Best Ways To Stay Healthy and Stress-Free In The Modern Age

We all wish to have a healthy, stress-free life but we are not doing much to gain that. Excuses like, it’s too expensive to leave a healthy life or I don’t have the time, should not stand in your way. In today’s modern age, there are things you can do to achieve a stress-free life that is absolutely free of charge and when it comes to time, introducing a bit of organization in your daily routine will do the trick. Living a stressful life can lead to many mental and physical problems, from low energy and being sick more often to insomnia and having constant feelings of anxiety and neurosis. Here are a few tips to follow for a stress-free healthy life:

Take a break to do something you love

mature-couple-hiking-along-forest-path-togetherWe usually get so caught up in our work, that we forget to even think what we really love to do. Getting a hobby you’d enjoy will not only make you happy but your boss too, since it is proven that people who engage in a hobby in their free time, perform better at the workplace as they will have more energy. If you love hiking, take a long walk before sleep and make it a habit, you can listen to music and have a moment with your thoughts while you walk, which is also considered to be a form of a mindful meditation. If you are an artistic soul, find a hobby where you can be creative. Whatever you love to do, it should not be put aside.

Play golf

cheerful-young-man-teaching-his-son-to-playPlaying golf is a great way to spend some time outside and enjoy some fresh air. It has numerous health benefits, both mental and physical. Yes, golf can seem like a hard sport for a beginner but don’t quit after your first fail, you will improve over time and with sufficient practice even achieve the perfect golf swing.Playing golf will strengthen your bladder, improve your musculature and burn calories since this activity is equal to walking, running and swimming exercises. It is also beneficial for your heart and brain since it improves your blood circulation system and nerve connections. Golf is a low-risk sport which makes it a perfect hobby and it will reduce your stress and help you get a better, deeper sleep.

Eat healthily, your body will be grateful

people-eating-healthy-foodFeeding your body with good, healthy nutrients will give you more energy to power through your day. Eating properly is of crucial significance for your health, both physical and mental. You need to energize your muscles and your brain with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, natural proteins that can be found in chicken and fish meat and for milk lovers, fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products can be on the shopping list as well. If you exclude alcohol, sodium, fats, and sugars from your diet, your body will be eternally grateful and give back in feelings of satisfaction, strength and full energy.

Take time to cuddle and play with your pet

senior-couple-walking-with-pet-bulldogjpgWhen talking about ways to reduce stress and gaining health benefits, getting a fluffy, cuddly new best friend cannot compare with any other technique. Human friends can give you a good social support, but furry friends can give you that unconditional love and stave off loneliness. Other benefits of cuddling with a cat for example, are lower blood pressure, mood improvement and a bigger will to go out and exercise.

One study showed that people experience less stress when conducting a stressful task if their pet is next to them (This may be due to the fact that pets don’t judge us; they just love us).
So take the time to play and cuddle with your pet and all your worries will be wiped off.


woman-meditating-at-yogaMeditation is an easy and instant way to deeply relax your body and mind. There are numerous meditation techniques and you should take time to explore and test at least some of them to see which one strikes a chord with you. For the beginning, whenever you feel stressed out, tired, irritated or burdened – take a break and just breathe. Take slow breaths and while doing that envision a soothing image – a candle light perhaps that will help you stay calm and focused. Try to keep this image in your mind and work on releasing all other thoughts and worries. It’s being said that if you are busy during the day and stressed out you should meditate for 20 minutes. But, if you’re too busy to find 20 spare minutes in a day that you’ll devote to your mental wellbeing – then you should meditate for one hour. After you’re done with meditation, try to keep that feeling of inner peace for as long as possible during the day and to repeat this process whenever you feel necessary.

Go offline, see the real world

woman-relaxing-on-a-floating-ringIn today’s digital age, we are online almost all the time. Everything we do, anywhere we go, it all has to be on social media. And we are not uploading to our social media channels, we are looking at other people lives. Take some time off the grid and spend it in nature, or doing a sport or a hobby you like, or even just spending some time with friends and family without checking your phone every minute. You will feel relieved and you’ll get one step closer to that stress-free life you want.

To sum up, there are plenty of free ways to live a healthy, productive and stress-free life. From eating right and exercising, spending some time outdoors with your pet, playing a sport with your friends to simply getting a rest from the online world. There are no excuses not to live the life you want without the stress, you just need to get up and start doing something about it.