Top 7 Early Signs Of Hair Baldness And Protective Measures

Around the globe, hair baldness is a common phenomenon irrespective of conditions like weather and lifestyle. Hair fall initially goes unnoticed. But when the intensity of the hair fall gets more, one can notice it while brushing the hair, or in the shower drain. The main signs of balding are natural colour loss of hair, dandruff growth, scalp lesions, and scarring. Balding is also termed as alopecia where an individual starts to lose hair from the body as well as from the head. This form of hair loss is usually experienced by males, and it is called male pattern hair loss. Want to protect yourself from hair baldness? Check out these early signs and protective measures below.


AlopeciaThis type of baldness can hit an individual at an early age. At times people could see the signs of it as early as 16 to 18 years of age. Alopecia does not happen overnight; it takes a long time where your hair follicles stop from re-growing hair. If one notices a clump of hair on the pillows, the hairbrush, and during a hair wash for a period of one month or more, then it is an indication that you are in the process of getting bald. The protective measures for Alopecia include good hair hygiene, regular shampooing and having nutritious food especially protein-filled. If one gets hair loss, it is necessary to have a medical screening such as Complete Blood Count (CBC), Iron Level, Vitamin B, and thyroid tests.


Receding HairlineA receding hairline can be developed in males when they age. Women usually experience the thinning of hair than a receding hairline. When men reach the late 30’s they might start to get receding line. The sign of this initiates with hair fall above the temples (Part of head). From that spot, the hairline moves across the top of the head. As a result of this, it leaves the ring of hair around the bare scalp. A very little amount of thin hairs may start growing on this spot.

Receding kind of baldness is associated with the gene. If the members of one’s family have this problem, then an individual is more likely to get it. Yet, it can be protected by a simple medication which slows down the conversion rate of testosterone into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Excess DHT in the body leads to inflammation and hair miniaturization, and so it has to be controlled. When this process takes place, the hair fall tends to increase and results in bald. The drug named Finasteride is used to slow down the conversion rate.


Thinning In CrownThe most common type of baldness one can experience is thinning of hair in the crown area. Early signs for this include hair density getting low and hair fall occurs at an unnoticeable level. The average diameter of Indian hair ranges between 0.08 and 0.12mm. If the hair in the crown area gets thinner than 0.06mm, then one should be prepared for getting into the bald zone. One can follow the below-listed methods to prevent thinning of hair.

  • Add protein-packed meal in the diet which is great for your hair strength.
  • Check for thyroid conditions especially the hyperthyroidism and diagnose for it.
  • The human body is fond of Vitamins D and B12. Adding these supplements stops hair thinning and hair fall.
  • Hair reflects your health. Eating a lot of fried foods and leaving the body de-hydrated has a direct effect on one’s hair thickness.


Hair PartingIf your hair parting gets wider or if you find hard to part your hair, then it is a welcome sign for baldness. When the intensity of the hair fall is more and if it occurs in the form of a patch, then the parting area is more vulnerable for baldness. Hair loss can occur for various reasons, but if it happens in the patch; iron deficiency in the body is responsible for it. The iron supplements which are used to promote hair growth, and to protect the hair balding are as follows,

  • Spinach is rich in iron. It helps the RBC to transport oxygen throughout the head and the body to fuel the metabolism as well as to repair the damaged hair.
  • Beans are a great source of iron and proteins. It is inexpensive and versatile. Eating this for a period of 2 to 3 months can show up a good result on your hair.


DandruffDandruff is one of the signs that indicate an individual is dealing with baldness, but it is not solely responsible for it. Dandruff causes the scalp to de-hydrate and stops the oil production in the scalp. When dandruff starts to trouble all of a sudden then one should immediately consult a dermatologist to find out the reason behind it. Dandruff makes the skin dry and causes the itchiness. Aggressive scratching weakens the hair root and causes mechanical hair loss. Nearly 20 out of 50 men are prone to this type of hair loss that results in baldness. Dandruff is controlled by frequent washing of hair, applying oil in the scalp, having omega-rich food, etc.


AgeingAgeing is an early sign of excessive hair loss, which results in baldness. When an individual crosses the age of 35, the outer protective cuticle of hair tends to become fragile. Ageing decreases the keratin protein which makes the hair weak and loses its elasticity and is the reason for baldness. As a result of this, when the hair is pulled, it breaks easily, and even minimum stress could cause a heavy hair loss. To be simpler one cannot carry forward the same hairstyle due to hair loss caused by ageing. This kind of hair loss cannot be stopped, but it can be controlled by living a scheduled lifestyle.

7. Anaemia

AnaemiaAnaemia is a condition which occurs when a person either lack iron in their body or their body cannot use the iron properly. If an individual is found anaemic, then he/she could get bald in a few years. This is because iron deficiency has a direct effect on haemoglobin production. Food supplements can resolve the usual iron loss, but in the case of severe anaemic (who cannot absorb iron), one should have an iron injection to protect from hair baldness.

Though having a good sleep & stress-free life consistently, ending every day with either smoking or drinking compromises the fibre production in hair. Smoking affects the hair papilla & restricts the flow of blood to the follicles, starve them to nutrients. Some behavioural changes if controlled or restricted could be highly beneficial to avoid the baldness and stay younger. What do you think is the best way to prevent hair loss and what do you think would be a suitable hair loss treatment for you? Leave it in the comments.

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