17 Days Diet Recipes: Trimming Body Fat in Cycle 3

The 17 days diet recipes Cycle 3 should concentrate more on cutting excessive and needless fat from the body. Next step is to get your body in shape and stay healthy. By living healthy, it will boost up proper eating...

/ February 28, 2016

17 Day Diet Recipes: Adjusting Metabolic System in Cycle 2

The 17 day diet recipes Cycle 2 should alternate between Cycle 1 “Accelerate” days and Cycle 2 “Activate” days. After cleansing toxins out from our body, the next cycle will activate healthy plus proper eating habits. The concept is that metabolic...

/ February 27, 2016

17 Days Diet Food List: Allowed & Restricted Foods in Every Cycle

17 Days Diet Food List Before starting to review 17 Days Diet Food List, I need to recite from 17 days diet meal plan, that you must follow this diet in four cycles. This overview includes allowed and restricted foods...

/ February 24, 2016

17 Days Diet Recipes: Perfect Outset for Cycle 1

Kicking off your days with 17 days diet recipes and its healthy variants may sound perfect. Before I review about the recipes, let me describe briefly about sample menu of cycle 1. This 17 days diet recipes should be based...

/ February 22, 2016

17 Days Diet Food List: Picking Best Choices for Greatest Result

The 17 Days Diet Food List can be baffling between its permitted or prohibited foods and their best consumption timing. This food guide may help you efficiently prepare your 17 days meal plan for your own benefit. Nonetheless, I have...

/ February 20, 2016

Recipes for Healthy Smoothies: Balanced & Healthy Go Green Smoothies

We are always certain that recipes for healthy smoothies are best at any time, mainly green smoothies. You can go for lunch, dinner, dessert, snack, post workout, and late night munchies among others. Our bodies are awfully craving for vitamins...

/ February 13, 2016

Recipes for Healthy Smoothies: High Protein and Nourishing Smoothies

If you want to kick off your day with cool refreshment, recipes for healthy smoothies are all things you need. A freshly healthy mixed fruit smoothie will be the key to gain high protein and nutrients. The whole fruits will...

/ February 9, 2016

Juvenile Diabetes Symptoms: Early Detection to Better Prevention

Juvenile Diabetes Defined Most people refer Juvenile diabetes to Type-1 diabetes as immune system disorder. It occurs when immune system by mistake attacks and damages healthy body tissue. Though it may occur at any age, yet most people have it...

/ February 7, 2016

Diet Pills: Magical Fat Burning Power with Less Workout

Diet pills, people also relate it to anti-overweight drugs or “weight loss pills.” Medical experts often use it for obese patients in treatment for losing body fat. It usually includes diet plan for lower fat and calories, as well as...

/ February 5, 2016

Jackie Warner Diet: Inducing Body Fat Loss within 10 Days

After some time having problems starting slimming program, you can attempt this one. Jackie Warner, famous fitness expert and celebrity trainer, firstly invented Jackie Warner diet to provide all great grounds about overweight. There is mistaken idea spreading among people...

/ February 3, 2016