10 Health Benefits of taking a Foot Massage

Taking care of your foot is mandatory as they are the essential part of the body that does a lot of work, it’s important that you keep your feet flexible and strong to withstand any hurdles and to travel safely throughout your life. This can be achieved by a foot massage, and it’s just enough to spend few minutes for attaining the effectiveness.


Foot massages are practiced in various countries and cultures to improve your health and well being, taking this foot massages is the valuable part of an alternative and complementary medicine. Foot massage along with the reflexology has greater health benefits when compared to the standard foot massages.

What is Reflexology?


An ancient healing practice that uses reflex points on foot to cure the stress and pain of specific glands and organ in your body. Your foot is capable of holding tons of force and considered to be an evolutionary marvel. The pressure is applied over the feet reflexes for promoting one’s health in a better way.

There are different types of foot massagers namely Shiatsu Foot Massagers, Portable Foot Massagers, Foot Spa Massagers, etc. through which you can make up the massage easy, rapid and with comfort.

Advantages of Foot Massage

Consider taking the foot massage along with the reflexology for enjoying the benefits listed below.

Blood Circulation


Everyone loves to wear footwear that matches up with your style and dresses, few of the girls go with high heels, some person prefers to go with tight shoes and footwear for the beauty. The result of wearing uneven or uncomfortable footwear and shoes will hamper the blood circulation on your feet.

In this case, taking a foot massage along with the reflexology can help in distribution of oxygen throughout the body, and this can promote your health in multiple ways.

Improves your Sleep

Women Sleeping

Few persons find hard to sleep due to multiple reasons, foot massages are one of the extraordinary ways to help you in getting better sleep, this is one of the relaxing, and soothing massage one can get. While the circulation is even and regular, this will keep your nerves relaxed and therefore you can sleep better when compared before. Some acupuncture points can help in providing better sleep.

Make sure you are sitting upright, and your foot is resting on your lap, now make use of your thumb and press in and out around your bigger toe. Do this for one minute on each of the larger toes and now massage your feet bottom for about ten minutes by using olive oil, coconut oil or mustard oil.

Better Relaxation


Every human who works regularly end up with stress and tiredness, this can be neglected with a relaxing and soothing foot massage, this can provide the maximum comfort for the person who is spending most of the time standing all day in their works.

There are high chances for a foot to swell and a foot massage, in this case, can increase the energy by releasing the blocks and also plays a significant role in ending up the fatigue and stress.

This is similar to the regular foot massages; you need to massage for five to ten minutes before you go bed, this can bring up greater results. Make sure you are using any warm soil for massaging your feet and therefore penetrated deeply quickly into the skin.

Stops Pain and Aches


Reflexology has a major role in treating any aches and pain namely migraines, lower back pain, headaches, upper back pain, neck pain, etc.

Back pain can be easily stopped by gently massaging over the spinal reflex. With your thumb, start from the toe side to the ankle in the smaller circular motions, you also should massage the tops and soles of your feet to enjoy the maximum benefits.

In the case of neck pain, you need to massage the joints, toes for five minutes so that you can be easily relieved from neck pain. You can massage your whole ankle if you have any swelling or to reduce pain over the ankles.

Relieves Depression


Too much of work and responsibilities in human result in stress and depression, you will be able to get rid of this depression easily with this reflexology techniques. There are certain areas on your foot that can be massaged for fighting depression out from humans.

Helps to Stay Healthy


Massaging your foot regularly can easily keep you healthy and get rid off any foot problems, foot massages stimulated the foot muscles and reduced the stiffness and pain in heels or ankles. Rubbing your foot daily for five minutes can make your ankles flexible and stronger. You can also make use of any foot roller for massaging your feet.

Treats Edema


Effects of edema would be high at the pregnancy periods; you can find your feet and ankles swell because of the fluid retention and can be found high during the last trimester, you will be able to get rid of these problems with a foot massage.

Make sure your partner, friend or family members is massaging your feet; you should not do it in the case of pregnancy as there are chances for discomfort. Gently massage your feet from the ankles and perform it to and forth position.

Reduces Post Menstrual Syndrome


Women will have high chances for mood swings, irritation, depression, hot flashes, fatigue, sadness, etc. during the menstrual periods. Foot massage helps in getting rid of these problems with ease, just massage behind your foot and toe to get rid of all problems faced due to PMS.

Enhances your Foot Health

Young Women Showing Foot

The overall health of your feet is important to maintain your overall health, regular massaging over can help in getting a huge relief from the problems like tendonitis, stiffness, burning sensation, inflammation, and other injuries easily.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Family legs

Neurological disorder and other similar disorders can be treated with the regular foot massages; this helps in neglecting the throbbing, pulling, etc. Make use of a coconut oil to massage your feet so that blood circulation is evenly flown and this also relax the nerves and therefore you can sleep peacefully at night.