10 Healthy Diets for Weight Gain Naturally

About two-thirds of the population in the United States are either obese or overweight. But if you pay attention, you will also notice that many people around you are quite underweight and skinny. For them, adding muscle or gaining weight could be as difficult as losing weight for those who are obese. Both conditions are unhealthy.

If you are clinically underweight, you are prone to medical conditions like osteoporosis, anemia, skin, teeth, and hair problems, and so on. You won’t have energy and you will feel fatigued all the time. Even a simple task while sitting like punching keys on your laptop for search on “Cox near me” can make you feel you feel tired.

However, adding certain foods to your daily diet schedule can help you gain some muscle and weight. We are going to suggest some healthy foods.

10 Effective Food Options to Help You Gain Weight:

  • Milk.
  • Homemade Protein Smoothies.
  • Nuts/ Nut Butters.
  • Rice.
  • Red Meats.
  • Starches and Potatoes.
  • Whole-Grain Bread.
  • Dried Fruits.
  • Cheese.
  • Healthy Oils and Fats.

Let’s know some details about their benefits.


Milk conceptFor decades, milk has been used as a consistent source of gaining weight and muscle mass. It has a perfect balance of carbs, fats, and proteins. It also includes essential vitamins, minerals, and calcium.

Those who want to add more muscle mass, they should essentially include a glass or two in their daily diet. If combined with lighting weights, the results are even better. Whey protein and casein in milk help in gaining mass quicker.

Homemade Protein Smoothies

smoothiesProtein shakes and smoothies are great when it comes to gaining weight. You can make these highly nutritious drinks at home. They are a quick way to weight gain. I would recommend homemade versions because the commercials ones lack nutrients and are full of added sugar.
The internet is full of delicious recipes. You can try them with your own variations. You can make them with milk or almond milk. Below are a few ideas for you. These smoothies easily provide about 400 to 600 calories. They are also a great source of important vitamins, minerals, and protein.

  • Banana and chocolate nut shake.
  • Hazelnut chocolate shake.
  • Vanilla berry shake.
  • Vanilla blueberry smoothie.
  • Caramel and apple shake.
  • Super green shake.

Nuts/ Nut Butters

peanut-butter-and-peanutsNuts and their butter make a perfect choice for gaining weight. A handful of almonds contains more than 7 grams of protein and over 18 gm of healthy fats. Since they are calorie-dense, a couple of handfuls a day will suffice you. They are quick sources of hundreds of calories.
You can add them to various dishes and snacks as per your taste. Adding them in simple yogurt, smoothies, and various other things can let you enjoy the taste and flavor. Make sure you are picking a nut butter that is 100% pure. Avoid the ones with added sugar, oils, and preservatives.


White RiceRice is one of the most low-cost and convenient carb sources, which helps you gain weight. 1 cup of cooked rice has more than 190 calories. It is one of the most-calorie-dense, easily available food items. In a single serving, you get to have a lot of carbs and calories. For people who have a poor appetite and those who get full very quickly, rice makes you eat more.

You can easily snack on microwaveable rice packs as quick sources of calories.

Red Meats

fresh-red-raw-meatAmong muscle-building foods, red meats are highly effective. A steak contains more than 3 grams of leucine. It the key amino acid that is essentially required to add new muscle tissues and for stimulating muscle protein synthesis. Red meats are also great sources of natural dietary creatine.
Consider picking fattier cuts because they provide more calories as compared to lean meats. Beefy cuts will stimulate the weight gain process better. Both fatty and lean meat are an abundant source of protein. But for those who are trying to gain weight and muscle mass, fatty meat is recommended.

Starches and Potatoes

fresh-organic-raw-potatoes-in-a-colanderWhen it comes to the cost-effective ways of gaining weight and adding abundant calories, starchy foods and potatoes are our best picks. The following are some of the best sources of healthy, starchy carbs:

  • Oats.
  • Corn.
  • Quinoa.
  • Buckwheat.
  • Potatoes.
  • Sweet Potatoes.
  • Winter root veggies.
  • Squash.
  • Beans.
  • Legumes.

In addition to gaining carbs and calories, they consistently increase the muscle glycogen stores in the body.

Whole-Grain Bread

Whole Grain BreadIf you are aiming to add more pounds to your body, do not go for plain bread. Go for whole-grain bread. They are a great source of carbs to aid you in gaining weight. You can come up with some easily cooked, well-balanced and simple meals if you cleverly combine whole-grain bread with good protein sources. Some instances could be meat, eggs, and cheese.

When shopping for bread, go for seeded and whole-grain options. You can easily find them at grocery stores.

Dried Fruits

dried-fruitsIf you are underweight, you should be snacking frequently. And in snacking options, dried fruits make a delicious and high-calorie snack. They are full of micronutrients and antioxidants. The market is full of a variety of dried fruits. They are high in sugar content and are great in gaining weight.

Some of the dried fruits, which taste great, are peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cranberries, and so on. They all taste great and contain a lot of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.


CheeseFor centuries, cheese has been among the staple foods. It is rich in fats and calories. If you eat cheese in a large quantity, it is a great protein source too.

You can easily incorporate it into various dishes to make them yummier and saturated with hundreds of calories. It is rich in healthy fats. Add it in your meals for a flavor and calorie boost!

Healthy Oils and Fats

heart-healthy-oilsAmong calorie-dense food options, healthy oils and fats take the lead. Adding a tablespoon or two of these fats and oils to your salads, dishes, and sauces for a quick calorie boost. Some of the best healthy oil sources are:

  • Avocado oil.
  • Coconut oil.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.

I was looking up the calorie content of these oils online with one of my Cox Internet deals and I figured out that 15ml of these oils can have as many as 135 calories. Add these suggested food items to your diet and notice the difference in your weight yourself.

Good luck!

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