How to Build Muscles with HGH

Overview of HGH

If you are a professional or amateur athlete, fitness lover, body builder, or simply a person who loves being healthy, you must have heard about HGH already. HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, just like what its name tells you is a hormone that spurs growth in children and adolescent. The pituitary gland naturally produces this hormone and secretes it into the bloodstream, allowing the hormones to help the cells inside a children or adolescent’s body to develop. As one ages, the pituitary gland produces less and less of this hormone and this is the reason why adults don’t grow anymore.

HGH-EliteHGH, also known as somatropin, is a natural hormone, made from 191 amino acids. Children and adolescent have the highest level of this hormone, but after 25-30 years the level will start to decrease gradually, resulting in common ageing problem such as increasing body fat, lower bones density, sagging skin, appearance of wrinkle, and frequent fatigue.

Some people have naturally low HGH, even during childhood, and if the level is too low they can risk to suffer from HGH deficiency. Severe case of HGH deficiency can result in dwarfism and requires medical attention. There are also some people who have naturally high level of HGH. This also can results in medical condition called gigantism, in which a person grow abnormally bigger than usual.

However, scientist and medical practitioners discovered that synthetic HGH is reproducible. When it is injected into an adult’s body, the body may show a lot of physical improvement and benefits, including weight loss, stronger muscles, stronger bones, and even fixing erectile dysfunction. Since then, a lot of research have been conducted to further support these hypotheses, although the conclusion is still debatable among the scientist and medical practitioners. However, you can’t deny that HGH does has benefits for physical body. Currently, people uses HGH to help with ageing problem as well as bodybuilding.

At a first glance, HGH works a lot like steroid. However, it can’t be anymore different. First, their chemical structure is different. HGH has peptide structure, while steroid has cycloalkanic structure. Second, they bind to different receptors in cells. Third, they have different side effects – with steroid as the one with the worse effects.

How it works in building muscles

HGH is secreted into the bloodstream from pituitary glands. This release will stimulate the liver to secrete Insulin-like Growth Factors (IGF-1). IGF-1 promotes the growth of almost all the cells in the entire body, from bone to brain. In every cell in your body, there is an IGF-1 receptor, which will bind with IGF-1, and their union are responsible for many benefits, from growing muscles, burning fat, healing injuries up to fixing broken cells.

Thinking Men Building Muscles

Besides working by stimulating another organ to produce IGF, HGH also works by itself. HGH can increase metabolic rates by 20%, therefore burning quite a lot of fat. For this, HGH is also known to be help with body composition. By burning fat as well as build muscles, you will not likely get excess bulk from fat. Your body will be fit and full with lean (fat-free) muscle mass.

Another benefit in body building attributable to HGH is it can shorten your recovery time. After a hard work, sickness, or injury, your body needs a rest time in which it uses it to repair the damaged cells. HGH, responsible for building new cells, will help you to go through this period faster. In muscle building world, it means more time to exercise and more exercises means more muscles gained.

How to Gain Muscles Using HGH

Although it has a quite a fantastic name – a fountain of youth – HGH is not quite so. It does help you build your muscle mass, but not by magically growing it. A consumption on HGH should be accompanied with an exercise regime. The intensity, load, and frequency of the exercise depends on the desired result.

To get help to build muscles with HGH, at first you will need to decide for a cycle. A cycle is a period where you consume HGH continually. Usually to see the result you should set a cycle for 2-3 months. During that time, you can decide the frequency of HGH consumption as well as the dosage.

guy-grwoing muscle

The consumption frequency may range from every day, once for every two days, or five days a week. Five days a week is recommended by taking a day off after every two or three days. A lot of people whose dosage is five times a week usually take two days off consecutively, like at Saturday and Sunday. In fact, it is better to take a day off at Saturday then another at Wednesday to spread the HGH more evenly.

The right dosage to consume HGH vary from person to person, depends on the objective, body mass, athletic experience, and even the quality of the product itself. The dosage of HGH is measured in IU (international unit).

If your objective is to build muscles, the effect would only be seen after consumption above 10 IU a day. Consumption more than 20 IU a day is not recommended, and some medical practitioners even believe that it should be no more than 15 IU a day.

If you want to use HGH specifically to lose weight only by losing the fat, 3-4 IU of high-quality HGH should be sufficient. If you have an average-quality HGH, you may have to increase the dosage into 5-6 IU a day. For low quality HGH, you may need up to 7-8 IU a day. Meanwhile, if you only want to keep yourself healthy without any specific objective, 2-3 IU of high-quality HGH is recommended.

How do you find out whether a HGH product is high quality or not? You can ensure the quality by checking the reputation of the products – from the manufacturers, the distributors, to finding previous users experiences in the internet. For easier search, you can check the products sold at

The body naturally secretes HGH when you are sleeping, therefore taking HGH before you go to bed is not recommended, since it will clash with the natural secretion. The optimal time to take HGH is after you wake up. Since the half-life period of HGH is only 4-6 hours, you should take your daily dosage of HGH in three separates time with 4-6 hours in between.

During the cycle, for effective result, combine the consumption of HGH with healthy diet and exercise regime. The exercise can range from cardio to resistance to aerobic.

In the end, HGH is not magic, but it helps you build lean muscle mass, lose fat, achieve ideal body index, shorten your recovery period, and even rejuvenate your cells. Bodybuilders still uses HGH, not because it gives them instant muscles, but because it helps them with the fat and recovery period.

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