When Fitness Stops Being Beneficial and Starts to Take a Toll

Fitness and athletics are a large part of our society and many people actively participate in them. While engaging in physical exercise promotes health and wellness, without the right attitude and appreciation, they can ultimately have the opposite effect. It’s important for any athlete, fitness enthusiast, or general active person to understand the limits of their body and draw the line between beneficial and unhealthy actions.

A healthy attitude is an essential aspect of both physical exercise and sports. When an athlete has an unhealthy attitude or lack of appreciation of their body and its ability to accomplish goals, any progress they are working towards will seem further away. The physical and mental plateau of an athlete is something that many are acutely aware of, but only some are able to overcome.

While in a rut, or plateau, an athlete will push themselves harder in an attempt to escape, but will only begin to run themselves into the ground. Overtraining can be the demise of even the best athletes because they don’t understand how to beat it except to work harder, run faster, and jump higher. When this happens, an athlete is closer to injuring themselves than making any progress.

Luckily, there are numerous signs of overtraining and/or related afflictions. Overtraining can often lead to other unhealthy behaviors, such as eating disorders and incorrect mindsets. These symptoms shouldn’t be ignored by the athlete or any of the people around them. If a coach, trainer, parent, or even a friend identify a symptom of overtraining or an unhealthy attitude, they shouldn’t ignore it. Athletes are often strong-willed and determined individuals, which makes it difficult for them to recognize unhealthy behaviors in themselves. Even if they don’t know it, they rely on the people around them to help get back to being healthy.

However, before anyone can diagnose an athlete, or identify unhealthy behaviors, they must first know what those behaviors are. Keep reading to learn the signs of an over trained or unhealthy athlete.


Infographic Source: https://eatingdisorder.care/elite-athlete-track/