8 Feasible Ways to Amazingly Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Going to gym may be an option for quickly burn fat and lose weight. If you like, you will have an instructor to guide you going through every exercise. It is helpful because there is someone who constantly reminds you to keep on track.

However, going to the gym regularly can be a tough task to do. First is the time you will spend and you may be a busy person, work from the sun rises until it sets, commuting, doing research projects, and so on. It is okay if you are field worker, like geophysicist, reporter, technical engineer, salesperson, etc. Problem rises if you spend most of your time sitting behind your desk. It is not bad. That’s the way you work, right? The second reason is that going to the gym costs you some fortune, especially for you whose income is not so big or being in the initial year of career. Third is the boredom curse. You may be so keen on the first several exercise, then gradually lose your enthusiasm.

Lose Weight and Burn Fat

It is okay, though. Losing weight can be done in various ways instead of going to the gym. It is not only feasible, but also practical and time-savvy. Want to know how? Here are 8 ways to amazingly lose weight without going to the gym. You don’t need to practice all of them. Simply choose one to three ways which are suitable, then be consistent in doing them.

  1. Foreverly Fresh Water
    tape-waterglassAlmost all diet experts and practitioners will suggest you to drink sufficient amount of fresh water everyday. It is about two litres or so. It is true. It sounds simple. You may think “Oh, that easy. I can do it even when I sleep.”
    Hold on. This writing doesn’t mean to question your confidence. In fact, people with overweight problem find it’s hard to choose fresh water instead of that sweet hot chocolate or cappuccino. To deal with it you should bring along a bottle of fresh water or order fresh water when having supper.
    Fresh water is also good to keep you feel full. So if you are hungry before lunch time, for instance, just drink one or two glasses of water and wait for several minutes until you don’t feel hungry anymore.
    Another benefit for fresh water is as detox. The more you drink, the more toxic will be excreted.
  2. Don’t skip breakfast
    fried-eggsMost people think avoiding to eat is the best way to eliminate the unwanted fat from their body, including skipping breakfast. You shouldn’t follow such generalization. Not all eating phases can make you fat. It is your eating pattern which causes weight gain.
    Breakfast is not only necessary for energy supply before you do your daily activity. It can also suppress your hunger when and before lunch time. If you don’t have adequate breakfast, you will likely to take revenge by eating much when lunch or snacking before breakfast.
    However, you need to watch your breakfast menu. Whole grain bread or cereals combined with egg is enough. You may add juice as well. Do not eat much sugary food when breakfast. An editor of Huffingtonpost suggested red wine vinegar, garlic, crushed red pepper for alternative spices.
  3. Do fun physical activites
    water-fightExercise should not be taken too seriously. The main goal here is to burn fat, right? You can make your hobby into fat-burning activity. If your hobby is not fat burner at all, then you have to push yourself to try more physical activities.
    Do not reject that futsal invitation. For the start, you can be a goalkeeper. It is not an easy position as it seems. You have to concentrate on saving the goal post from opponent’s attack. Badminton, tennis, and swimming are other great activities.
    If you like outdoor activities, just go on. Do not hesitate to joing hiking community or mountain climbing team. Fortunately some companies have that kind of community. While burning fat, you can get more experience and see the beautiful nature.
  4. Climb the stairs
    stairsIf your office is only located at the third or second floor, use the stairs instead of elevator. That also applies for flat. It is a best way to burn annoying fat and calories. Using the stairs can also strengthen your leg muscle so it will not seem too weak.
    If you feel exhausted or hungry after going up and down through the stairs, remember the first tip. Drink fresh water.
  5. Keep on walking
    walkingYou don’t need to use motorcycle or car to reach minimarket located only 100 meters from your home. Walking is the best alternative to do.
    Walking is fun and easy. Besides, you don;’t go to minimarket or store everiday, do you? If you have a bike, then use it. It means manual bike one, not electric or motorized bike.
    But it is surely you will need to walk at least once in a week. You can also walking without purpose. For instance, walking around neighborhood for merely sightseeing or walking at the public park.
    Shopaholics must take advantages of walking. You usually spend hours for window-shopping, right? Well, it’s good to burn fat and lose weight.
  6. Have enough quality sleep
    woman-sleepingRecently, people have been well-known of the importance of quality sleep. It is not merely sufficient amount of time to sleep, but also the deep sleep itself. Michael Breus, PhD wrote on The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan that lack of sleep will increase stress hormone. That will impact on your increasing appetite which will threaten your diet plan.
    However, some people just cannot sleep well because of stress. So stress and sleeping is such a cyclical problem and it is about how to make you fall asleep and have quality sleep. You can install relaxation sound app in your smartphone and listen to it. It is free, providing many choices of sounds include binaural and isochronic, and having timer setup so it will automatically stop at the decided time.
    Yoga is another way to make you sleep. You can do it in your room. Fifteen to twenty minutes is enough.
  7. Exercise at home
    trampolineSometimes bad weather is your excuse not to go out for exercise. Home can be your best place to do your exercise. Well, you can do cardio workouts at home like planks, lunges, and push up.
    Do you have gymnastic training video? Play it and follow the steps. It is fun thing to do either alone or with some friends.
  8. Clean your home
    washing-windowsInstead of hiring home assistant to clean up your home, you had better do it by yourself. It is economical and healthy.
    Mopping or brooming the floor twice everyday will burn fat. If you cannot do it everyday, once in a week is okay. Clean up that dusty rack and shelves as well. Do not forget to wash and iron your own clothes. Regardless what your gender is, cleaning your own home will give more satisfaction for ourselves.

Try those tips which are applicable for you. The plus point of self-exercise is that you can decide and alternate one tip to another. You will not get bored so easily, then. Consistency is the key for all successful effort. Focus on your goal, do your best, and happy lose weight and say goodbye to unwanted fat!**