How did Microdebrider end the recurrence of sinus!

Sinusitis is a common nasal condition or ailment that has a significant impact on the quality of life. A lot of people visit ENT specialists as they suffer from sinusitis attacks. If the condition lasts for over 12 weeks or recurring frequently, it is considered as chronic sinusitis. Although most individuals who suffer from sinusitis find relief with OTC medications whereas others go for surgery to end the dependence on medications. Sinus surgery has a long-standing reputation of being especially brutal for patients, requiring incisions, nasal packing, & rendering patients with pain and bruising for weeks following the procedure. But this is not the case for modern daycare surgical procedure which is also called Micodebrider assisted Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. We will shed light on how exactly it helps in the surgical procedure for sinus, but lets first know what does it do during surgery.

Role of microdebriders in advanced sinus surgery

Earlier, Microdebrider surgical technique was used to remove the large acoustic neuromas. The surgical instrument became more popular among orthopedic surgeons, later on, plastic surgeons started using it as well to perform liposuction surgeries. Furthermore, why should ENT specialists, Otolaryngologists, stay behind? They started using the microdebrider for nasal surgeries which also includes sinus surgery.

By leveraging microdebrider in endoscopic sinus surgery, proven advantages of complete clearance of disease, smoother intraoperative course, and better post-operative healing were among the common benefits. Before this, the surgical devices used to treat the conditions such as nasal polyps or sinusitis were able to cure the condition but did not work as a long-term cure.

The reason microdebrider was a hit was the components it has, it contains three components:

  •  A console that controls the speed of rotation as well as the direction of rotation. The parameters can be changed easily.
  • A blade which is a tubular metal structure. It has a serrated edge and is present only on one side. The smooth surface does not cut and generally connected to a suction tube. The blades come in various sizes and configurations.
  • A handpiece which is a portable micromotor. It gets power from the console and the surgical blade is attached to the shaft of the handpiece.

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The use of modern surgical equipment has made sinus surgery much less traumatic, omitting the need for visible incisions. Besides, the microdebrider helps in sinus cure with even more delicate tissue removal, overcoming the need for separate grabbing and slicing instruments. Additionally, we are listing various other benefits of using a Microdebrider for sinusitis cure.

  •  It helps excise the tissue
  • Applied suction holds the tissue to the blade, enabling the excision
  • Helps in performing polypectomy surgeries in the nose
  • Causes minimal trauma to normal turbinate tissue
  • There is no raw area on the opposite side so post-op synechiae formation is minimized

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The benefit of the microdebrider is that cutting and suctioning can be performed with one hand. This helps surgeons and specialists during sinus cure surgery. An interesting fact about the microdebrider is that it was used to remove tumors. Soon after, the use of the microdebrider was adopted as a surgical instrument in nasal and endoscopic sinus surgeries in the field of rhinology.

The microdebrider is a cylindrical instrument with a hollow tube with an inner and outer portion. At the end of the tube, both inner and outer, the tube has a blade that cuts tissue. This helps a specialist perform the sinus cure surgery in less time and ensure faster healing with smaller incisions. When the blades move faster, it makes smaller pieces, while the slower the blades are slower, the larger the pieces. The quality of the cuts has to be good enough since they may be needed for the diagnosis of cancer. Also, smaller incisions heal faster so any patients who underwent an advanced surgical procedure never have to stay bed-ridden for weeks, it enables a patient to resume his daily activities after 2 – 3 days.

The use of Microdebrider has resulted in significant statistical advantage, one of them is a shorter operative time in endoscopic surgery. The surgical conditions and dryness of the operative field were significantly better which highlights the longer hemostatic effect, dry operative field and better surgical circumstances provided by the microdebrider. Furthermore, it doesn’t involve any major complications. Also, the postoperative course is easy to manage after an advanced treatment of sinus with modern surgical devices.

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Among a lot of advantages provided by Microdebriders, the first one is the tips that allow a 360-degree rotation and highly accurate approaches to the tissue needing to be removed. While the use of a microdebrider may not eliminate the risk of bleed loss, continuous suction allows the surgeon’s vision of the surgical site to remain clear for a longer period. This helps lower the surgical time needed for advanced sinus surgery. It is accomplished by overcoming the number of times the surgeon needs to swap instruments. Some Microdebrider manufacturers have mentioned that they are adding the capability to cauterize in the same instrument which will allow even less blood loss and reduced need of changing the instruments.

Before Goodbye

The microdebrider works by applying suction to pull the membrane into the opening of the blade, which excise the tissue that ultimately ensures sinusitis cue and absolutely no chance of recurrence. Suction is used to remove tissue and blood from the site at a single point of time, which allows much better visibility for the surgeon. The tool can be easily operated with a single hand enabling the surgeon to freedom of movement.

The only risk identified by investigators and healthcare professionals with microdebrider is the possibility of accidental resection of normal tissue, and possible injury to the patient. So, having an expert ENT surgeon for sinus treatment doctor is of utmost importance.

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