Sleep Mantras

As members of modern society, we of our days rushing around, checking emails, scrolling through Twitter, and refreshing our feeds. It’s no surprise then that when it comes to finally unwinding at the end of a long day, we struggle. We wired to hop from one activity, making calming your thoughts for a restful sleep the most difficult task of all. You may find yourself scrolling through social media until you’re too tired to hold your phone, or switching on Netflix to pass the time. These activities are likely to keep you up longer, however, and ultimately disrupt your sleep.

That’s why it’s important to develop a healthy bedtime routine. Among this should be reducing your exposure to screens and avoiding food or drink just before bedtime. As far as how to stop racing thoughts once you’re in bed, there are several techniques. There is always the age-old counting sheep, though this may quickly grow to boring for you.

If you want something to focus on as you fall asleep that relaxes you while also setting you up for a happy, successful day, try a mantra. These are words or phrases that are repeated over and over again to affirm a belief in yourself, inspire calm, or invite joy. Many people use mantras in meditation to clear their minds and focus their intentions, so they make excellent option for those wanting to sleep.

To get started, try some of these mantras provided by Sleep Advisor. Simply choose one that speaks to you, and repeat it to yourself as you fall asleep. You’re sure to notice that your moments relaxing are more restful and peaceful, and your next days are filled with more energy and happiness.

Sleep Mantras

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