Alkaline Water And Weight Loss – The Truth And What You Should Know

The world is absolutely filled with people that would love to be able to lose a substantial amount of weight. Unfortunately, the mass majority of these individuals have done everything in their power to try and lose weight only to fail. Losing weight is anything, but easy. Aside from sticking with the basics, it might be best to think outside of the box and find new approaches from achieving your weight loss goals. One way to try and boost your weight loss is by making the transition from tradition H20 to Alkaline water. After a tremendous amount of research, it has been proven that alkaline water and weight loss go hand in hand. You’ll be able to find out more below.

What Is It?
refreshing-water-in-transparent-glassBefore going any further, it is vital to learn about the basics of alkaline water. What makes it any different from the water you can acquire from your faucet’s tap? Well, alkaline water, or ionized water, is a type of liquid, which has been neutralized in terms of pH level. When analyzing alkaline water with the pH scale, it would have a level above 7. Although it is possible to purchase this type of water in the mass majority of retail stores, it can also be produced right in your own home. And, many people believe that there are numerous health benefits associated with alkaline water.

When To Drink It For Weight Loss
close-up-of-female-belly-with-measuring-tapeIn order to achieve your weight loss goals by drinking Alkaline water, you’ll need to make sure you drink it at the right times. Drinking the water throughout the day isn’t ideal and may not provide you with the results that are desired. First and foremost, you should start the morning with a nice glass of alkaline water. 16 ounces will do the trick. The pH of the water should be at least 10 or higher. This will give your body a helping hand with eradicating the waste from the previous day, while also rehydrating your body and preparing it for the day ahead.

Also, you should drink a glass of alkaline water an hour before and after each meal. Doing so beforehand will help reduce your appetite, so you eat less. Drinking the water after the meal will help to remove residue and waste from your stomach. If you intend to work out during the day, it is essential to grab a glass of alkaline water. Remain hydrated throughout this strenuous activity by drinking the water before, during and after the workout. And finally, you should always drink at least one glass of water an hour before you lay down to sleep.

When To Avoid
water-and-measuring-tape-against-anorexic-womanSurprisingly, there are a few times when you should avoid drinking alkaline water. For instance, it would be a terrible mistake to consume this type of water during a meal. Also, you should avoid consuming medication with alkaline water. Since this type of water can speed up your body’s ability to absorb the medication, this could result in unwanted side effects. However, you should not be afraid to drink alkaline water with supplements and vitamins. In fact, this is recommended and will allow your body to absorb these beneficial items faster and easier!

How It Works
fitness-conceptYou should understand that alkaline water diets are substantially different from other forms of weight loss. Reducing your caloric intake will only increase the amount of acids within your body. Alkaline water is capable of maintaining your body’s pH level, while also targeting your body’s fat storage. The water helps to eliminate the acidic waste buildup within your body and thus helping you lose weight. Since the excessive amount of acid has been removed from your system, your body will be able to reduce the fat that has been produced to protect itself.

Detoxifying Properties

infused-detox-water-lemonade-with-orange-lemonFresh water is a great detoxifier, even when consumed alone. Alkaline water, on the other hand will enhance the detoxification process more ways than one. Detoxifying your body on a routine basis will help you lose weight and rid of your body of dangerous antigens. The toxic agents are responsible for chronic illnesses such as cancer and renal and liver diseases. Many experts seem to think that there is link between acid and these free radicals. Eliminating them from your body before they have time to do any real damage will definitely keep you healthy, while improving your overall health condition.

Neutralizing Acids

man-in-a-restroom-reading-newspaperEveryone knows that acid is introduced to the body through digestion. While, most of the acid is absorbed into the bloodstream, a small portion of it is excreted into sweat. Today, people rely on acidity foods that are prepared in fast food restaurants and other eateries, because their life is too busy to prepare homemade meals. The human body can efficiently handle a specific amount of acid. However, when you are continuously consuming large quantities of acid, your liver will become overwhelmed. When this occurs, your health will become jeopardized, increasing your risks of high cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

The excess acid that is not excreted from your system will eventually become trapped by fat cells. When this occurs, weight gain is inevitable, but lucky for you there is an abundance of alkaline water available on the market. Alkaline water can effectively neutralize excess acidity levels. By balancing your pH levels, the fat stored in your body will gradually be released and excreted from your body through sweat and the renal system.

Does It Really Work?
woman-holding-hands-on-a-belly-stomach-healthWhen it comes down to it, you should understand that there is no miracle cure for obesity. It is impossible to consume a specific medication or water and magically lose weight over a period of weeks. It simply isn’t going to happen. Losing weight is a long process and you’ll need to remain dedicated and diligent, in order to achieve your weight loss goals. Remember to accompany the alkaline water with a low calorie diet and a good workout regimen. This is truly the best way to guarantee that you’re able to lose weight and slim down your waistline.

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