How to Get Rid of Hickeys

A hickey which is also called a kiss mask or love bite is a type of bruise. It is the consequence of kissing or sucking the skin too hard which subsequently lead to broken capillaries as well as pooling blood which become red or purple skin. Though a hickey might last more than a week, it will recovery time after time. Once it is healed, there is hardly any scar left behind.

Nonetheless, having a hickey might lead to low self – esteem since when people see it they may misunderstand. So you can adopt make up or clothing to hide hickeys. However, there are several natural home remedies that you might want to take into consideration to get rid of hickeys.


  1. VITAMIN K: Vitamin K is able to prevent coagulation which is blood clots therefore, it might be used to treat bruises. This vitamin can significantly help your body to reabsorb the pooled blood as well as boost the recovery stage.
    •    Apply the cream that contains high amount of vitamin K to the hickey for several times a day till the bruise has faded away.
    •    You might want to consume some food that contain high amount of vitamin K such as spinach, soybean oil, brown rice and broccoli as well as fish oil for several days.
    •    Moreover, you can take vitamin K capsules as long as you have consult doctor.
  2. COLD COMPRESS: In order to get rid of hickey, the blood clots should be broken apart so that the blood is able to spread out. This can be helped by adopting a cold compress. Any kind of cold compress might constrict ruptured capillaries as well as lower bleeding.
    •    Wrap several ice cubes in a clean towel and gently press it on your skin for about 10 minutes.
    •    This icepack can prevent swelling near the hickey region as well as reduce pain.
    •    However, a small note is that do not apply the ice directly on the affected area since it might cause ice burn.
    •    Place a spoon in the fridge for 15 minutes
    •    Wrap the spoon by a clean towel
    •    Rub it on the affected area till you notice improvement.
    •    Repeat the process several times a day.
  3. RUBBING ALCOHOL: Once you notice that you get hickey, do this remedy as soon as possible. By rubbing alcohol on the hickey itself, it can significantly provide soothing and cooling off sensation on the affected area. Alcohol possesses disinfectant properties that can help to treat a hickey fast.
    •    Apply some alcohol on the afflicted area by using a cotton swab
    •    Gently rub the area for several minutes and this can minimize the discomfort associated with this condition.
    •    After that, apply the moisturizing lotion to keep your skin hydrated.
    •    Repeat the process for a few times a day.
  4. PEPPERMINT: The stimulant effect of peppermint can significantly regulate blood circulation, therefore, it is extremely helpful in getting rid of hickeys. Moreover, it can boost the healing process of capillary vessels.
    Apply the peppermint oil on the affected area and give it a gentle massage so that the oil can invade into the skin. Initially, it might cause a bit tingling feeling, but it will fade away fast. Do not adopt this method more than twice a day since it might cause burn to your skin.
    Alternatively, apple the toothpaste that contains peppermint on the affected skin for several minutes. When the tingling has stopped, use a warm washcloth to wipe off. However, do not use this remedy for more than once daily
  5. BANANA PEEL: Banana peel possesses soothing properties and cooling compounds that can effectively minimize your hickey as fast as possible.
    •    You can take the peel of a ripe banana and cut it into small piece which is equal to the hickey
    •    Put the peel of a ripe banana on the bruise for half an hour
    •    Rinse off with warm water after that
    •    Repeat the process for several times a day till you notice the improvement.
  6. ALOE VERA: Aloe vera which is a natural moisturizer, can significantly help you lower the sensitivity of the afflicted area. Moreover, aloe vera’s incredible anti – inflammatory compounds as well as soothing properties can promote the healing process.
    •    Apply the extracted aloe vera gel and give the affected area a gentle massage.
    •    Repeat the process for a few times a day.Author Bio: Hannah Hall has graduated Hanoi Medical University which is the most famous university in Viet Nam. She also had the time worked as a staff nurse in Australia and Denmark where her main responsibility was patient nutrition manage. Now, she continues to take part in a lot of research which are related directly to nutrition. Moreover, sharing knowledge and writing are her particular passion. She also works as a major contributor in a which provides many articles in natural and home remedies and you can follow her on Facebook.

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  1. I always used a round lipstick cap. Use the end with the opening and place it directly on the hickey, then press and twist it and pull it away. sometimes it will make a little popping sound that means your doing it right. Do this a few times over the entire bruised area targeting the darkest area first. As you keep doing this it should appear lighter. redness is normal as you press & twist. It might hurt a little, but it’s not bad. Then use a good concealer that is lighter than your skin tone to cover the areas still visible as the lipstick cap trick can not clear it completely if it is a very dark mark. Then apply make-up over the concealed area (Powder works best) and it should look 10 times better. One more thing try to wear your hair down if u can, but don’t be obvious and try to use your hair as a scarf. But if it’s cold where u are then your lucky just wear a turtle neck or scarf. Good luck

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