Sacred Heart Medical Diet: Short Term Solution to Reduce Body Fat

Sacred Heart Medical Diet is typical diet given the fact that nothing like other diets, there are no special elements for its formulas. Basic of this diet is upon soup, fruits, and veggies, in which we can easily find in any local grocery store.

Department of Cardiology of the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital firstly created Sacred Heart Medical Diet. They began with outlining this diet due to any issues and overweight patients with heart problems, because of unhealthy eating habits. The hypothesis was, whether we change what these patients are consuming, we could reduce their weight, which will prompt to better health.

As Sacred Heart Medical Diet centers on soup and considerable measure like Cabbage Soup Diet, however, you can slightly modify its recipes by adding its flavor. You can likewise eat different things other than soup that includes more than simply cabbage and water, yet it still hangs on to specific recipe.

Sacred Heart Medical Diet or cabbage soup diet is 7-day meal plan. It comprises of special made soups and veggies that you can consume in modest quantity. This diet depends on low calorie soups and veggies. It will not just help you with body fat loss, yet it will also clear the body from toxins and raise up your energy level. It is likewise helpful for people suffering from diabetes or bowel issues.

Key Principles of Sacred Heart Medical Diet

Sacred Heart Medical Diet soup is center of this diet. The soup contains of canned tomatoes, beef bullion, chicken noodle soup mix, celery, onions, beans, bell pepper, and mixture of mushrooms and veggies. It keeps going just for one week. Each day you should consume by combining the soup with veggies, fruits or meat.

Sacred Heart Medical Diet compels limitations on beverages to drink all through the diet. It even reveals what grouping of foods and beverages ought to run with the soup every day. In any case, this diet is conflicting with giving exact servings. You do not have precise portion amounts for each day. Beyond that, Sacred Heart Medical Diet is evidently implicit regarding the need to fuse an exercise with its adjusted dietary patterns. Losing pounds is not as basic as calorie counting.

Sacred Heart Medical Diet is 7-day meal plan. There is very strict 7-day meal plan you have to keep up, which implies very low calorie intake. This diet asserts to help you by dropping 10-17 pounds within just one week. Thus, you have to take after an extremely strict meal plan.

Sacred Heart Medical Diet permits you to consume and drink as follow: veggies soup (recipe available online), non sugary juices, tea, skim milk, coffee, water, fruits (with the exception of bananas), veggies, some meat, brown rice, and potatoes. You must not consume fried foods, liquor, carbonated drinks, or bread. More to the point, you can drink eight glasses of water for every day.


7 Days Program of Sacred Heart Medical Diet

According to website Sacred Heart Medical Diet Menu, it is best to know the soup recipe to go along with 7-day program. This soup is an essential of the diet plan. You can consume as much as you want for whole 7 days.

DAY ONE – Pick any fruit of your choices (with the exception of bananas). Cantaloupes and watermelon are lower in calories than most other fruits. Consume permitted fruits in any amount with no sugar or syrup. You can take one serving of soup (not bisque or creamed stock), which you may prefer to save for dinner.

DAY TWO – Stuff yourself with all fresh raw, cooked, or canned veggies as much as you want (no butter or sour cream). You can try green leafy veggies and avoid beans, peas, or corn. Eat veggies along with the soup. At dinnertime, you can reward yourself with an extra baked potato. There are no permitted fruits for this day.

DAY THREE – Eat one serving of soup and as much as fresh or cooked veggies you want (no butter and sour cream; no baked potato). Besides, you can pick as much as fruits you want, with no sugar or syrup.

DAY FOUR – Eat no less than three bananas today with some skim milk, along with the soup. Bananas are high in calories and carbs, as well milk. However, on this particular day, your body will need potassium and calcium. You can take again one serving of soup today.

DAY FIVE – Consume around 10 and 20 ounces of beef and a can of tomatoes or as many as 6 medium tomatoes today. As previously, you can eat a dish of soup (no cream, no bisque).

DAY SIX – Pick as much as beef you want with large portions of green/leafy veggies you want. Try not to eat any baked potato today. This time you can take one dish of non-bisque/non-creamed soup of your choice, but no baked potato. Ensure to consume the soup no less than once today.

DAY SEVEN – Consume one bowl of brown rice, non sugary/natural fruit juice and all of fresh veggies you want. Yet again, ensure to stuff yourself with one bowl of non-creamed/non-bisque soup. You can add cooked veggies to your rice if you wish.

SUGGESTED DRINKS: Cranberry juice and other sugar-free juices, tea (including herbal tea), coffee, skim milk, water

Below is most common and secret of Sacred Heart Medical Diet soup recipe.  

Sacred Heart Medical Diet Soup



One can of stewed tomatoes

Three large green onions

One large can of fat-free beef or chicken broth

One pack of chicken soup mix

One bunch of celery

Two cans of green beans

Two pounds of carrots

Two green peppers

Salt and pepper to taste

Curry (optional)


  • Season with salt, pepper, curry, and all ingredients to desired taste
  • Cut veggies in small to medium pieces
  • Cover with water
  • Boil fast for 10 minutes
  • Reduce to simmer and continue to cook until veggies are tender.

Positive & Negative Results of Sacred Heart Medical Diet

Benefits of Sacred Heart Medical Diet:

Sacred heart medical diet soup is seemingly rich in minerals and antioxidants because of its substance like tomatoes, onions, carrots, and green peppers. Antioxidants stabilize free radicals, enhancing general health, and put off diseases like cardiovascular disorders, cataracts, immune dysfunctions, Alzheimer, etc.

Sacred heart medical diet is an effortless meal plan to keep up that we have just to tag along its rules for every day. Recipe of Sacred heart medical diet soup is also simple. Thus, it is anything but difficult to prepare, and its ingredients too are low-priced.

Sacred heart medical diet can have many benefits when being adjunct to constant, routine, and safe exercises. This meal plan can decrease the danger of heart disease and diabetes. We can adhere to good diet after 7-day meal plan program. Nonetheless, we still keep up with the plan for prolonged time.

Disadvantages of Sacred Heart Medical Diet:

It is completely clear that people on Sacred Heart Medical Diet will lose no less than few pounds during the program. This will be because of substantial cut in an ordinary daily caloric ingestion. Conversely, we must notice that great deal of weight reduction will be water weight. That sort of weight will return in a flash when we complete this diet plan. Thus, for long run weight reduction solution, this diet is not likely most superb option.

There is no logical information accessible to prop up the cases of weight reduction. No confirmation archives the source of Sacred Heart Medical Diet.

Since this diet does not include grains, so it is very low in carbs, essential source of energy for our body.

In spite of the fact that this diet can lose weight, there are health risks like headache, weakness, fatigue, and bad breath. In the end, it might likewise prompt nutritional deficiency disorders.

Given that Sacred Heart Medical Diet has restrictions to specific foods, we may not get enough nutrients required for every day. It may exacerbate any past health conditions or may increase new health disorders. And I got this video on youtube that show you about the disadvantages of sacred heart medical diet

Similar to some other diet, Sacred Heart Medical Diet likewise has its drawbacks. You may not have some amount of vitamins and minerals because this diet restricts quantity of foods you can consume during the day. In light of this, pregnant women must avoid Sacred Heart Medical Diet. It is best for people who actualize this 7-day meal plan to seek for guidance from their doctor.

If you want more information about this Sacred Heart Medical Diet, you can check here

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