Almased Diet Plan to Kick off Your Weight Loss Program

People who are probing for rapid weight loss plan will love meal replacement products. Reachable under various brands, these items are complete low-calorie substitutes for greater amount of one’s daily meals. Almased diet plan is meal replacement diet shake of which Almased USA Inc. has invented.

Many people also address it as Almased Synergy Diet Program. It focuses on natural drink as part of diet plan to help people who encounter weight loss within two weeks. This diet can also modify metabolic system and readjust fat burning rate.

Specific Formula on Almased Diet Plan

Progressing more than 25 years, Almased diet plan is diet products complete with minerals and vitamins as specific formula. There are various typical consumption plans for this protein-based shake. You can take it as snack between meals, fitness supplement, nourishing supplement, and for weight control plan.

Almased diet plan consists of gluten-free diet drink. It contains nourishing ingredients to help reducing weight by boosting energy and supplying the body with required supplements. It contains fermented soy, probiotic yogurt, and enzyme-rich honey. Anyway, it is certainly convenient for veggie lovers, as it contains no added sugar, additives, artificial flavors, fillers, or stimulants. It works by synergistic the ingredients have on one another, boosting metabolic system and reducing fat.

Four Stages of Almased Diet Plan to Healthier and Slimmer Body


1. Starting Phase

This phase will readjust your metabolic system to burn more fat, by replacing each of three meals with Almased drink. It will comprise solely of Almased except for homemade veggie broth or low-sodium 100% veggie juice in between shakes. Try not to consume fruit during Starting Phase. Instead, use cinnamon, non-sugary cocoa or flavored extracts to spice up your shakes. This will reset your metabolic system, and prepare your body for subsequent Reduction Phase.

2. Reduction Phase

Almased shake will replace two meals per day. Besides, you will have one healthy meal every day, ideally for lunch. During this phase, we must reduce fruit intake to 2-3 servings per week and try to avoid carbs and any junks. It is either as part of your breakfast shake or your lunch meal. Likewise, you will lose extra pounds during this phase. This phase should last around six weeks or until you have come to your desired weight.

3. Stability Phase

In this phase, you can consume Almased shake as replacement for just one meal. This stage will require you to keep on shedding pounds at slower pace to stay away from yo-yo effect. It will also help your body maintaining its new weight in long period. For a few weeks, you must substitute only one meal with Almased every day. Try to keep away from carbs and consume greens salads and other protein-rich foods for other two meals.

4. Life Phase

You may consume three healthy meals in addition to one large glass of Almased shake. It will keep your metabolic system marking off at high rate. You will keep on getting in shape through this phase. However, the results will not be as fabulous as Reduction Phase. The experts suggest dragging out Reduction Phase if you wish to lose more pounds. Support the movement level of your metabolic system before final Almased diet plan phases.

Recipe for Life to Set About Your Almased Diet Plan


Yummy Veggies Broth


1  tablespoon olive oil

1  onion

1½  pounds veggies

Salt and pepper to taste

Fresh herbs to taste


Rinse and chop up around one pound of any fresh or frozen vegetables – the more assortments are vastly improved. Heat olive oil and sauté vegetables for a couple of minutes. Add some water and let stew for around 45 minutes. Strain out the solid pieces.

Season the remaining broth with fresh herbs, pepper, and salt, and consume at intervals during the day. If any case you don’t use olive oil, you may just cover up the veggies with water and cook it until tender. For the vegetables, there are many options of stalk, carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, beans, spinach, peas, cabbage, peppers, etc.

You can mix them all or just pick out two or three kinds of veggies as desired. If you do not have time to make this broth yourself, drink low sodium 100% veggie juice instead.

If your women, I highly recommend  you to spend a bit of buck for this is product. Here we go the tips of almased diet plan that i got on youtube

Almased Diet Plan Phenomenon

Almased diet plan have many benefits for your weight loss program. That is boosting metabolic system, energy level and health at optimal level in all-natural way. Other benefit is to help burning body fat while retaining muscle mass. It maintains healthy blood sugar and thyroid function, and having low glycemic index and diabetic friendly. Almased states that the drink could lower glucose level and help people with diabetes.

Almased diet plan can be causative element to your personal success that you will not have any desire to miss. The fact is Almased fails to provide any documents supporting its idea that this has been an examined product.
Almased drink based on soy protein and it will exclude people with soy or lactose allergies.

Given that it is natural products, some may consider that Almased product is flavorless. Thereof, you have to modify it slightly to spice up your meals.

People may assume that Almased product is very costly and it can be standout among most extreme slimming program. Some people may think again before taking after this Almased diet plan because of its high price labeled.

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  1. Eating smart with the daily walking sdnuos good:The natural “diet”: Eat, drink, and be merryEat smart – well-balanced meals, cut out any unnecessary calories (snacking just because), eat when you are hungry (grumbling stomach, hunger pains) and only eat until you are satisfied (not a bite more), 5-6 smaller meals is better than 3 larger ones. Also, stop eating 2-3 hours before bed – you should be slightly hungry at bed timeDrink plenty of water, not only to stay hydrated, but its important for weight loss, including helping the muscles tone and suppressing hungry. (Tip – the lighter your urine the more hydrated you are.)Be merry – in other words exercise, not only is it needed for weight loss, it releases chemicals in your brain and makes you more happy (some of it is addicting which is known to a lot as “runner’s high”). 30 minutes of cardio is recommended daily, and a good work out program uses cardio and weight training (even if it’s just toning – light weights, more reps). Do something you enjoy and it will be easier to stick it out.

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