The Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening

Nature is where you can find unlimited relaxing qualities, tranquility and healing. Gardening can be said as the practice that is associated with mental clarity and many physical benefits in a human body. Whether you’re gardening for veggies, fruits or just for fun, it is always rewarding and exceptional in producing fresh items. For preparing soil to the ultimate joy of harvesting, you’ll be quite busy during the growing season. If you’ve ever spent some time gardening, you’ll know the great benefits of this healthy activity is astonishing. When you look outside to your garden, you see roses blooming, sunflowers sprouting and peas or potatoes are peeking out for the soil. Gardening will not just create a beautiful landscape, each and every seeding, soiling and harvesting, everything in some way offers you important health benefits that you don’t really know about.

So I’m going to tell you about how gardening can benefit you in your physical and mental capabilities. Keep in mind that the information given below is a result of research and study. This might not be totally accurate, but overall, gardening is one of those practices that can only benefit you and never harm you. It’s a really healthy activity for your body and for the environment as well. So, we have arrange some amazing health benefits of gardening that might need to know about before you start your gardening routine going. So, here is my list of seven amazing health benefits of gardening:

A Great Exercise

Men Seeding

Gardening is definitely a great form of exercise. It requires intense hard work and concentration, and by doing so, you can actually burns around 250 calories per hour. Cutting or trimming your trees and plants can take the same amount of energy as you walking at a decent pace. Which means, you will be able to lose fat and keep your body fresh and in shape.

Boost Your Diet

tomatos and carrots

It’s a true fact that you are bound to eat more and more fresh products if the ingredients in your food are being grown at your garden. It was also found that growing vegetables in your garden will increase your consumption of nutrient-dense foods. You’ll become more inclined towards fresh plant foods in your diet if you’ve invested a lot of your time nurturing the food. Planting seeds in soil, watering it daily and watching it grow – into a large plant full of fruits or vegetables will bring huge satisfaction to you rather than buying it. Furthermore, you develop an intrinsic desire to eat less processed foods as you eats natural, home-grown food frequently.

You don’t require a large space to grow different vegetables, herbs and fruits such as cucumber, tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers grow well in pots. You just need to make sure that they get at minimum six hours of sunlight per day, and believe me you will grow the most bountiful harvest.

Reduces The Risks Of Getting Mental Illness


Growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers will help boost brain performance. Research has shown that practicing physical activities such as gardening can cut the lifetime risk of developing Alzheimer by half.

For those who like gardening, it is perfect physical and fun activities to do, and can offer you unlimited health benefits. Even when we talk about the planning of planting and maintaining a garden can be very mentally engaging. Eating the vegetables and fruits that you grow can be a set towards a healthy diet. Moreover, doing things that you love can also help escape depression.

Gardening is especially great for elderly individuals, as it stimulates the brain. Gardening is said to be a mixture of three things; physical activities, social interactions and cognitive learning. It can have positive influence in minimizing the risks of dementia for individuals in their 60 or above. Through gardening, they can maintain a positive well-being and healthy brain.

Boosts Your Health


Studies have shown that gardening can prevent various illness and disease and help maintain a healthy body. Gardening can reduce the risks of having a heart attack or stroke significantly. Gardening is a kind of physical activity that can actually minimize the levels of osteoporosis, diabetes, and colon cancer. Get gardening as part of your physical activity into your weekly routine to improve your physical and mental health.

Reduces Stress


Gardening is also a great stress reliever. Stress can cause headaches, stomachaches, irritability, heart attacks and other pre-existing conditions in your body. Gardening is a wonderful stress relieving activity, people who garden regularly will have a significant decrease in stress as compared to other stress relieving activities.

Boosts Your Mood


This wouldn’t sound that much exciting to some, but getting a bit of dirt under your fingernails can actually make you feel good. How? By doing so, the bacterium in dirt and soil, will increase the levels of hormone serotonin in your body that will make you feel good. These bacteria can produce antidepressant effects on your mood, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Helps You Sleep


You’re unlikely to be awake at night worrying about your tomato plants. Study has shown that those people who engage in regular activities such as gardening, are more likely to have healthy sleep with better sleep quality. As gardening reduces anxiety and stress levels, it will enable you to fall asleep early and experience deep, healthy sleep.

Even though flowers, fruits and vegetables are themselves great motivators for gardening, above mentioned benefits offers you more reasons to start growing. So, if you’re already gardening, include your family and kids to your weekly gardening routines. If you’re not, start your gardening habits in a small amount. And when you’re good at it, make your garden bigger, grow as many plants as you can, but remember to stay away from those plants that can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Gardening is great for you and your family that will bring you great benefits with zero harm and size effects.

Author Bio:
Farheen Salman is a beauty and lifestyle blogger at FS Fashionista, she is currently working as beauty consultant for Lief Essentials for its brand awareness campaign.