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5 Measures to Prevent in-home Injuries Among Elderly

Elderly people are similar to kids; completing the circle of life!   Elderly people are prone to injuries because of their fragile body. We need to be extremely careful while taking care of an elderly person to ensure that they...

/ February 24, 2018
Senior on a wheelchair

Making Home Elder Care More Affordable Without Sacrificing On Care Quality

Comparing Independent Caregivers and Home Care Agencies Senior care is quite expensive, especially when provided by a home care agency, and many families choose to hire independent caregivers in order to save money. by choosing an independent caregiver, families can...

/ December 13, 2017
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Non-Running Cardio Workouts You Can do at Home

Want to start working out without leaving your home? No available equipment on hand? Don’t have the budget for a home or garage gym? It’s still possible! Here’s the solution for you: non-running cardio workouts you can do at home!...

/ August 29, 2017
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Home or Gym Exercises

Exercise should be an important part of your routine if you want to stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life. If you agree, and want to start exercising, good for you. Now what’s left to decide is...

/ July 19, 2017
Home Remedies For Toothache

Home Remedies For Toothache

I am 100% agree, one of the worst pains that we can feel, apart from a broken heart , are toothaches, they are able to throw to bed even the bravest of our family and always, always change our face...

/ March 20, 2017

Effective Home Remedies to Fight Oral Thrush

Oral thrush, also known under the scientific name of oral candidiasis, is triggered by the overgrowth of fungus Candida albicans in your mouth and tongue. In fact, there is always a certain amount of fungus candida in the mouth and...

/ January 17, 2017
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No More Excuses – Exercise at Home

We all have those days where we don’t feel like leaving the house to go to the gym and of course not many of us are fortunate enough to have that costly gym equipment at our house. As exercise is...

/ January 17, 2017