The Advantages of CBD Oil and Its Disadvantages

With Western medicine having trouble curing people of their medical conditions permanently – and sometimes even causing those to happen, thanks to a variety of well-documented adverse side effects, some are turning to alternative treatments in the hopes that they can offer long-term solutions to their physical and mental health problems. One such alternative treatment that’s been gaining traction as of late is CBD oil as extracted from the still highly controversial cannabis plant. You might have considered buying yourself some CBD oil for sale that some trusted manufacturers are peddling online. But before you start basking over the wonders of CBD oil, you’ll want to know first what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking it.

Advantages of CBD Oil

CBD oil has been regarded by some who have used it before as a wonder cure, and it’s not because the herbal extract is a placebo pretending to have curative properties. Rather, CBD oil has time and again brought about the following advantages to those who risked facing the still prevalent stigma surrounding cannabis so that they can get help for their medical conditions once and for all.

1. CBD oil is a natural pain reliever.

man-with-pain-in-shoulderTaking either over the counter or prescription painkillers may help relieve any pain that you’re feeling, but they can also damage your liver and bring about several other adverse side effects. Suffer from any of those side effects can be uncomfortable and can be problematic long term, instead CBD oil may be the next best thing. From minor muscular aches after an intense workout to those caused by arthritis, taking CBD oil can help to ease the painful feelings you may be feeling.

2. CBD oil may treat anxiety and depression.

senior-man-sitting-on-bed-at-home-sufferingWith cases of anxiety and depression on the rise, psychologists are using talk therapy or prescribing antidepressants to those suffering from one of these mental health conditions. Unfortunately, the latter treatment option for both anxiety and depression can result in drug addiction.

On the other hand, you’ll have a lower risk of being addicted when you take CBD oil to treat your anxiety or depression. It’s said the herbal extract can help boost your body’s serotonin levels to uplift your mood.

3. CBD oil may help prevent the spread of cancer.

cancer-woman-leading-normal-lifeOut of all the medical conditions known to healthcare professionals all over the world, cancer has to be one of the worst. Just as painful as having cancer is the fact that you’ll then have to undergo intensive chemotherapy to help stop the condition from spreading.

While further research has yet to prove that taking CBD oil can completely cure anyone of cancer, the said herbal extract is said to may be able to help stop cancer cells from regenerating in your body so you won’t experience a possible relapse in the future.

4. CBD oil helps to treat acne.

woman-before-and-after-treatmentA face riddled with acne can be painful. But as much as you might want to get rid of your acne by using facial skin care products, they contain chemicals that can either damage or injure your skin.

Instead, you could apply CBD oil to your face and see whether it makes a difference to your skin over time. However, you should first consult a dermatologist if it’s OK for you to use CBD oil all over your face. This oil has special properties which are able to help cleanse and clear the skin from any old clogged debris.

Disadvantages of CBD Oil

But of course, for every advantage that CBD oil has, there are also some disadvantages to taking it which are as follows:

1. Taking CBD oil to treat a certain medical condition can inhibit enzymes in your liver responsible for processing drugs.

liver-pain-female-personCBD oil blocks the production of liver enzymes that metabolize chemicals. While this can be useful in canceling the effects of any minute traces of THC that the CBD oil may have, it can prove harmful if you’re taking an over the counter or prescription drug.

It follows then that you shouldn’t mix CBD oil with any drugs at all. In fact, you could try using CBD oil to treat your medical ailments, depending on what you’re suffering from, and see whether there’s a bigger difference in the results. However don’t do this if you have a serious or life threatening condition that requires special medication.

2. CBD oil can cause your mouth to dry.

closeup-of-a-mouth-of-a-black-manIf you suddenly feel thirsty after taking CBD oil, it’s because the herbal extract is reducing the production of saliva which can then lead to your mouth getting dry.

Having a dry mouth should be the very least of your worries though when taking CBD oil as you can remedy that by drinking water or any other liquid afterward.

3. Taking too much CBD oil can also cause you to suffer from cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.

hopeless-drug-addict-going-through-addictionIf you’ve been taking CBD oil in higher doses than what you should normally take per day, and you’ve been vomiting violently for up to five times an hour – or sometimes even more than that, you may already be suffering from a rare medical condition known as cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome or CHS.

In case you’re throwing up a lot after taking CBD oil, you should temporarily stop using it for a few weeks until any symptoms that can lead to CHS have subsided.

4. CBD oil can make you feel lightheaded and drowsy.

sad-black-girl-feeling-pain-lying-on-sofaAnother side effect that comes with taking CBD oil in doses higher than those of most other cannabis users is that your blood pressure can drop which can cause your head to feel light and for you to become sleepy.

If you’ve taken CBD oil, you should give it a few hours to settle into your system before doing anything that would require you to stay awake, like operating heavy-duty machinery or driving a vehicle.


woman-squeezes-the-cannabis-cake-into-a-sieveCBD oil sales had skyrocketed to as high as 350 million U.S. dollars as of 2017 which speaks volumes about the increasingly positive public perception surrounding the herbal extract. With more and more people gaining their health back after taking CBD oil, what’s not to like about a drug that comes from Mother Nature herself? But as with any medicine, CBD oil also has some side effects ranging from mild to severe ones. Thus, before entirely changing from Western medicine in favor of CBD oil, you should first take note of its advantages and disadvantages as listed above so that you can come up with a more informed decision should you decide to take the organic route.

About Author – Blake Luvo

Blake is the Director of Digital Marketing with Functional Remedies. He has worked in digital business for 20 years and is a strong advocate for CBD oil, having found much relief by taking CBD for a debilitating health challenge that he has lived with for nearly 25 years. Blake lives with his wife and 3 children in WA state where he hikes in the North Cascades, cares for a small organic orchard, meditates, and never stops asking ‘What can we do to help those in need?’

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