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8 Amazing Benefits of Cannabis Essential Oil

An estimated 64% Americans are in favor of legalizing weed, a 2017 Gallup survey revealed. Who would have imagined that marijuana would gain such widespread acceptance? Although cannabis legalization has only gained momentum recently, the plant has actually has many...

/ August 30, 2018

How to Support a Friend Using Medical Cannabis

There have been miraculous advancements made in the health and wellness industries over the last several decades, but perhaps none so surprising as finding out that cannabis might actually help alleviate your chronic pain, reduce your risk of cancer, and...

/ August 15, 2018

What are the healthy benefits of using cannabis in our daily lives ?

There is a growing realization worldwide that marijuana is a natural remedy to fight an untold number of illnesses brought about by our fast-paced and often unhealthy lifestyles. Countless Americans hold down two or even three jobs to keep their...

/ February 23, 2018