Yoga Makes Kids Strong and Smart. Here’s How…

(Learn here how practicing yoga can benefit your kids both mentally and physically.)

Today’s kids are living in a fast paced world of busy parents, peer pressures, competitive school environment, video games and fast foods. This is why they are facing more stress, temptations, pressures, distractions and health problems than the past generations. No wonder that kids are losing their inner joy and getting obese as well. Several studies have found that kids are falling prey to elderly diseases like depression and anxiety.

How to help kids improve mental health? How to work over their physical health? In short, how to help your kids achieve overall health.


Well, the answer lies in yoga.

Yeah, yoga can help counter common health and mental problems among kids. Yoga enhances health; promotes relaxation and inner fulfillment; drives away negativity; builds concentration and encourages self-esteem and body awareness. Physically, it benefits kids with flexibility, coordination, strength and efficient weight management. Mentally, it improves concentration, relaxation and cognitive ability.

Here I have explained such benefits of yoga which help your kids develop an all-round personality.

Yoga Improves Balance and Coordination:

Balance and coordination are the key elements of yoga poses. Balancing the body was believed to enhance one’s mental and physical poise, as mental clarity and stability occurs from the effort of doing the asana (pose). As kids work over their physical balance while practicing yoga, they experience a sense of accomplishment. Practicing yoga for balance also improves one’s coordination.

Yoga Enhances Breathing to Reduce Stress:

Yoga teaches kids how to use their breathing to ease stress and feel in control when they are anxious. Once they master the breathing technique they can use this whenever they go through stressful events. Apart from managing the stress, breathing exercises help kids stay energized.

Yoga Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem:

Yoga also helps build a stronger connection between the mind and the body which in turn boosts confidence and self-esteem. Yoga helps the practitioners stay consistent and more focused on their goals. This way, they can determine the value of the step they take towards accomplishing their goals, while adapting a healthy sense of achievement and self-improvement as well.

Yoga Promotes Discipline and Responsibility:

A person is required to be disciplined and dedicated to practice yoga. For example, some poses are difficult, and can be aced by proper techniques and practicing. By doing yoga, kids can foster discipline and strength in their life. And a disciplined lifestyle leads to healthy habits.

Yoga Improves Physical Flexibility:

Yoga enhances physical strength as children learn to use all of their muscles in new ways. Whether a pose is performed sitting, standing or lying down, each one can work over various muscle groups while helping a kid learn about his body. With improved body flexibility and strength, they can form a good body posture and minimize the risk of injury while playing or performing physical activity.

Yoga Encourages Awareness and Mindfulness:

Yoga connects the body, mind and soul together. It also promotes a sense of mindfulness. Kids are aware of their bodies, thought and. They can connect with the self, achieve a peace of mind and enhance positivity.

What are the Best Yoga Poses for Kids?

While yoga is beneficial for kids, some yoga poses should be practiced at an early age so that kids can learn healthy habits and attain good lifestyle. Make sure to teach your kids yoga poses given below…

Vrksasana or Tree Pose:

It stretches out the body parts like groin, chest, shoulders and inner thighs. Besides, the tree pose improves the strength of ankles, spines and things.

Tadasana or Mountain Pose:
It strengthens legs, ankles, buttocks, shoulders, lower abdomen and neck. It also relieves insomnia and headaches.

Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand:
This pose helps nourish the brain by promoting blood flow to the important glands in the brain. As a result, it boosts brain function and cognitive abilities.

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or Bridge Pose:

It stretches the neck, spine, hips and the chest. Plus, it is good for strengthening the back, hamstrings and buttocks.

Half Moon Pose of Ardha Chkrasana:

It strengthens the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and spine.

Child Pose or Balasana:

It is one of the most relaxing yoga pose that brings calmness and energizes the body. Besides, it heals hip strain, shoulder and neck stiffness.

Lotus pose or Padmasana :

This pose relaxes the mind and minimizes muscular tension.

Bottom Line:
So this is how yoga benefits both mind and body of the kids. After all, it teaches them the techniques and importance of self-health and mindfulness. Many of you may find it difficult to encourage your kids for yoga. However, it is not that difficult. Tell them in colorful manner how yoga can turn them into powerful and brainy person. One more thing, choose a right yoga teacher for your kids. Make sure to find the one who has experience in working with the kids. All the best!

Author Bio:

Hii! I’m Nancy Wile, an advanced yoga teacher and the founder of Yoga Education Institute California. I do my best to help all my students find a sense of ease and mindfulness in each posture that they can then incorporate into other aspects of their lives. I want you to come and join yoga workshops as you are and have some fun, and know that everything you need is right there inside of you.