7 Tips on Choosing a Facial Oil for your skin type

Facial Oil for your skin typeFacial oils come in different types and they are made to work on different skin types. For example, there are oils made specifically for people with dry skin while others are made for people with oily skin. We all have different skin types but that’s not a big deal. All you need to do is to discover the perfect facial oil that will leave your face smooth and glowing. There are many things that you should consider before you choose facial oil for your skin type.

In this article, we will take you through the seven tips that you can implement to choose the best facial oil that is compatible with your skin.

1.Identify the type of skin you have

Yes, everyone has a unique skin type and it may be a dry skin, normal skin, healthy skin, combination skin, or even oily skin. It is upon you to determine the type of skin that you belong to. It’s not hard – it’s as simple as looking at your face in the mirror before you apply any oil. This way, you can easily tell the class that you fall under.

Once you find out the type of skin that you have, the n you can easily choose the facial oil that can suit your face perfectly without experiencing any issues with the skincare product. Here is the list of different skin types and their signs:

a). Healthy Skin:

  • Has less visible pores
  • Skin isn’t prone to sensitivity
  • You can hardly find imperfections

b).Combination Skin:

  • Change in climate can impact the skin tone
  • Cheeks and under-eye skin will be dry
  • Forehead, T-zones and oily chin

c). Dry Skin:
Visible lines
Rough complexion
Hard to see the pores

d)Oily skin:

  • Large pores
  • Shiny complexion
  • Blackheads and pimples will be visible

2. Go for Facial Oils with the right Ingredients

Facial oils are made using different ingredients that are meant for different skin types. You should be keen when choosing facial oil because the ingredients in them will determine if it’s the right oil for your skin type or not.

The reason why you should be keen with the ingredients is because certain oils include residual pesticides and GMOs which might affect your face negatively. Find facial oils that include Linoleic acid if you want to fight acne. On the other hand, look for oils that have Oleic acid if you have dry skin.

Avoid oils that contain mineral oils. The reason behind this is because the mineral oils will make your skin duller and clog the pores. Hence, that means that such ingredients will prove toxic to your skin.

Don’t be tempted to purchase oils that contain preservatives such as alcohol, fragrances, color, phenoxyethanol and parabens. In order to filter the Ultraviolet rays from the sun, make sure that the facial product you buy is packed in a dark colored glass.

Pay key attention to the labels on the product in order to know the type of ingredients that have been used to manufacture it.

3. Pay Attention to Quality Indicators
Facial oils come in different brands and prices, hence that entails that they vary in terms of quality. You should choose top quality products that are more effective on your face rather than buying cheap products that don’t bring much change to your skin.

The facial oil is said to be of the best quality if the bottles are labeled “virgin” and “cold pressed”. Cold pressed means that the process of extraction did not involve applying external heat.

Sometimes, in the case of oils, intense color and a pungent scent could indicate that the oil is of high quality and authenticity.

4. Food Grade Oils

It can be challenging to tell the quality of the cosmetic oil and the type of ingredients in a product if they are not mentioned on the label. You should be very careful with such products because that entails they may have been blended with other cheap oils.

It is advisable to go for edible oils such as coconut oil in such situations. Facial oils can act as a safer and effective replacement for a moisturizer or serum because they are natural. However, this doesn’t mean that we should rely on them entirely to combat skin problems like wrinkles or acne.

5. Go for pure products

Purity is the most important thing to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect facial oil for your skin type. Although blended oils may be effective for some conditions, pure oils are by far the best type of oils to choose. They have not been mixed with any other ingredient; hence they perform more effectively than blended oils.

Don’t confuse pure oils with products labeled “unrefined oil”. This only means that the oil has not been filtered and that doesn’t make it pure oil. Unfiltered oils are often treated with hot water and they aren’t cold pressed. Hence, they are the type of oils that don’t get filtered after extraction.

6. Identify the Essential Oils that Work Best for Your Skin Type

Essential oils can come in handy when you identify one that works perfectly well with your skin type. For example, tea tree oil can act as a very useful essential oil for your skin. You can find a lot of essential oil reviews on here which you can use to get a better idea of what exactly you should be buying.

On the other hand, if you have dry skin, then it is advisable that you use lots of moisturizers to ease flaking and tightness. Some excellent choices for dry skins include Cypress, Neroli, Chamomile, Cedar, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Myrrh, Lavender, and Geranium.

You should ensure that you go for best essential oils brands to get the best results for your facial skin care.

7. Choose Facial Oil Bases that Work Great For All Skin Types

You can choose to go for universal oil bases that work for all skin types if you find it hard to choose a specific oil type. In order to achieve extract effects, most natural oils often include a base or carrier oil. Regardless of your skin type, you can count on the following best natural carrier oils for facial skin care:

  • Argan Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Sesame Oil
  • Hemp Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil

You can now go out there and look for the best facial oil for your skin type, especially that you are equipped with the above tips.

If you want to know more about the amazing benefits of essential oils, take a look at the infographic below.


Infographic Source: http://fixyourskin.com/best-essential-oils-for-skin/