How To Get Rid Of Foot Odor

Foot OdorWe all know that having smelly feet can strongly hit our confidence when we are at a social event, a date, or a vacation trip. According to the podiatrists at the Advocate Medical Group, the main cause of foot odor is our sweat. And since foot perspiration is not something you can avoid, having smelly feet can easily affect any of us.

Now, it doesn’t really matter how common this problem can be, it’s still awkward and embarrassing. Are you tired of suffering in silence due to the bad smell that comes from your feet? Well, this guide can definitely answer your questions.

In reading this post, you will understand why do our feet smell so bad, how to prevent this problem, and what are some of the best tips that can help you to get rid of foot odor.

Why do my feet smell so bad?

Stinky feet’s medical name is bromohidrosis. Our feet have around 2500 sweat glands per square inch. This sweat attracts a bacteria called Kyetococcus Sedentarius. Actually, the bacteria feeds itself from our sweat. And the merge between the bacteria and the sweat produces isovaleric acid. This acid is the real cause of the bad smell that makes us feel so uncomfortable.

How to Prevent Foot Odor?

Footwear has a big impact on how sweaty the foot can get. So, in order to prevent bromohidrosis, we recommend you to look for shoes that provide enough ventilation for your feet. Some breathable materials used for shoe manufacture are vegan leather, authentic leather, and canvas. Any of these materials will highly prevent the moisture to get trapped between your foot and the shoe.

Enough ventilation is an also feature you should look for in socks. A very useful suggestion would be to stay away from materials such as cotton and nylon. In fact, here we have a short list of socks types that will help you prevent foot odor.

Foot Odor Bad Smell

  • Coolmax Socks
  • Liner Socks
  • Bamboo Fiber Socks
  • Wool Socks
  • Copper Sole Socks

Keep in mind that if you are more susceptible to suffer from this problem you definitely need a clean pair of socks every day. And try to wear your socks as often as possible. Preferably made from the materials we listed above.

As for the shoes, do not wear the same pair two days in a road. Why? Shoes absorb the sweat that we produced during the day. So, the best you can do is give them a day to allow them to dry. This will decrease your chances of getting smelly feet.

Remember to always keep your feet clean by using antibacterial soap every day when you take a shower. And after you take bath use foot powder that contains natural zinc. This ingredient helps by reducing the sweat glands size. Therefore, the amount of sweat and bacteria decreases.

Our Tips To Get Rid Of Foot Odor

Use Deodorant
Spraying Deodorant To FootUnfortunately, perspiration is a natural process in our body that can not be stopped. This is where deodorants play a major role. If you are a smelly feet sufferer you can rub foot deodorant all over your ankles, between the toes and along the arch. There are many deodorizing products in the market that are specially designed for the foot. For instance, we can recommend the Shoe Deodorizer with Tea Tree Oil, which has active natural ingredients and is clinically proven to be effective. You can also try the Rocket Pure or the Trinova Deodorizer. Always look for products that do not contain a high amount of chemicals, as they can affect the biological process between bacteria and sweat in a negative way.

Do Foot Soaks
Foot SoaksFoot soaks are a well-known remedy for many foot issues we can face. The Missouri Podiatric Medical Association states that an effective homemade remedy is to soak your feet in black tea. Boil two liters of water and use two black tea bags per liter. Then add a quarter of cold water to it. Soak your feet for 30 minutes. The acid contained in the dry leaves of the black tea shrinks the pores of your foot skin and kills the bacteria. In addition, the American Podiatric Medical Associations also recommends vinegar and water soaks. The vinegar can help the dry skin to peel off the sole of the foot, which will guarantee cleaner feet with no bad odor.

Use Foot Powder
Foot PowderThe powder will keep your feet dry and will protect it from nasty microorganisms. Look especially for foot powder with natural zinc. This ingredient can shrink the pores and neutralizes the smell. The APMA says using powder inside your socks and shoes is the best way to keep the feet dry. Focus the attention between your toes. This zone is the one that tends to save more sweat. Therefore, it is important to use a good amount of powder in there. What kind of powders can you use? Well, there are some good products like On Your Toes Foot Powder, or the All Natural Foot Sense.

Keep it clean
Foot CleaningGood hygiene habits are essential to recover from this condition. If your feet are clean the doors will be closed to the development of bacteria, Take a shower every day and wash your feet with antibacterial soap. Dry your feet well after the shower, if you don’t you will be favoring a moisture environment once you put on your shoes. Chiropodist, Lorraine Jones, states that hibiscrub soap is proven to be highly effective to fight foot odor. Apply it to your feet while you are bathing and leave it there for two minutes. Then, wash it off. If you can wash your feet twice days, please do it.
Applying the pro tips we just taught you and being responsible with the prevention habits will have a positive impact on your feet. Not to mention how more confident you are going to feel once you get rid of this awful problem. It’s just a matter of willingness to start with this process and say bye-bye to bad foot odor.

Now, how do you feel about these pro tips and the foot odor problem? Leave a comment and let us know about it. Feel free to share this article if you find it useful.
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