The Ultimate Guide for Vaping for Newbies


Although vaping might seem like an activity very similar to smoking, there is a world of difference between the two. This blog gives a few guidelines to beginners in the vape faction. It shows how to correctly enjoy a vaping experience.

Vaping is the trendiest thing that’s happening today. While people think that it is just as simple as dragging on a beautiful stick of desire. But alas! The truth couldn’t be farther away. Vaping is cool. It is strangely attractive and has a sense of style attached to it. But it’s not as simple as it looks. It’s not just pressing the button and pulling on. It is an art. It is a style statement. It is the “in thing” as the kids like to call it.

Although it might seem as the most normal thing to do for all smokers, that’s certainly not true. There’s more than meets the eye. Vaping is a more complex and stylish process. It involves a lot of different techniques in order to produce the right volume of smoke. You need to ensure that the vape stick is held in the right way so that every single puff can give you the right amount of intoxication. Sounding too complicated? But don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. If you want to be a part of the indulgence that is Vaping, then get on board with the top tips that every new vaper should know!


Cheap isn’t good
Sometimes, newbies like to strike a hard bargain. They feel that it is better to first buy a cheaper version and then if they like it invest more into it. However, that is really not the right thing to do. A cheap Vape is going to ruin the experience for you. The first time you take a drag, it should not leave a terrible taste in your mouth (figuratively and literally). Addiction is a sweet thing that should beckon you to reach for it. Not something that should feel forceful and unwelcome. It is a craving, a gentle tug. Not a rough and brazen shout out. Think of it as a romantic form of sexual awakening, rather than just a bang bang thank you ma’am!

Rein in the Excitement
It’s always so exciting to try new stuff. Especially with something that looks so cool and promises a good high. But over excitement can be your nemesis. If you fill in too much liquid out of sheer excitement, then you might end up ruining your entire experience. Try to ensure that you know exactly how much liquid goes in which model of vape. Read the manual and for once, follow the instructions. If you want, you can also look up some tutorials on YouTube. You will find quite a few cheats and hacks in there too! Read a little. Who knows, maybe you will discover a better way to do it all?

Charge the Battery
The lower the charge in the battery, the lower will be the production of vapor. If you want a full blown experience of white bellowing vapor coming out of your mouth and nostrils, make sure that you vape on a fully charged stick. Unless you do that, your experience will feel incomplete. You will end up putting in a lot of effort in every drag thereby ultimately running your total experience. When you drag too hard, you ruin the overall experience. It hurts the muscles in and around your cheeks so the overall effect isn’t as desired.

Practice, much
Vaping takes time to perfect. Mostly because people have a preconceived notion about what it MUST feel like, people end up having a bad experience. One has to realize that everything needs a little adjustment margin. You need to be persistent. Don’t quit in the first time. Not even the second. Wait on; try for at least a week before you decide it’s not for you. In fact, why don’t you buy a couple of different flavors so that you can try something new every single time that you do!

Don’t alternate between normal cigarettes and vape sticks
First, understand your objective. What do you want? Do you want to get used to vaping? Or are you more inclined towards cigarettes. If it is the latter, then perhaps, leave vaping be. However, if you are keen on getting used to the trendiest way of inhaling, then stick to it. Don’t keep oscillating between vaping and smoking. Please understand that these two are unique experiences and frequently switching from one to another will not deliver a good experience to you. For you to really enjoy vaping, you have to ease into it. Give yourself the time, chance and opportunity to enjoy it.

Separate indulgence from addiction
If you are addicted to smoking and looking at vaping purely to quit the other, then your approach to it must be different. Don’t vape as often as you smoke, reduce the number of puffs you take every time and vape at a lower charge. This will ruin your experience and therefore successfully help you get over addiction. OR NOT. You will simply go back to cigarettes because, well, that’s what you want. Treat vaping as an indulgence in its own right. It is not a substitute for anything. It is a pure luxury that deserves respect. Indulge, enjoy and get intoxicated by this mellow and yet powerful form of stupefaction.

On the whole
Treat yourself to your tastes. Buy a vape that you like. Look at a good design; find a model that you’d like to hold between your fingers, that you’d like to flaunt. Don’t ‘make do’. Vaping is a stylish affair. You want to add as much glamour as you can to it. That will help you accept and appreciate everything that this stick of desire can do for you. And most importantly, don’t stress. Relax as you pull in the thick vapor in your mouth and let it pass through your throat. Feel every movement all the way from your throat back up to your nostrils and your mouth. Feel how it touches you inside and leaves a sweet glorious sensation inside of you. If you learn to vape right, there’s hardly another feeling that could compare with it. But, this is too much talk! Go out and get yourself one. Try it for yourself and you’ll know!

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