Live Healthily and Safely: 6 Common Risks Around the House to Look Out For

Some people love to stay in their homes, instead of going out with friends and doing anything that they might regret the day after. And hanging in your house does not automatically mean that you are anti-social or worse a psychopath.

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It just means that you prefer staying rather than wasting your money and time going out. When you are home, you can truly do anything. Such as walking around without pants or drinking without needing a glass. As such, it is very important to ensure that your home is a healthy and safe place to live.

Building a safe and healthy environment where your family can thrive and grow is the highest priority. Fortunately, even though there are a lot of risks lurking in the home, they can be easily addressed. To know more, listed below are common risks around the house and their no-brainer solutions.


Fire flamesHouse fires take and harm thousands of lives annually, and damage more valued properties and memories. There are a lot of reasons as to why house fires happen. For example, faulty outlets and wirings.

Even an unguarded iron or candles can lead to an unintended house fire. However, there are plenty of ways you can do to keep your home safe from possible fire hazards. First and foremost, install great fire alarms or smoke detectors. You can find reliable fire alarms or smoke detectors in any online store like DealWiki.

By installing this device, you can regulate and monitor easily if there is a possible danger. You can get real-time updates directly on your mobile phone or smartphone. Aside from installing fire detectors, make sure to have at least one household fire extinguisher. Put it near the fireplace or in the kitchen.

Furthermore, unplug all appliances when not in use. Make it a habit because it is a smart practice. And never leave candles near any fabrics or unwatched places. Ensure that kids or pets will not easily reach them not to push them over.

Slash or Cuts

Bleeding thumb fingerCuts or slashes are one of the most no-brainer risks around the home since there are plenty of items with sharp edges. Everything from knives to opened can show danger. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to minimize this kind of risk.

One way is to point forks and knives down. Keep them downward in the storage basket and put the basket away from the dishwasher to make these razor-sharp objects even less reachable.

Also, make sure that you store all the unutilized tools like saws, rakes, and much more in a safe and secure place. Do not leave them unattended and stay mindful when using them. Similarly, store or keep any kitchen supplies like peelers and graters. Lock them up if necessary.

Furthermore, if you utilize a razor in the bathroom, make sure to store it in a high cabinet or shelf. Keep any grooming devices such as tweezers in a safe storage area, out of reach of children.

Stumble and Fall
cute-little-girls-running-at-home-with-fatherWounds and bruises due to falling are one of the most generally known household risks. It may be because of slippery stairs, cluttered toys, or wet floors. All of these create high risks for accidental falls.

To minimize the risk of falling, make sure that all staircases are stable. Meaning, they have unimpaired floors, strong and durable handrails, and many more. Also, keep toys like skateboards away from the area where you mostly spend your day. Furthermore, place rugs in the bathrooms to prevent from slipping and getting any injuries.

Strangling and Suffocating

Kid infront of windowWires on window treatments such as curtains or blinds can potentially be a strangling risk to young kids. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that can make your home much safer for small children.

First and foremost, you must put all cords away. As such, keep any electrical or window cords unreachable for young kids. Thus, never put a bed or crib below a window with hanging cords. Also, to avoid kids from strangling and snarled up, shorten the length of any cords that is only accessible to the full-grown persons.

Or you can cover them by placing blind cords to your existing window coverings. Go for inexpensive, transparent, and easy to install blind cords that will not disagree with your home decorations.

Heat or Fire Burns
burning gas stove flameAnother no-brainer household risk, burns. At home, you can get burnt by having accidental contact with both the stoves and dishwashers. These appliances present risks, most especially to young children. Like any other household hazards, there are tons of ways to make sure that nobody will get any degree of burns.

One way to minimize the risk of getting burned is by using back burners. To keep it from happening, utilize the back burners as much as possible. As such, it makes it hard for young kids to touch a hot surface of a cooking stove unintentionally.

And never put any items like toys or plates on the stove even if you do not use it. Furthermore, ensure that your dishwasher is firmly and safely latched, specifically where burns from steam occur.

You can also add stove knob covers because they can guard your home against harm, especially form fire. They also keep small, curious hands from activating burners or adults from carelessly turning it on.

Lead Poisoning

Water in glass pouringLead poisoning is a kind of metal contamination caused by accidental intake of lead in the body. You can find this kind of chemical substance in paint and toys, and (in case you don’t know) in your water pipes.

Some homes have lead pipes that can potentially allow hazardous lead content into your drinking reservoir. To avoid such dangerous situation, make sure to flush pipes every use, and utilize only cold water to cook food and for drinking.

Hot water has higher chances of containing higher levels of lead content. Also, you can install water filters because it can lower the water’s level of lead. However, just make sure that you choose a water filter that is excellent for removing lead content.

Of course, nothing is of the utmost importance than keeping all your loved ones safe. By knowing what to do when it comes to various safety hazards around the home, you can protect yourself and your family. Read the above list to be able to know what to do when something bad happens.

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