11 Beauty And Health Benefits Products

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Eleven foods that are merely necessary if you want to remain forever young, beautiful and healthy.

1. Milk

MilkIt is the first thing that a person gets at birth. Mother’s milk is merely necessary for the health and full development of the baby and all because there is an element essential for the skin, bones, hair, and nails – a protein that promotes their growth and regeneration.

The second element contained in milk is amino acids, which not only help digestion but also improve muscle tone. However, doctors advise using dairy products with low-fat content so as not to increase cholesterol levels or have problems with excess weight.

Note: Milk should be natural, not fortified.

2. Buttermilk

ButtermilkIt contains the same substances as in milk. However, besides them, kefir also contains many beneficial bacteria that improve digestion and speed up metabolism. It is especially essential for those who want to keep themselves in shape or who want to lose weight. But, if you have stomach problems (for example, increased acidity), try not to abuse kefir.

Note: According to experts, calcium is better absorbed in the evening, so drink kefir before bedtime.

3. Chicken and meat of rabbits

MeatChicken and rabbit meat contain the already mentioned proteins and amino acids, and also, the B vitamins. They improve digestion and help the breakdown of carbohydrates. As you know, carbs are very long and difficult to digest by the body, so assistants in their analysis will be useful. Also, B vitamins improve the work of the heart and muscles. What makes the body more healthy, and us – more beautiful.

Note! Most useful to eat boiled meat.

4. Fish

salmonGive preference to cod and salmon. They contain omega-3, -6, so-called polyunsaturated fatty acids. Have an antioxidant effect; cheer up and even improve coordination of movements.
Note! If you are watching your weight, learn more on the cod, it is less fat.

5. Carrots (as well as cauliflower, broccoli, beets)

CarrotsAll these vegetables contain beta-carotene, which provides skin regeneration and even improves eyesight. Among other things, beta-carotene can slow down the aging process. It is the natural beta-carotene that we get from food that is absorbed by the intestines much faster than it is contained in pharmaceutical vitamins.

Important! Vegetables should be eaten raw whenever possible since only in this case the maximum of useful substances is stored in them.

These fruits are recommended to be eaten fresh, not subjected to heat treatment or preservation.

The main element contained in them is vitamin C. It improves metabolism, relieves stress, raises the tone, enhances the absorption of foods containing iron (for example, apples).

Note: These products also strengthen the immune system, which is especially important in the autumn-winter period. Also, a pineapple is a useful tool in the fight against extra pounds.

6. Mango

MangoesHandy and precious fruit items. It contains vitamins of groups A, B, C, and amino acids. Mango relieves stress, entirely breaks down carbohydrates. Together, all the elements and vitamins in the ripe fruit help to lose weight and improve muscle tone.

Note: Mango has a beneficial effect on vision, helps with night blindness, acute respiratory infections, rhinitis. Green fruits normalize the work of the intestines.

7. Cherry

CherrySweet and juicy berry is not only tasty but also useful. It contains carotene, which removes toxins from the body and enhances its immunity. Besides, cherry has vitamin C, and it is an excellent antidepressant. Cherry also helps with diseases of the lungs, kidneys, anemia.

Note: Cherry is considered a dietary product. It improves appetite and digestion, reduces thirst and even has an antiseptic effect.

8. Blackberry

BlackberriesThis rare forest berry should be a frequent guest on your table, as it contains B vitamins and amino acids, as well as glucose and tocopherols. Blackberry normalizes metabolism, hormonal and water-salt metabolism, helps to increase energy and improve skin condition.

Note: In blackberries, a large number of bioflavonoids, which are excellent antioxidants.

9. Pumpkin

PumpkinIt contains salts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sugar, vitamins C, B, B2, PP, protein, fiber, and also beta-carotene, which promotes skin regeneration. In pumpkin, there is zinc, which is responsible for growth hormone. Therefore, regular use of pumpkin improves hair and nail growth. Selenium, another one of the beneficial components of the pumpkin, slows down the aging process, helps to reduce weight, removing toxins and toxins from the body.

Note: Pumpkin is rich in vitamin E, which, together with carotene, reduces the risk of cancer.

10. Sea Cabbage

Sea CabbageIt is also very rich in nutrients, such as plant collagen, amino acids, minerals (zinc, silicon, magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, manganese, selenium, iron, boron, copper, chromium). They keep the necessary amount of water in the cells, are suitable for the heart, improve digestion, slow down the aging process, are excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes.

Note: When applied externally, sea kale activates cellular processes, smoothes wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and nourishes it with oxygen, relieves swelling and irritation, promotes healing of wounds and burns.

11. Nuts

NutsYou might be surprised, but the nuts are beneficial, and absolutely everything! They are a source of a large number of vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fats. With daily use are suitable for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, vision, regulation of the menstrual cycle.

Note: If you often experience a breakdown, general body tone, stress, and depression, nuts are the best medicine.

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