Less Known And Cool Ways To De-stress From City Life

Is your life becoming stressful day by day? It all has to do with your lifestyle.

Clogged highways, long traffic jams, irritating sound pollution, air pollution, never-ending queue everywhere, difficulty in hailing a taxi and constant rings of mobile phones – these are some of the most stressful situations that city dwellers have to face in their day to day life.


Some recent studies have shown that the people who are living in cities may have a 21% higher likelihood of having anxiety disorders, and a 39% larger risk of gaining mood disorders, compared to people who are from rural areas.

For some, these small stresses may seem normal, but as it is now becoming a part of your daily life, the stress soon will become chronic, and you will start to face difficulty in concentrating in even the simplest of things.

Clearly, we need to act fast otherwise that day is not very far when stress will take a heavy toll in our life. Here are some of the less known and cool ways to de-stress from city life.

Listening To Opera Songs:

Woman Listening Music

Everybody knows that music has the ability to soothe your mind, and calm you from inside. But very few people has the awareness that there are certain types of music which are specially prepared to make you see, feel and hear the world differently.

Opera is one such powerful, heart-piercing and mesmerizing form of music that transforms an individual into a different world. It gives you a thrilling experience which will make you forget the present reality you are living in.

You will long for the music more and more as it has the ability to let you free your mind from all kind of disturbing thoughts and feel it with a peaceful serenity.

Since the advent of this art, it has been gaining popularity because of the power and royalty it has in its music. Not anyone can be an opera singer, it needs hard work and dedication to deliver such an unforgettable piece of music.

Give it a shot, especially at the time of stress, trust me, you will thank me latter.

Aquarium Therapy:


I am definitely not suggesting you to take a therapy or something.

It is actually the easiest and most useful way to combat any kind of stress. Although it is not actually a therapy that you need to take, the benefits you will get from it, are better than any therapy or medication.

From eliminating stress to decreasing anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiousness, anger, and restlessness, it can heal them all.

Aquarium therapy implies the contemplation of the aquarium as several studies have shown that just by looking at an aquarium will heal many health issues. The serene underwater environment will create positive energy into your room which will fill your heart with peace and happiness.

If you place the fish tank in your bedroom, then it will be the most useful way to de-stress yourself as contemplating it at night while in the bed will give you a complete and sound sleep.

Don’t worry about maintaining a tank as there are several kits available on the market which will help you to set up the best aquarium along with a good canister filter which will lower down your work load.

Smile Very Often:

Women SmilingThere is a saying – ‘Fake it ’til you make it’. Faking a smile at the time of stress will really change your mindset gradually. There is actually a psychological reason to that.

As, our subconscious mind shapes our 95% of daily behavior, influencing it will truly help you to feel satisfied, complete and happy.

At the moment of stress, our body reacts as if it is in danger. And the fight-or-flight response comes into action. The Endocrine glands starts to produce an increased amount of both adrenaline and cortisol hormones which drastically change our mood.

To minimize this state of urgency in your brain and body, a fake smile is the best solution. Even smiling at the mirror for 5 minutes a day will increase your daily dose of happiness.

It is true that a fake smile will not give you an instant relief at the time of stress but smiling very often when you are stressed will improve your heart condition in the long run. Also, people around you will feel comfortable, otherwise seeing you stressed, may also make your family freak out.

Be Thankful:


Stress is defined as any kind of change that makes you feel overburdened emotionally, physically or psychologically. Clearly, it is the change in our life that we are still not used to.

From a small traffic jam to a bad marriage each and every moment we are getting stressed because we want to live our life in the most comfortable and easiest way possible. Whenever something challenges us and breaks our peace of mind, our body reacts as if it is a war.

Hence, chronic stress is the most dangerous one, as our body slows everything down in order to combat it, which is why several problems start to arise. Being generous and humble can literally help your body and mind to get out from a stressful situation.

Whenever you feel unfortunate, angry, anxious, tensed, try to thank everyone and everything for the good memories that you have shared in your life. As the city life is always filled with interactions with people, do not forget to say thank you to everyone who has or has not helped you.

It will create loads of positive in your life, which will surely help you to become stress-free or react less at the time of stress.

Bottom Line:

To be very frank some of the stresses are created by none other than us, as we tend to overreact in most of the situations. In order to keep yourself away from all kind of mood related issues, the above are the best ways as they will not cost you a fortune or waste your time. Also, the moment you will start to devote time for yourself, you will come a step closure to a healthy and happy life.