rid of many diseases, avoid premature aging and help your heart and other organs remain strong. I am quickly going to elaborate some of these habits down below:

  1. Drink A Lot Of Water:thirsty-athlete-drinking-water-after-workout It’s the first fitness advice that I always give everyone. Water is quite literally the elixir of life because if it is consumed in the right amounts it can increase the quality of your life altogether. So if you develop the habit of drinking lots of water I can assure you that will stay healthy and fit over the course of time. Water can help you cleanse your entire system and keep your body free of toxins. It’s like a daily detox, you should also try water infused with cucumber and lemon slices for its detoxifying properties. Drinking lots of water is always helpful.
  2. Break A Sweat: young-sports-man-with-dripping-sweat-on-faceYou should focus on exercising if you have been avoiding that for some time now. Working out just enough can help keep many diseases at bay. Even if you are not a fan of working out often, just keep a treadmill at your workplace along with a standing desk and you can regularly walk while you work on your projects in the office. It will save your time and you would be working out without even knowing. Or you can ask your spouse or a friend to join you in the gym or yoga class so that you can develop the habit of working out regularly.
  3. Sleep More Often: a-man-sleeping-on-a-bedA lot is messed up with our lives and what is most messed up is our sleep-cycle. A lot of my friends sleep late at night because they are up watching stupid soap serials, or working or doing whatever; nothing justifies as a good enough reason to stay up and not sleep at night. Sleeping daily at night is vital for our good health and therefore one should always be careful to get enough sleep. Even if you have your exams, you should sleep enough at night so that you can do well in your exams the next day.
  4. Eat Healthily: girl-eating-fresh-organic-saladI have already told you that there are lots of foods choices that you cannot afford to make. You must quit eating processed foods because they have a lot of processed sugar and that is very dangerous for your health. Eat more leafy greens and vegetables, like beans and spinach etc. Also consider limiting your dairy consumption, especially if you are a woman because dairy can mess up your hormones a great deal. It has a lot of excess estrogen in it that can cause estrogen dominance.
  5. Interact With People: group-people-chatting-interaction-socializingHumans need more than food for their body. We need to interact with other people because we are all social creatures. Our interactions with the outer world and the people who live in it play a huge role in shaping our personality. Therefore, you should be more social and you should focus on developing healthy relationships with other people. It will also help you improve your social skills and I promise you will have a more fulfilling life. If you find it hard to make new friends, try to join a hobby club or a community service group and interact with people who are just like you. This way, you are more likely to make new friends.
  6. Practice Gratitude: happy-man-celebrating-winning-success-againstYou might overlook the value of being grateful, but trust me, once you start being thankful for whatever you have your life will turn around completely. People who are grateful tend to be happier than those who keep complaining about how the life has been unfair to them. Therefore, if you regularly practice gratitude I can assure you that you will be a much happier individual. And there is no doubt that happier people tend to live longer and healthier lives.

Author Bio:
Carolina is a mother of two kids. She loves writing about the physical and mental behavior of the children and adults. Her passion for writing reflects every aspect of life including social issues and healthy lifestyle. She ritually writes at