10 Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea in an Instant

Nausea is not an illness, but it can be a symptom of certain illnesses. The feeling like nearly vomiting distracts our concentration. Nausea can lead to dizziness and losing appetite. Sometimes people prefer to vomit to get rid of nausea. After that the nausea may be dissolved.

If you feel nauseated only in certain situation like when having a journey by bus, ship, or plane, it is still normal. As long as you can adapt with such situation, the nausea will gradually disappear.


But if you are often nauseated, maybe everyday, then it can be an indicator if serious health problem, physically and psychologically. There are some causes of nausea you have to know. If you think your nausea is just because of the cold weather but you often feel it when in the warmer condition, then it is better to check to a doctor. Some causes of nausea include excessive fatigue, strong fragrance, anxiety or panic attack, food poisoning, stomach flu, infammatory bowel disease, motion sickness, Fall Bladder diseases, excessive smoking and alcohol, migraines, bulimia, pregnancy, and tumours or cancer.

If your nausea is caused by non-illness like strong fragrances or smell, smoking, and alcohol, you can stay away from the cause. For fragrance or smell, you can get rid of things causing such unpleasant smell. If you are ultimate smoker or alcoholic, then it is better to reduce your cigarette or alcohol intake gradually before totally stop consuming them.

Besides the tips above, there are ten other ways to amazingly overcome nausea. Some of them are natural reliefs you can easily get at the market. They are applicable and can instantly overcome nausea.

1. Ginger
GingerIt is a common nausea remedy especially in Asia. Ginger has unique taste and can give warm sensation to your body. That is why ginger is good to overcome nausea. You can simply peel off the ginger’s outer surface, chop it into pieces, then chew the raw ginger. It may taste hot and a bit bitter. So you may add some salt or honey before chewing it.

Another way is by making ginger tea. Boil some gingers with a litre or two of water, add lemongrass if you like, then drink them while warm. You may also add lemon, honey, or sugar to enhance the taste.

Besides for consuming, you may also make ginger oil to be applied onto your stomach or neck. Mash some ginger but do not make too much, add some olive oil or coconut oil, then apply it onto your body.

2. Lemon
LemonYou can make lemon as aromatherapy or consuming lemon extract to overcome nausea. Lemon contains citric acid which is effective for nausea feeling.

Fresh lemon juice has refreshing taste it can swap away your nausea in an instant. Smell its fresh aroma to help you recover from nausea faster. You can add some honey or sugar into the fresh lemon juice. Do not immediately throw away the lemon crust. You can put it into small bowl and let its aroma blend with the air. But throw it away when it gets rotten.

You can also add a lemon cut into a cup of hot tea or mix lemon juice with tea. This formula can also make you feel relax and help you overcome dizziness.

3. Cumin
Cumin is commonly used in Middle eastern food and Indian culinary. It has distinctive characteristic as well as aroma to enhance the food’s taste. That is why you will usually find cumin at middle-eastern or Indian market.

Cumin-spiceIf you are often feel nauseated, it is better to have some cumin seed supply in your kitchen. It lasts longer than other fresh herb like lemon, mint, and ginger. Cumin is good for your pancreas and metabolism.

Using cumin to overcome nausea is easy. First, you can make cumin into tea. Put some cumins into a cup then pour boiling water. Let the mixture for about five minutes, stir it for a while, then drink. You can add some honey or sugar if you like. It is also recommended to eat the cumin seed for maximum impact.

4. Mint Leaves
Mint LeavesMint is well-known to overcome nausea. Its fresh smell and taste has unique effect to our body. It gives warm sensation while at the same time, gives cooling down effect.

Pregnant women usually rely on mint to get rid of nausea as well as to maintain birth control. Mint is also good for nausea in general. The tiny leaves have antispasmodic substance which is very useful for reducing stomach contraction or cramp as well.

It is not hard to find peppermint, right? You may choose fresh or dried ones and both of them have the same effect. Fresh mint leaves are best to be consumed immediately and do not keep it too long even though in the fridge. You can chew the leaves directly if you like. On the contrary, dried peppermint is best for daily supply and you may not want to eat it directly without being brewed first. Add some lemon juice, honey, or sugar for more tasty drinking.

5. Peppermint Aromatherapy
Peppermint AromatherapyWhile mint leaves are better off to be consumed, peppermint aromatherapy is great for room freshener for inhaler.

You can find peppermint aromatherapy at pharmacy and other drug stores. Use peppermint aromatherapy for room especially while you are about to sleep to help you rest well.

Always keep peppermint oil when you are heading out. People with motion sickness will always need peppermint oil either to be inhaled or to be applied onto stomach, neck, temples, nose, etc. Peppermint aromatherapy is great to overcome nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach cramp, and giddiness after vomiting. If you like, you can put some peppermint oil on your gums. It will be hot, but after a while, you will get more comfortable.

6. Cinnamon
CinnamonCinnamon usually comes in dried form, either cinnamon stick or powder. That is why you can keep it over a month after buying it. Cinnamon has light smell yet it gives relaxing effect, same as peppermint and lemon.

Other quality from cinnamon is that it has antibacterial and antiviral substance. So it is best for overcoming stomachache due to nausea and other stomach illness. It also helps your digestive system to get rid of bad bacteria.

A simple way to use cinnamon is by making a tea. Take a stick of cinnamon or a half of teaspoon of cinnamon powder into a cup. After that, pour some boiling water. Stir it so that it well-mixed, then sip it slowly. Enjoy both of cinnamon aroma and taste. It has light sweet taste and smells good.

 7. Ayurveda Formula
Ayurveda FormulaOriginated from Indian tradition, Ayurveda is a mixture contains gooseberry juice, cumin seeds, black pepper, and powdered sugar. Simply combine a teaspoonful of each ingredient and put the mixture into an airtight food storage.

Take ½ or ¼ of teaspoon from the mixture into a cup. You can opt to consume it one up to three times a day, based on your need. Then, put some honey and boiling water. Stir, then take it sip by sip.

8. Clove
CloveBesides well-known as cigarette mixture, clove alone is good to overcome nausea. Pregnant and non-pregnant people can use clove everyday to reduce unpleasant feeling due to nausea and morning sickness.

Simply choose clove powder or dried clove, both of them are equally useful. Make them into tea by adding some boiling water and honey or sugar if you like. For variation, you can add lemon juice or cinnamon. If you use cinnamon, you will probably not need honey or sugar.

If you do not like to drink clove tea, clove oil can be alternative. Put some clove oil onto handkerchief or your palm then inhale it. Just make sure that your hand is clean. You can also apply the oil onto parts of your body suffering from pain.

9. Rice Water
Rice WaterThere are two ways to extract rice water. The first is by taking rice water before it is steamed and the second is by taking rice water from boiling rice for 20 minutes. If you choose the first way, then you have to boil the water first before drinking.

Please note that rice water is very rich in carbs so it may be not suitable for people with overweight problem. So you only need to take small amount of rice water whenever needed.

10. Relaxation
RelaxationYou can practice yoga, hearing relaxation music, have your body massaged, or take a deep breath. In short, choose the one which is most suitable for you. Nausea is often caused by tense nervous system. However, do not take a deep breath if the cause of your nausea is unpleasant smell or strong fragrance. As previously stated, it better to stay away from the source of the smell then after the air is fresh and eligible, you can take a deep breath.

That was all. If you have any additional advice of how to overcome nausea, feel free to add a comment.**