The Right Ways to Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags are elongated structures of skin tissue that grow on the surface of the skin. These growths are painless and do not warrant medical treatment until they become injured or bleed after suffering external trauma. The most prominent locations where skin tags tend to grow are between creases and skin folds such as neck, armpits, under the breasts, groin or near the eyes. The primary reason that triggers their growth in these regions is constant friction on the skin. Other factors that cause skin tags are obesity, hormonal problems, diabetes, and pregnancy. Those who have a history of skin tags in their families have a higher risk of suffering from skin tags.

Skin Tags

Skin tags are non- cancerous and it is mostly because of the ugly appearance that people opt to get them removed. In earlier times, surgical excision used to be the only method available for removal of skin tags. But due to advancements in medical technologies and natural medicine, we can take help of a number of non- invasive procedures to remove skin tags. Here is a rundown on the most effective treatment options for skin tags.

1. TagBand Device
This is the most effective and safest skin tag removal method we have right now. It gets rid of skin tags successfully by using a small band applied close to the base of the skin tag. The band is applied using the tag removal device. When the band is put over the skin tag and the removal device is inserted in the cone on the tag, the band strangulates the skin tag from its base. It is left to remain with the skin tag and comes off on its own when the skin tag dies and falls. This method can be used safely on any parts of the body but using it on skin tags near the eyes is not recommended. There is very little chance of scarring on the skin with this method which is the reason an increasing number of people are choosing tagband as a preferred skin tag removal option.

2. Skin Tag Removal Ointments
Skin tag removal products, creams, and kits work fast to safely remove any polyps from your skin. These potions are formulated with certain ingredients which help dissolve the skin tissue and make the tag shrink over time. This causes the tag structure to die and fall on its own. There are many skin tag removal creams and Ointments are available in the market that shows quick results. These are simple, effective and easy to use and not cause any pain.

3. Ligation
Ligation is an ancient method used for removal of skin tags. This method entails tying a skin close to the base of the tag to stop the blood supply to the tag. When the blood is unable to reach the tissues and nerves inside the skin tag, it starts to shrink and dies. The tag then separates from the surrounding skin and falls off. This method is still used to get rid of the tag. You can use any sterile thread or dental floss for the purpose. Tie it around the skin tag and leave it there until the tag falls off on its own. It may take some days or weeks depending on the size of the tag to fall using ligation.

4. Freezing
Chemical freezing is the most effective method of skin tag removal because it freezes the entire tag tissue instantly including the root so that the entire skin tag is removed and cannot grow back. In this method, a doctor applies Liquid Nitrogen on the surface of the tag to destroy its structure. This method is the quickest tag removal method which yields results in one week with the single application of the freezing liquid. Nowadays at- home skin tag freezing kits are also available to remove the skin tags at home. The process of freezing skin tag works by stopping oxygen supply to the tag which makes it dry and shed off on its own.

5. Cauterization
Cauterization is a method where skin tags are burnt using heat. The skin tags may come off immediately or in a few hours or days after the procedure. Improvements in medical technologies has made it possible to perform skin tag cauterization at home with a cautery pen. When using this method at home, it is advised to avoid using any alcohol based disinfectant on the skin tag region as it is an inflammable substance. However, you can use the alcohol after performing the procedure to prevent infections on the site.

6. Home Remedies
There are some natural and safe options for removing skin tags at home. These home remedies involve drying out the skin tag until it shrinks in size and falls off from the skin. We can use Tea Tree oil, Apple Cider vinegar, Castor Oil & Baking Soda Paste, Garlic, Vitamin E Oil, Iodine, Oregano oil, Tea Tree oil, Lemon juice to dry out or break the tissues of skin tag until it falls off. All these home methods have to be performed twice or thrice a day without any break until the tag falls off. These methods take longer than other methods to show results but are considered as the safest and painless option for removing skin tags. These method helps you get rid of the tags without leaving any scars behind which is why they are preferred over other methods to remove skin tags on sensitive regions.

Apart from these methods, you need to take precautionary measures to prevent infection on skin tags. This includes practicing hygiene on the affected areas where skin tags are present or have a possibility of growing. It is important to keep these areas dry to prevent the possibility of skin tags.

We can minimize the risk of having skin tags by making positive changes in our lifestyle like taking healthy diet, regular exercising, avoid wearing tight or skinny clothes and heavy jewelry. We should apply cream or talcum powder on skin folds to avoid rubbing of the skin.

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