We all have to deal with spending too much time sitting down

Nowadays, the technology keeps getting smarter which results in making various aspects of our lives easier. The unfortunate side effect, perhaps one of many, is that it can also make us pretty lazy. When we can do so much without the need to even step outside, it’s hard to leave the house, let alone break out of a comfortable position. Meanwhile, even the inconspicuous action of sitting may possess some serious threats to our general wellbeing, even for seemingly healthy people.


There is a general consensus about the idea that sitting too much is simply bad for you. It can influ-ence the health in many ways. From the moderately mild back troubles and anxieties to a series of more complicated conditions like varicose veins, weight gaining,and circulation obstructions. In the bigger picture, it can increase the risk of suffering from some serious diseases, such as dementia, diabetes, osteoporosis, even the big C. The scope of the problem may concern a lot of groups. Maybe even those who regularly play sports.

There is a number of disciplines where, despite the psychical or demanding mental efforts, you get to sit a lot: chess, rowing, kayaking and other boat sports, biking, long-distance driving, various wheelchair activities, etc. It is hard to imagine professional athletes don’t have special plans prepared that would help to neutralize the negative effects of staying in the same – lying down or sitting- position for a prolonged period of time. There rest of us, who keep at maintaining those bad habits, have to look after the required discipline and determination ourselves. It’s not that turning to other extremities such as standing most of the time would be a good idea. But the occasional workout and, above all, a moment dedicated to moving around just a little, definitely won’t hurt at all and can help a lot.

With more and more ways to make money online or at home, the implications of this issue may increase in the future. Especially the growing industry of professional and semi-professional careers available for bettors, card players,and electronic sports contestants, can become quite dangerous for people if they won’t take proper care of themselves. There is a lot of ways professionals and amateurs play poker these days. You can do it on the move, which is probably the healthiest idea, using your mobile devices. But many people would probably prefer staying at home and enjoy the game even with no need to download anything. The long sessions in front of the computer can get uncomfortable. The same goes for e-sport business which certainly attracts big crowds and plenty of gamers wanting to earn big money by doing what they love. Long hours spent in training and at actual tournaments could be too much for young bodies to take.

Fortunately, the issue is not entirely lost on the players who tend to be more interested in being fit. The poker world is not what it used to be in terms of unhealthy approach to lifestyle and nutrition (mainly eating junk food, drinking alcohol and smoking cigars). E-sports team members also try to stay in shape, perhaps hitting a gym in their free time every now and then. The rest of the ‘regular folks’, especially the ones who think it doesn’t concern them that much, would be advised to follow the good practices.